An intriguing landscape of of karst caves and murals

Drift through the limestone archways as they stand in their own rugged but protective stance, enclosing you in their giant arms and secluding you and cradling you in a mysterious nook. Glide across the waters that appear deceptively thick and green as they take on the shade of the clusters of trees above them while under the bright and shiny sun, they turn lustrous and crystal clear. The Krabi experience of Kayaking is a retreat into nature’s own seclusion with a historic backdrop of limestone caves and their engravings and murals to intrigue one with their complexity at an era so by gone.

Being on a Kayak is indeed not only the best way to explore the waters around the Ao Luk, Ao Thalane and Koh Hong island but it is also the most nature friendly option as these create little noise and pollution. Most hotels offer guided tours with the option to rent Kayaks together with tourist guides who have a lot to explain when it comes to the limestone caves and their murals. The scenery is simply spectacular and with dramatic Karst topography and the caves among which the famous Big Headed Ghost cave is the most decorative cave that contains paintings as old as 3000 years. A drift thorough the Anaconda cave can be a mysterious adventure as you glide in almost darkness listening to the ripples and the drips that maintain their own watery melody in the dark . There is so much flora as well as fauna to be explored and identified, from thickly grown kind of mangrove swamps to the kingfishers and hornbills to the bright coloured crabs on Hong Island. One can also go snorkeling or for a simple dip in the water at selected place where the water is cold and the currents can be quite deceptively strong or better still pay a visit to a fish and oyster farm.

The Krabi resorts are just as privileged by nature to possess some strong landscape as a backdrop that provide a strong attraction to the tourists. Anantara Si Kao Thailand is located on the pristine sands of the beach with the ravishing view of the Andaman sea in front while it is close to other attractions like national parks, country clubs and golf parks. Reachable by land or even boat, this Trang resort is made closer to the world by the Trang air port and also the Krabi international air port that is a mere 1.5 kilometres away.

Boat Trips to Hat Chao Mai- Marine Park – Natures Niche

The Hat Chao Mai is a Marine Park that boasts beauty just as it does species. It is a protected region in the city that nature lovers almost always fall in love with. It houses an array of endangered species some of which you would have never seen before. This atmosphere combined with the gentle beach side breeze and the unspoilt scenic appeal makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

The Hat Chao Mai was proclaimed a marine national park on 14 October 1982 and it spans over the two districts; Kantang and Sikao. The coastline itself runs for around 20 km of which 5km is made up of crystal white sand beaches set amidst beautiful limestone hills and caves. In addition to its magnificent scenic appeal the park boasts historic significance as well. Most of the caves found here actually belonged to the prehistoric era and certain human remains from that period were found here as well.

There is an array of beaches that makes up for the land based attractions of the park. The names include Pak Meng, Chang Lang, San Beach, Yao Beach, Yong Ling and Chao Mai Beach. All can be rather easily accessed by car. The park also consists of 7 other islands and features the Marine Natural Study Center. The islands are spectacular in beauty and are to be accessed by boat. The boat trips to the islands are a highlight of the Hat Chao Mai Marine Park. The water perfectly clear and sparkling makes an excellent base against the most exotic skyline giving one the perfect backdrop for the perfect boat trip. With the park names of endangered species includes the rare black necked stork, wild pigs, pangolins, macaques, pacific reef egrets, and several dugong can also be found.

There are several good resorts scattered across Krabi but if you are looking for the best of the best choose the Anantara Si Kao Thailand. This Trang resort is absolutely fantastic in everything it offers and actually leaves you craving for more. Known as one of the top Krabi resorts, Anantara is one of the prominent hotel chains in the world.