Adventures in the National Parks of Krabi – Explore the Enigmatic Natural World of Thailand

Krabi is situated on the western coast of southern Thailand, and is one of the most beautiful places the nation has to offer. Krabi is also the national park capital of Thailand.

Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the most essential parks to visit since it occupies the last remaining lowland forest patch in Thailand. This sanctuary is famous throughout the world for being the best place for bird watching in southern Thailand.

Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint

This is one of the most spectacular locales in Thailand, thrice so if you happen to be a hiker or a lover or breath-taking vantage points. If you’re staying at one of many Krabi resorts situated close by, such as Anantara Si Kao Resort, this is an essential experience.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

This is one of the most tranquil national parks, and is a great place to discover inner peace. Tham Khao Ping is a large cave within the park that is worthy of exploration.

Klong Thom Hot Springs

Taking a dip in these relaxing and revitalising springs is an ideal way to conclude your Krabi adventure. These waters are known to be rich in minerals, and work to help with a range of ailments which include rheumatism and sciatica.

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Trang Island Adventures – An Exhilarating Tropical Quest

Thailand is one of the most ultimate choices for a tropical getaway and there are many breathtaking experiences to be had in this nation. A Trang Island adventure however, is something remarkable.

The Islands

There are more than 46 islands to explore outside of the mainland area, offering secluded beaches, snorkelling experiences, and many Krabi resorts to choose from such as Anantara Si Kao Resort.

Now showing Photo, Resort And Andaman Sea Panorama

Image Credit: Anantara Si Kao Resort

Pak Meng Pier

This is where most voyages concerning the Trang Islands begin, and the moment you set foot on this pier you will be able to witness the exquisite tropical splendour of these islands and Thailand as a whole.

Ko Muk

This is the most popular first stop on a Trang Islands adventure. It features a range of affordable lodgings, a beautiful white-sand bar on the eastern side known as Hat Sivalai, and spectacular beaches on the west side, Hat Farang, which are eclipsed by looming limestone cliffs.

Ko Kradan

If you’re looking for someplace that is simplistic and isolated then Ko Kradan might just be perfect for you. The island has pristine beaches with fresh powdery sand leading to shallow aquamarine waters.

Ko Ngai

A direct contrast to Ko Kradan, this is one of the most developed of the Trang Islands so it is best to visit Ko Ngai towards the end of the tour so you can feast on expertly prepared Thai cuisine at one of their many restaurants.

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Than Prawet Waterfall – Discover the pristine natural beauty of Thailand.

Venture towards the country’s southeast to find the little island of Koh Phangan. Resort and bungalow properties operate during most of the month, to serve visitors looking for a quiet getaway. They cater to party goers during the full moon. This little island in Thailand is asleep for the most part and only comes to life once a month for the famed ‘Full Moon Party’. Hat Rin plays host to the large scale, wild party that welcomes thirty thousand people who all occupy one beach. After the nightlong party, the crowd thins and island returns to its regular slow pace. Koh Phangan is looking to establish itself as a luxurious destination and is already home to Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas. There is plenty in the way of natural beauty; jungles, pristine bays and waterfalls await discovery.

Than Prawet is one of the two waterfalls in the Thong Nai Pan Noi area of Koh Phangan Island. It is a waterfall that flows year round but can be difficult to find due to the lack of signboards. However, it is worth the extra effort, for avid hikers in particular. In reality, the Than Prawet Waterfall is made up of a series of waterfalls that run alongside each other over great boulders and smaller rocks amidst abundant green foliage.

A hiking trail that follows a stream running to the village stretches two kilometers and will take you to the waterfall. Alternatively, you can opt to reach Than Prawet by making part of the journey by road. You can take a motor vehicle along the road by the bay but the last stretch will need to be made on foot. Hiking on from that point can prove challenging for some. Sturdy footwear is recommended while hiking alone or outside of daylight hours is not advised.

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Island Safari – Mountain Tour by Land Rover in Thailand

Koh Samui was once a sleepy remote location, home to only a quiet fishing community; today, Thailand’s largest island is a popular holiday destination. It attracts travellers of all descriptions. Accommodation on the island ranges from beachside bungalows to luxury resorts. Koh Samui is famous for palm-fringed, white, sandy beaches, coconut groves and rugged rainforest. It stands apart from Thailand’s big cities with the frenzied activity that is usually expected. However Koh Samui is known for its raging after dark activity. Chaweng Beach, on which you will find Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort, has a party atmosphere and is well known for its cabaret shows.

To explore the mountains of Koh Samui in style take a Land Rover tour and get ready for an adventure. Several tour companies now offer full day or half day trips that take you off road and bring you up close and personal with the highlights of the island. You can expect to see: the famous Grandma and Grandpa rocks located on Lamai Beach; Luang Pordaeng, the mummified monk which is a sacred local relic; Wat Phra Yai or Big Buddha Temple that houses several shrines and statues; the twelve meter tall golden Buddha statue that is the most celebrated landmark in Samui, it can be found on Big Buddha Beach on the northern coast of the island but can be seen several kilometers away. Stunning views await as you drive high into the mountains, along sea cliffs and then into low valleys, like Nuns Valley with its rural villages.

You can pick a tour depending on your interests. Some companies will transport you to and from your hotel and you can expect a tour guide who will explain the attractions and experiences. Refreshments and a traditional meal maybe provided, depending on the type of tour. Animal shows using baby elephants, crocodiles and monkeys are also offered on some itineraries but welfare of the animals is often questionable and in most cases, best avoided.

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Be adventurous with White Water Rafting in Chiang Mai, Thailand – a boon for water sports lovers

There are few cities in Thailand which are as culturally and historically significant as the ancient city of Chiang Mai. Formerly the seat of the Lan Na Kingdom in the 12th Century, Chiang Mai is home to some of Thailand’s most iconic temples, such as the Wat Chiang Man, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, and Wat Chet Yot. In addition to its rich culture and heritage, Chiang Mai also hosts numerous festivals and has many recreational attractions, making it a great tourist destination. A hotel that conveniently lets you engage in all the top things to do in Chiang Mai is the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa.

Chiang Mai is not just about nature and historic sites. The city is actually a hit with adventure lovers owing to its dense forests and hilly terrain. But the biggest adventure activity in Chiang Mai is white water rafting. Chiang Mai boasts streams known for the thrilling rapids and torrents making it one of Southeast Asia’s best white water rafting destinations. So if you are an adventure junkie and would like to ride the rapids of one of the most exotic locations in the world, head over to Chiang Mai!

The best river for white water rafting is the Mae Tang River, and during the months of July through March the river is brimming with water. Thus, during this period the river is ideal for engaging in some thrilling and exciting white water rafting. The Mae Tang River boasts a number of rapids ranging from Class II to Class IV, making these rapids the best thing a white water rafting enthusiast can ask for. As you ride and paddle through the river you will also be able to enjoy the timeless and breath taking beauty of the nature and scenery of Chiang Mai. The area is filled with many adventure sports centers that will give you international standard equipment, so don’t be afraid to ride the wild Mae Tang River.

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Hua Hin Safari: Adventure & Excitement Awaits You Here!

A beautiful little seaside resort town located on the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin is filled with magnificent temples, buzzing shopping malls and markets, national parks and of course endless dreamy beaches of white sands and shimmering, blue waters offering hours and hours of relaxation. But if you’re searching for a little (or alot!) of adventure and excitement, there is one place in Hua Hin that is perfect for you- and that is the Hua Hin Safari & Adventure Park! Located just a 5 minute drive away from the Center of Hua Hin, the park offers a multitude of attractions for adventure loving individuals and families. If you’re planning a visit to the park and spend a vacation at the seaside resort, it’s always best to be comfortably accommodated amidst Hua Hin’s splendor, and Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas, is an ideal resort Pranburi for you to spend your vacation at, as it is located about half an hour’s away from the park by stunning beach settings.

Surrounded by the tropical settings of mountains, foliage and pineapple fields, the Hua Hin Safari & Adventure Park offers a range of exciting attractions out of which elephants are the main attraction as the park is home to many Thai elephants who are taken good care of and trained by experienced mahouts. Embark on an exciting and unique Elephant trek through mountains, villages, pineapple fields and even cross the river! While sipping on complimentary coconut water and munching fresh pineapple see the amazing elephant show where nine year old Boanee the elephant plays Football, Basket ball, plays music and many other tricks!

Want more adventure? Ride through special tracks or up to Monkey Mountain on an ATV! Team up with your friends or your family and play the exciting and fun game of Paintball. Watch in absolute awe and shock as experienced trainers handle dangerous snakes and crocodiles.

After all that adventure, pay a visit to the park’s pineapple farm on a horse carriage! On the way to the farm you will get a chance to stop at the beach, see a Thai temple and the Khao Takiab Village. At the Pineapple Farm not only will you be able to explore the farm either by foot or on an ATV, you can also taste delicious and fresh pineapple.


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Relax Yourself and Learn Kitesurfing in Thailand – Soar Above the Waves

Hua Hin Thailand boasts the best winds for enjoying a spot of kitesurfing. Enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather, minimum rainfall and general party atmosphere of this vibrant town as you take on the art of kitesurfing. Finding a hotel in Hua Hin is easy, but make sure you choose one that’s close to the sandy beaches. For ultimate luxury and comfort check out the Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa.

A beautiful resort designed to resemble an ancient Thai Village this hotel sits right on the white sandy beach of Hua Hin. Enjoy a rejuvenating Thai massage, tee off at the nearby golf course or relax and enjoy the luxurious accommodation. This retreat comprises of well-appointed elegant rooms and suites offering gorgeous views of the ocean. Thai silk décor together with loads of light and space within these comfortable quarters will help you rest and relax in style.

Get that adrenaline pumping with some adventure on the beach by taking up kitesurfing, 6 kilometres of sandy beach and good wind makes this sport a favourite amongst many tourists. Kitesurfing is easy to learn as there are plenty of ‘Kitesurfing schools’ for beginners. Don’t worry about gear as branded kites together with other equipment are readily available at the sports goods stores.

The huge sandy beaches and shallow waters of Hua Hin make this sport safe for all, enjoy the birds-eye view of the city and ocean as the wind whips your hair and take back a million memories.

What’s more the added benefits of getting a Thai massage on the beach or enjoying the vibrant night life make a sunny holiday in Hua Hin very conducive.

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Had Chao Mai National Park – Gorgeous Marine Park

Covering 231sqkms of Trang provinces infamous coastline Had Chao Mai Marine National Park is home to an abundance of marine life and some endangered species. Staying at a Trang Resort is your best bet for touring the park and enjoying the powdery white beaches of Trang. Offering luxurious family accommodation is the Anantara Sikao Thailand Resort and Spa.

Located on the Andaman coast the luxurious hotel offers modern comforts amidst Thailand’s lush coastlines. Ideal for all holidaymakers the well-appointed 139 rooms, suites, pool villas and family rooms are great for relaxing in when you are not out snorkelling, diving or pampering yourself at the spa. Located right next to Had Chao Mai National park the hotel provides easy access to many other attractions.

Drive along the Andaman coast and drink in the pristine beauty of Trangs white sand beaches and quaint fishing villages. The marine park declared a protected reserve in 1981 is home to mangrove, beach, evergreen and limestone forests which stretch to the mountain tops.

Dotted with beautiful forested islands of Koh Muk, Koh Wan, Koh Chueak, Koh Pling, Kho Chao Mai and Koh Meng the park is 60% water where coral reefs and sea-grass beds thrive, offering shelter to Dugongs, prawns and fish.

The Chao Mai Cave to the south of the park, accessible by boat is a must see for its many chambers, floor to ceiling pillars and beautiful spring located on one of the top chambers.

Pass through a connecting cave and you can enjoy the white sand beaches of Had Yongling and Had Sang while ‘Moragot’ (Emerald Cave) on Muk Island accessible by swimming up in low-tide is so called for its emerald coloured pool. Discover much more as you explore exotic Had Chao Main Park.

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Amazing Mountain Biking Tour in Thailand: To get up close and personal with the land

When visiting the land of endless summers, the things to do and things to see will indeed be immense that it certainly will take your very breath away. The opportunities to find allurement and excitement are truly endless here in Thailand, with beaches to explore, sights to see and friendly, warm locals to meet. While staying at a centrally located hotel Hua Hin has such as Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa take time to explore the land of sheer beauty, and discover all her hidden secrets as you take on a mountain biking tour.

The plethora of transportation methods and modes that are available in Thailand will help you explore various facets of the place that will fill your heart with blissful delight. However nothing will beat a cycling tour on the least trodden and secret pathways of the land that lead straight to choicest adventures. Discoveries are to be made here and adventures are to be had here, and the best way to enjoy an adventure and discover things that you knew not of is to take a mountain biking tour in Thailand.

As you travel on your two wheels you will see sights that the rest of the tourist world will never see. You will meet people and make connections that your friends back home will never enjoy. The lip smacking Thai cuisine will be savoured to your heart’s content, as you visit the secret places of the land that are forever hidden from the eyes of the common tourist.

Once you contact a local service provider, you will have a choice of selecting from a wide variety of packages, each catering to unique needs. If you choose to travel with a party, you can easily do so, and explore the wonderland with friendly strangers who will be equally enthralled as you, as each fascinating discovery is made. Alternatively you can travel by yourself if you wish, and enjoy an adventure that no one will ever know of. Opportunities are limitless and options are immense here in the blissful land of Thailand that invitingly lies, waiting to be discovered and loved.

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Jungle Bungy Jump in Phuket – One Good Dose of Adrenaline

Imagine plunging down the sky of Phuket; plunging into a pool of water while being caressed by the lush scenery on your way down; imagine the thrill, imagine the sheer rush. All your imaginations can become one giant reality as you plunge down into nothingness in the amazing exciting and thrilling activity of Bungee Jumping. For those of you crave this adrenaline, this sheer maddening thrill then Bungee Jumping will make you feel like you are on the top of the world. In fact you literally plunge from the top of the world and the drop is remarkable. Hundreds of visitors from around the globe visit Phuket for Bungee Jumping because in Phuket you get the scenic appeal and the fantastic tropical climate, all this combined makes Bungee jumping in the jungles of Phuket an unmatched experience.

For some of you the idea of Bungee Jumping might be completely new for it is not a common activity that is offered in every city in the world. As the name has it Bungee Jumping is a jump or a fall. You are strapped to a chair on a crane and risen 50 meters from the ground. At this point you will be given a moment to absorb the breathtaking bird’s eye view of beautiful Phuket adorned with dense forests and sparkling beaches. Once you have taken all this bliss in just jump. As you fall, enjoy the sheer kick of adrenaline shroud you and scream away to glory. As gravity pulls you down with remarkable force you are sure to experience the adventure of a lifetime. The feeling is certainly unmatched and absolutely euphoric. You need guts to try out Bungee Jumping and you need to love your adrenaline. Even the slightest fear or faint heartedness cannot be tolerated in this sport. If you prefer ascending rather than descending try the Superman. Just as thrilling, here you are strapped on the ground and shot 60 meters into the air. Talk about Exciting!

After overdosing on the adrenaline, wind down in Anantara Phuket Villas. This Phuket Resorts are the finest Phuket Beach Resort there is.

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