Explore Bani Yas By Horseback – Sir Bani Yas Stables

Sir Bani Yas Island is an island found roughly ten kilometres off the coast of Jebel Dhanna in Abu Dhabi. The island measures about five miles from west to east and about eleven miles from south to north, and is easily the biggest natural island in the country. The large island is home to many interesting attractions and is a delightful place to visit when holidaying in the United Arab Emirates. Although not very large in area, the island features some diverse landscapes that can be fun to explore by horseback.

Those who want to take a horseback tour of the gorgeous island should try Sir Bani Yas Stables. It is the go to place for horses, ponies and experienced riding instructors. The ponies are available for little children and there is a large paddock where kids can get pony rides. Horses are for adults with some riding experience. Those who do not know how to ride a horse need not fret as they also conduct classes here.

Since the island is home to a massive wildlife reserve (which was established in 1971) that spans nearly ninety square kilometres, one is bound to spot many birds, plants and animals during the ride. The island’s ever changing terrain will ensure that equestrians will have an interesting and memorable ride. The activity is perfect for adventure lovers and couples are sure to enjoy taking a sunset horse ride.

As a Middle Eastern country with ample resources the United Arab Emirates has excellent infrastructure and nowhere is the infrastructure better than in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The largest of the seven emirates that make up the country, it offers tourists plenty of things to do. The emirate has plenty of upscale shopping malls, top notch restaurants and a range of accommodation options.

Tourists planning on vacationing here and are looking for villas in Abu Dhabi, can try the Anantara Al Yamm. The fine spa resort Abu Dhabi is situated on Sir Bani Yas Island and is a tranquil oasis amidst the wildlife reserve. Offering guests an authentic Arab experience, it is the ideal place to stay.

Abu Dhabi Archery – Unleash your inner Robin Hood!

Abu Dhabi is a splendid emirate that forms part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it is home to a fascinating array of activities for the cultural and curious tourist. If you wanted to try your hand at archery, there are a range of clubs as well as a spa resort Abu Dhabi features that offer visitors the chance to channel their inner archer. The Anantara Al Yamm which provides its guests with premium accommodation at its beautiful villas in Abu Dhabi also offers lessons and equipment for visitors to try out this long-cherished Arabic tradition. For those serious archers dedicated to the sport, the Abu Dhabi Archers Group provides a community of support for archers looking to get into the field, or serious shooters. Top archers can take part in the Top Archers Competition, which targets top archery dogs to crown champions on the range. The group does not have official status yet; however, it does provide the opportunity to gather and practice at the Al Forsan Archery range, which offers ten lanes and the best equipment to try one’s luck at a distance of 5 to 60 metres, depending on preference and ability. The range also offers Re-curve and Compound bows if archers do not have their own. The range provides arm guards, releases and tabs too, so head on down for a practice round or two!

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Outdoor adventures in Abu Dhabi – Experience the Wonders of the Arabian Desert

Abu Dhabi is home to a plethora of fun activities for members of the whole family. One of the best locales from which to experience this vibrant emirate is one of many villas in Abu Dhabi that cater to comfort and convenience. Of the many options for a spa resort Abu Dhabi offers, an excellent choice are the Anantara Sir Bani Yas Al Yamm Villas which provide a home away from home in the midst of a scenic island set in the shimmering azure waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Outdoor adventures are found aplenty in Abu Dhabi…the only problem is choosing which one to plunge into headfirst! How about a 4×4 adventure across the Arabian sands from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, for an afternoon and evening desert safari? Catch a splendid desert sunset and enjoy a tasty barbeque dinner around a campfire under the stars. On the way, why not get a beautifully intricate henna tattoo, go on an exciting camel ride and taste the sand firsthand with a thrilling sandboarding experience? And safariers will not want to miss the mesmerizing movements of a belly dance for a truly immersive Arabian Nights encounter. Or for nature enthusiasts, how about an adrenaline-bursting camel right? Except the summer and early autumn months, any other time of year is the perfect time to go “camel back”. Or rip out that rugged 4×4 for an amazing thrill ride of “wadi-bashing”. A wadi is a desert fixture that has been scooped out by flood waters, and its sloping sides provide the perfect course for 4-wheel drives from October through April. Dune-bashing is another exciting off-road experience, which will be an electric experience on Abu Dhabi’s slopes expansive and steep slopes. Or, for those wanting a wet n’ wild experience, kayaking in the mangroves is a fantastic way to go, as the natural swamplands provide the perfect setting for this water sport. The desert is home to many unique adventures so take your pick and just do it!

Nature and Wildlife Drives in Abu Dhabi

For many Abu Dhabi would only bring to mind deserts and cities, but there is definitely more to this Middle Eastern land than just that. Among the numerous things that one can do in this diverse land, there are Nature and Wildlife Drives in Abu Dhabi.

There are countless organizations that offer amazing drives across the deserts and other arid lands. There are especially designed 4wheel drives which will take visitors across various landscapes and closer to nature and wildlife. It is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime in this part of the world. Though many might not be aware, deserts are teeming with wildlife of its own. What is more, amongst the least expected animals who can be found freely roaming around the region, there are also amazing geological formations, and remnants of archeological sites of a time gone by.

Usually these tours take about two hours and the best time to go it either early in the morning or in the evening. So it is an ideal way for a family or a group of tourists to explore this region. There are generally jeeps which can accommodate about seven people, making it an ideal option for a small group or even a family, for bigger crowds countless operators have their own buses. Amongst the most popular regions to go on a tour of this nature are Arabian Wildlife Park and also beyond the Sir Bani Yas Island.

Make sure that you wear light and comfortable clothing that are close to nature and avoid bright colours. Don’t forget to take your camera and video as there might be unexpected findings in the barren land. Mostly there will be both indigenous and also other flora and fauna. So for those travelers who are keen to see more than the cities and the shopping malls this is definitely one way to explore the Middle East.

If one wishes to have a luxurious holiday at one of the Villas in Abu Dhabi, and get pampered at a Spa Resort Abu Dhabi, while enjoying the scenes, sights and sounds of this exotic land, there is Sir Bani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi which is in close proximity to all these attractions and more.

Embark on Nature and Wildlife Walks in Abu Dhabi and Reconnect with Nature

The mere thought of Abu Dhabi brings to mind towering skyscrapers and a rapid degree of development that has made this Emirate one that is frequently visited by businessmen and tourists. For those in Abu Dhabi on business, with a hectic itinerary in hand, some well needed relaxation and rejuvenation can be achieved by to Sir Bani Yas island, located southwest of the emirate.

This natural island whilst being the largest island of the United Arab Emirates, it is also home to the region’s largest wildlife reserve established by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was also the founder of the UAE. Due to decades of concentrated efforts and investments, the Sir Bani Yas Island now boasts of its very own bird sanctuary in addition to an amazing display of wildlife and natural endowment.

This island, a natural miracle, is also a haven for archaeologists who are discovering evidence of the human civilisation through settlements preserved throughout the island thereby indicating its historic importance as well. However, Sir Bani Yas Island’s true crowning glory is evidenced in its rich and diverse display of the animal kingdom making it the best location in the region for intriguing nature and wildlife walks.

While most tours of the island can be arranged via most villas in Abu Dhabi, be mindful in selecting an experienced and seasoned guide who would be able to provide you with comprehensive explanations of the flora and fauna of the region. So when leaving your Spa Resort Abu Dhabi, ensure that you put on your hiking shoes, wear your hats and grab your sunglasses and cameras for the photo opportunities on this island are truly endless. Such a walk through Sir Bani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi would provide you with opportunities to witness panoramic natural sceneries as well as diverse wildlife ranging from Beisa Oryx, Red Deer, Giraffes, Urial sheep, Axis deer and more as they congregate in flocks all around the isle. To gain the most out of the experience, opt for a sunny day when the weather conditions are favourable for a fun outing and don’t forget your sunscreen!