Snorkelling in Bentota- Explore the spectacular coral reefs

As an island nation, Sri Lanka can boast of more than quite a few beaches all around the isle that are ideal for many types of coastal vacations and water based adventures. However certain areas of this wonderful pristine sandy shores and the adjoining deep blue seas are known for their specialties that has resulted from fabulous combinations of wave length and heights, depth of sea and the cascading waves and mighty winds that seem as they have plotted up the perfect schemes to seduce the unsuspecting traveller to their midst to enjoy some of the finest water adventures in the region.

When it comes to Bentota, which is found along the lovely western coast of Sri Lanka, the attractions are more than one, with plenty of coastal adventures to tempt the locals and foreigners alike. Bentota which is just one hours ride from Colombo also has the Bentota River merging with the Indian Ocean and in this vicinity there are many hotels and resorts that provide the gear and equipment needed for another fine water adventure – that is snorkelling. With warm waters and calm seas that doesn’t get in the way, the best time for snorkelling would be between November and April.
It is well worth snorkelling into the waters of this region as one is well rewarded with clusters of a variety of fish that haunt the spectacular coral reefs. Just to contrast with this pretty picture of colour and charisma, a diver can even find a few dark gloomy and intriguing scattered items of ship wrecks strewn here and there. Canoe Rock is claimed to be the best location for snorkelling and the area and snorkelers gets to explore the underwater via a trip to the sea from a boat or getting there from the shore itself.
With such an inviting back drop for the tourists, it is not surprising that the area has got a staggering variety of residential options including Sri Lanka boutique hotels. With tastefully appointed interiors with the traditional Sri Lankan touch and splendid oceanic views over the verandas, and private sun beds and infinity pools Saman Villas Bentota covers a range of alluring attractions for the foreign visitor with its superb location and excellent services. As luxury hotel Sri Lanka it has what it takes to covert a traveller’s experience of a beach vacation in Sri Lanka to an enchanting stay filled with heavenly moments and cherished memories.


Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.