World Chocolate Wonderland – A day at the world of chocolate!

The word chocolate always brings a sweet memory to mind to anyone who hears it; this may be a special moment or the delicious taste of chocolate or something similar. So for all the chocolate lovers throughout the world, Shanghai brings you a truly new experience by presenting you the World Chocolate Wonderland. A much better world than what people have seen at the imaginary Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

This is the first theme park of this sort in China. This can be easily visited while on a sightseeing tour to the Bird’s Nest, where the Olympic Games were held. Everything in this special park is made of chocolate, where great craftsmanship has been needed along with great patience. The creators have added more ingredients to make the carving process easier. As a result, mind-blowing creations like a replica of the Great Wall of China, which is 12 meters long, has been erected. Apart from this, a replica of the famous Terracotta Army, which comprises five hundred life-sized figures can be witnessed by the visitors while exploring the attraction. Car lovers wouldn’t be disappointed either; there is a massive BMW that has taken two tons of chocolates to create. Enjoy a life-sized car that is made out of a totally delicious cocoa compared with all the metal and mechanical ones that we see day-to-day.
Shopaholics! There would be many interesting creations such as shoes, handbags and many more ornamental creations from chocolate. These would look so real that it would take time for anyone to figure out that these are not real products. The temperature of the entire park is controlled to protect all these beautiful creations from melting. It is said that this park is 20,000 metres long and has taken 176,000 lbs chocolates for creation. This would definitely be compelte paradise for a kid and it might be the same even for an adult. Also, while walking through the aisle, the guests would get the option to get to know all historical data about chocolate and its impact on different cultures of the world.
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Shenzhen Minsk World – From Militia to Merry Making!

Located in the southwestern suburbs about 12 kilometers southwest of the main city , occupying 81 hectares of land the Shanghai Botanical gardens is a lovely patch of greenery among sky scrapers and concrete canopies. Established in 1974 on the site of the Longhua nursery, this is known as the largest Botanical garden in central China.

It has a diverse range of authentic Chinese plants including rare species and 3500 species of plants from the lower and middle Yangtze River. The gardens operate as a comprehensive base for botanical research and nature science. Most tourists love the fresh relaxing experience of the Shanghai Gardens mostly during the spring season. The enchanting flowers and the atmosphere will definitely make a lasting impression on your journey to Shanghai.

Cherry, peach , plum and Begonia are some of the well-known varieties of flowers that grow here during spring. The combined fragrance of these beautiful flowers and plant species blend sweetly in to the pleasant spring weather. Most visitors feast their eyes on the various colours of the magnolias that grow in abundance. The Bamboo Garden provides a beautiful setting during summer, complete with houses made out of bamboo providing solace from the hot sun on either side of the road. The beautiful water lilies that grow in Penjing Garden is also a not to be missed sight during summer.

The Shanghai Gardens is a beautiful escape from the usual hustle and bustle of the city with so much to offer from beautiful sites to a wealth of knowledge. The amusement park within the gardens is enjoyed by most kids and is a great place to entertain them while you enjoy the magical surroundings or enjoy a quiet read perhaps.

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Scuba Diving with Sharks; a close encounter with sharks

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One of the most exhilarating activities that can be done in Shanghai is scuba diving with more than 100 intimidating sharks. This experience is only possible at Big Blue Scuba. A 5.5 meter tank filled with different types of sharks and other marine creatures is available in the location. The shark species in the tank includes whitetip reef sharks, guitar sharks, nurse sharks, sand tiger sharks and blacktip reef sharks. Swimming beside these menacing creatures is a truly unique and breathtaking experience.

Indoor Rock Climbing; add adventure to your vacation

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Shanghai has a number of attractions which range from temples, museums, shopping places to clubs. Apart from all these normal routine tourist activities indoor rock climbing is available for the adventure minded tourists. Apart from the adventurous part the visitors will be able to burn some calories that they gained throughout their holiday. The best place to go for indoor rock climbing is the Shanghai Stadium Sports Center. Being new to the activity won’t be a problem because there will be instructors to guide you throughout the process. Open throughout the year this is a must visit place to enjoy a different experience in Shanghai.

Disc Kart Indoor karting in Shanghai

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Indoor rock climbing in shanghai

The world class city of Shanghai is famous for its excellent infrastructure and boasts a multitude of attractions. Choose a hotel in Shanghai such as The Langham Yangtze Boutique Shanghai, an exceptional 5 star hotel Shanghai has to offer. It comes as no surprise to any travellers that Shanghai is not a palace rich in natural wonders, thus certain activities may seem impossible here. However, for the pleasure of thrill seekers, indoor rock climbing has been made available. Head over to the Shanghai Stadium Sports Center with your rock-climbing shoes on. Here a range of artificial climbing walls can be found catering to intermediate level climbers and novic

Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Kingdom – A Kingdom of bugs

The bug museum or the Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Museum is a wonderful place to take your kids during the vacation. The museum is a place filled with many species of insects that is sure to thrill you and your kids. It is absolutely a lovely experience where one can take an insight to the habitat of insects and how they survive. There are over 200 varieties of insects that live in various high tech environments that are specially made for the different creatures. Among the many developed environments the museum houses a desert, a country side, a valley, a swamp, a forest, a rainforest and so on.

Anyone who enters this magnificent world of bugs will find it quite bizarre and the kids will surely love it. The museum is separated into many segments like insect gallery, butterfly valley, ecological feeding area, water experiencing area, small inset theatre, solution cavity of amphibian and reptile, tropical rainforest experiencing area and the list goes on. The most exciting activity of the agenda would be the show time where the insect parade, food grabbing show and the honey gathering activity will fascinate you. The most unique experience you will get from this special museum is that you get to interact with the insects, touch them and feed them. You could in addition have some fun fishing as well.

Apart from the bugs, the reptiles will amaze the kids more. As you enter you will come across a tank with a very busy seal who finds the tank quite not enough. This kid friendly museum is a fantastic place to amuse your little children by showing the scary alligators, relax on the big sitting area next to the toy shop having a health snack or go fishing for goldfish. It will be a place that your little ones will want to come every day. If you are visiting Shanghai, a great Shanghai luxury hotel for your stay would be The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai which consists of luxury and comfortable hotel rooms in Shanghai. It is also in the near vicinity of this intriguing museum as well as many other top attractions in the city including entertainment, shopping and dining venues.

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Duolun Culture Street- Cultural Awakening

Duolun Street in Shanghai was originally constructed in the early 20th century and went by the name of a long forgotten British missionary. It came into its own in the 1920s and 30s when the writer Lu Xun and other progressive writers of the time like Mao Dun, Guo Moruo and Ding Ling moved into the area gathering other similar literary types around them making the street a cultural and literary centre. Doulun Street was opened to the public as Culture Street in 1998 and is the place that people come to, to find links with China’s pre revolutionary cultural scene. Located north of the Bund the once lavish homes and shops in this 8 km stretch have been refurbished and cars have been banned so that it is now a lovely pedestrian area of bookshops, tea houses, antique shops, galleries and historic homes. The Duolun Museum of Modern Art is there as is a 1920s Christian church with upturned eaves, the old film café that shows Chinese movies of the 1920s and 30s, the League of Leftist Writers Museum with the hall where the league was founded restored to its original condition and a mid 1920s mansion of a fabulously wealthy Shanghai entrepreneur are all in the neighbourhood.

The street is also famous for a variety of architectural styles ranging from Islamic to French Neo Classical to traditional Chinese styles and a fusion of eastern and western styles typical of the 1920s and 30s. Life size bronze statues of individuals who contributed to the areas heritage are found everywhere in all kinds of poses as if they are participating in the life going on around them. An outdoor museum of sorts, it is an interesting place to spend some time learning about Shanghai’s literary roots away from the tourist hordes.

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Shanghai Wild Animal Park – An Adventure with the Animals

For a fierce adventure with the wild side of China visit the Shanghai Wild Animal Park. Located in the Sanzao town some 20 km from the city center, the park is easily accessible and makes a popularly visited destination during weekends and holidays. The Shanghai Wild Animal National Park makes the first park of its kind in the whole of China. It covers an area of over 150 hectares and houses over 200 different species of animals. The rare, the endangered and the fierce are all found in this manmade wildlife sanctuary and the best part of all is that this zoo allows an up-close and personal experience with its many amazing species. You can either walk along and enjoy a typical zoo exploration or you can hop into a bus and enjoy the most spine chilling contact with the animals.

The Zoo is divided into 5 major areas; the wild beast zone, herbivore zone, performing hall, penned animal zone and other animal zone. Each area is a world full of its very own surprises. In the performing hall you are greeted with a number of talented animals each exhibiting its very own artistic skill. These animals are renowned nationwide as some of the most talented set of zoo inhabitants ever. The real highlight of this zoo however is the wild animal zone. Quite interestingly the zoo feeds the lions and tigers with living prey in order to retain their original survival instincts. This in turn provides quite a show for visitors who enjoy the opportunity to see right before their eyes, the jungle king delving for his kill. With the supervision of a professional one can indulge in feeding elephants and giraffes and taking photographs with them.

The Shanghai zoo is haven for both adults and children. There is a Ferris wheel enabling you to enjoy a wholesome view of the zoo and electric cart to carry you along the trip in case you feel tired. If you are hungry there are lovely little restaurants and if you are in the mood for some souvenir shopping there are plenty of outlets for that too. All in all you can get a wholesome day out in this zoo in Shanghai.

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