Conquer the rocks in Oman – Up, up and away!

With Oman being a rather mountainous nation, it comes as no surprise that it’s an ideal location to go rock climbing. Want to know more about the perfect places in Oman to go climbing.

The Wall

Whether it’s before or after your climb, treat yourself to some comfort at a nice Nizwa hotel, you’ll find plenty around like the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort for instance. The Wall is a great place to start as it is Oman’s only indoor rock gym. Here you can inquire about the climbing scene and the local routes and get some gear. You can even hire a local guide to help you out.

5 O’Clock Rock

Located just 5 minutes up Al Amerat Road, you can drive up here. It’s a big slab of limestone and has 10mm expansion bolts equipped to make things easier for you.

Qantab (Bandar Al Jissah)

Invoking the feel of sea-cliffs off southern Thailand or eastern Spain, Qantab will most definitely leave you pumped and asking for more.

Khubrah Canyon (Secret Canyon)

Located around an hour from the busy capital of Muscat, Khubrah Canyon offers a thorough sense of solitude and independence. It features beautiful weather and a boundless rock that is ideal for any skill level.

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Camel Rides in Oman – An adventure to be enjoyed unselfishly

Of the many attractions that Middle Eastern countries such as Oman offer, the most memorable may be a camel ride. In Oman, sightseeing opportunities are aplenty with a relaxed ride through the desert exposing you to a myriad of dunes and ancient places of interest. Holiday options such as Desert Nights Camp Oman offer travellers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sights and sounds of the desert, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Your adventure in the desert may comprise of camel rides, dune racing and much more. Camel rides are a favourite as it suits everyone, from those who have a knack for adventure to those who would enjoy a relaxed ride taking in the sights around. The “ships of the desert” as they are oft known, camels are built to handle the extreme, harsh conditions of the deserts. Yet, when opting for a camel ride, ensure you go through the right agents so that you know the camels belong to those who take good care of them. Imagine how you would feel when you get to know the very camel you rode in subject to severe cruelty by their owners!

Camels were domesticated thousands of years ago by traders to transfer them across deserts. Besides as a mode of transportation, camels also provided milk, meat, wool and leather, thus becoming an integral part of Arabians’ lives. Today, many locals use camels as a source of income by facilitating camel rides for tourists. At times, there have been reported instances of some camels being ill-treated and subject to harsh living conditions. Camels that are used in tourism are usually well looked after. They are fixed with a sturdy saddle that can carry two people at once.

Some of the key factors to look for when booking a camel ride are whether the camel allocated for you can carry your weight comfortably, does the camel look healthy, have they been fed adequately, is the riding equipment (i.e. saddles, mouth bits, harnesses etc) in pristine condition and the nature of the trek.

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Saiq Plateau In Oman – A Unique Phenomenon Of Nature

Oman in the Middle East is not only a center of commerce- it has a vibrant and vivid history and Mother Nature has been very bountiful and gifted Oman with some unique natural features. The ancient township of Nizwa has historical, cultural and natural wonders and visitors will never lack things to do in NIzwa. Quite the contrary they will be hard put to choose between the many activities like visiting the Nizwa Fort and Souq and Jabrin Castle.. Being comfortable goes a long way in enhancing enjoyment of travel and for visitors to this region the Alila Jabal Akhdar with its spectacular setting combined with luxurious facilities would be an ideal choice.

Saiq Plateau is one of Oman’s unusual natural curiosities and is an upland plateau of vast extent in the Hajar Mountain Range with the Oman’s much loved limestone massif Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain in Arabic ) rising skywards from the center. The plateau has an altitude of approximately two thousand meters above sea level and is north east of the historic township of Nizwa and bounded to the north by craggy mountain peaks and by the vertiginous Wadi Al Ayn to the south. Wild donkeys, lizards and birds populate the plateau while some ancient beehive shaped cairn tombs can be seen to the far left of the vast space. The road to the bottom of the mountain range is well engineered but the upward climb to the hills involves dramatic hairpin bends and only four wheel drives are allowed. Wild olive and juniper trees dot the wayside.

The Mediterranean like climate has resulted in the Saiq Plateau being farmed for over a thousand years and a wide range of fruits which do not adapt well to the climate of the lowlands are grown here and among them are peaches, pears, pomegranates and grapes. A wide range of roses bloom here and the fragrant damask rose grows near the summit of Jebel Al Akhdar.

Many traditional villages can be found in the area and are well worth a visit.

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Al-Hoota Cave – Nizwa, Oman – A Mesmeric Creation of Nature

Located in the Al Hamra district, Oman, the Al-Hoota Cave is a natural creation beyond compare. Within the cave all forms of life thrive. In order to ensure that these life forms are protected and not impinged upon, only 500m of the cave is open to tourists. The length of the cave is 4.5km and only 10% is revealed to the public. A forty five minute tour would disclose quite a few secrets of the cave. Be prepared to gaze upon the dangling stalactites and trace unusual shapes that might come alive on your visit. Less than two hours from the cave one would come across the Alila Jabal Akhdar. An ideal resort in Oman from which to set out on your adventures, it enjoys a unique location which affords an incredible view of the Al Hajar Mountains and creates an appetite for exploration, more precisely to the Al-Hoota Cave.

The Al-Hoota Cave was opened to the public in November 2006. However it dates back to approximately two million years ago. A chemical yet ‘magical’ reaction helped form the stalactites. Limestone reacts when dissolved in carbonic acid water, and the results are seen within the cave. When touring the cave, look overhead and what you will find is a galaxy of stalactite formations.

A small northern lake and a central lake also punctuate the tour of the cave. The large amounts of water within the cave create the ideal surroundings for all forms of life. Gliding in the waters of the main lake are blind fish also called “garra barreimiae”. Arthropods, molluscs, bats, water beetles, large spiders and other rare and endemic species have also made the cave their humble home.

The right amount of light shines through the cave providing a unique view. Make sure to book your tour to the cave as only a limited amount of visitors are allowed in each day. It is truly a marvel of nature!

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Wadi Bani Khalid – A Beautiful Valley in Sharqiyah, Oman

A Wadi, meaning a valley in Arabic, formed by fast rushing streams, is predominantly seen in Israel, Morocco and a number of other Middle Eastern countries. These Wadis were often used by travellers to traverse countries and reach other cities with the assistance of camels. A Wadi can also contain water or even a small stream when there is heavy rain fall. While Wadis are seen across the Middle East, Wani Bani Khalid is noteworthy for its beauty. Located around two hundred kilometres from Muscat, it is not a day trip that can be completed from a Muscat based hotel in Oman. Therefore, many tourists seek to indulge in a desert night camp to explore the Wadi and return to Muscat a few days later.

Located in the Sharqiyah region, Wadi Bani Khalid, unlike most of its kind, maintains a steady flow of water. Because of this, and also the shape of the valley, water accumulates in large pools and reflects the surroundings making for a rather picturesque view. The Wadi is quite large as well as it covers a large extent of low land areas as well as parts of the surrounding mountains.

Tourists who are gearing up for an adventure in Oman will be thrilled to discover that the Wadi Bani Khalid is also home to some interesting caves, including an underground chamber of the Sultanate known as Kahf Maqal. However, this adventure is not for the faint hearted for it requires a great deal of stamina, especially given the warm climate.

Nevertheless, tourists who wish to merely explore the valley can enjoy the fresh water springs known as Ain al Sarooj and Ain Hamouda and take in the natural beauty of the area. Given its attraction to tourists, a souvenir can be purchased from the shop in Badaa, a close by village, to remember the valley and the excursion.

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Quad Bike Adventures – Fly Across the Desert Dunes

Skimming over the sands of Wahiba Desert on a powerful quad bike is just the ticket for all adrenaline junkies. Just one of the things to do in Oman quad biking is part of the action adventures to be enjoyed here. Those seeking true Bedouin comforts and adventure right on the dunes should check out the Desert Nights Camp for an authentic taste of desert comforts.

Located within the golden dunes of Wahiba this lavish permanent campsite will fill your senses with the romance and mystery of the desert. Fragrances of frank incense and myrrh waft across the Bedouin settings as you relax in the well-appointed and elegant tent accommodation. Five star luxuries are available in the double tented suites, family tented suites and standard rooms with en-suite bathroom. The resort can accommodate up to 64 guests and offers the best of dining together with a variety of desert excursions and adventure sports.

No desert adventure is complete until you experience the thrill of quad biking across the Wahiba sands. Gorgeous fiery skies and the never ending desert add to this ethereal adventure. The powerful bikes will definitely satisfy your craving for action as you rev up a steep dune.

The Wahiba offers many activities such as camel safaris, sand boarding, trekking on dunes and dune bashing. After an exhilarating day of quad biking you can visit the marvellous and colourful souks of Oman for great shopping opportunity, explore authentic Bedouin homes and soak in some culture with a visit to the Old Fort in Mantrib.

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Fishing in Muscat, a fisherman’s dream in the desert

When one thinks of the Middle East, and its many deserts, fishing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However Muscat boasts a fruitful marine habitat, making it one of the best fishing locations in the world, ideal for both beginners and big game fishing expeditions all year-round. While you may visit Muscat for the fishing, it is also in close proximity to a number of other must-see tourist destinations in Oman such as Sur, and the port town of Sohar. Accommodation in Sohar can be found easily as a number of hotels have updated websites; one such hotel is the Al Wadi Hotel, Sohar.

The best period to visit Muscat is between October and April as the day is warm but not uncomfortable, and the evenings are quite cool. However a large number of fish do frequent the waters around Muscat during the summer months when the water is warmer however be warned as the temperature on land can reach up to 40°C on land. The waters surrounding Muscat are home to a number of species of fish, such as the Yellowfin tuna, the Striped Bonito, the Dorado and the Barracuda.

In addition, the waters are home to dolphins, turtles and a number of species of whales such as the sperm whale and the killer whale. Arrange whale or dolphin watching expeditions with a tour guide as such a vibrancy of species is hard to come by anywhere else in the world. There are a number of charter companies which rent boats out to tourists looking to spend time on the open sea. Some boats can hold up to as many as 10 passengers, and can be booked for either a few hours or even entire days. All boats are accompanied by a captain, and come equipped with life vests, safety gear, fish tackle and even bait to make your fishing trip run smoothly.

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Dune Bashing –Wild Driving in the Dunes

The vast stretches of rolling golden dunes have always been one of Oman’s biggest attractions. In fact a holiday in Oman is not complete without experiencing all the wonders that these vistas have to offer. There is feeling of being whisked away from the world when one is on these dunes. While exploring the authentic side of Oman, try staying at the Desert Nights Camp. This is one hotel in Oman which will give you the fullest experience of the authentic Omani World.

There is a blissful tranquility in the Omani stretches of Dunes. Unlike the UAE, Oman is more quiet and subdue, yet gives the same ravenous thrill with all its wonders. A popular activity on Dunes -anywhere where there is a desert- is dune bashing. Dune bashing is a sport where large 4 wheel drive vehicles are driven off road into the dunes. It might sound easy but it is not. In fact a lot of skill and technique is required to maneuver the vehicle around the many slopes and curves of the dunes. But rest assured all the hard work completely pays off for Dune bashing gives a thrill and adventure like no other sport.

In Oman one of the best places for Dune bashing is the Wahiba Sands at the Bidiya Village. Since Dune bashing is immensely popular in this area, there is plenty of 4×4 for rent, roaming the area. Unless you are an expert driver or have plenty of experience with dunes in the past, it is advisable to hire a professional driver. Omanis are found in plenty in this area who are more than happy to drive you around so that you can enjoy an optimum experience of Dune bashing. In addition to being your drivers on the desert, these Omani’s serve very well as guides and may even give you a sneak peek of a typical Omani desert lifestyle.

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A bit of Desert Life – Camel Safari

Oman hotels of the Aitken Spence Group spread out in strategic locations offer a choice of city, historic sites and desert experiences to its guests. These Oman hotels are considered some of the top hotels in Oman as they offer a selection of contemporary accommodation, services and facilities to suit business and leisure clients.

Eighty two percent of Oman’s land area is covered by large swathes of desert. Bedouins still live in some parts of the desert farming camels and goats and many visitors to the country look forward to experiencing the traditional lifestyles and hospitality of these people whose ancestry goes back hundreds of years. Wahiba Sands is where About 3,000 Bedouin families are found living on the edge of the desert.

Camel Safaris are the closest experience that visitors to Oman can have of actual desert living. These safaris can be tailor made to suit individual and group requirements without detracting from experiencing authentic Bedouin culture and the desert itself. As a safari can take two or three days packing light is an important condition. Mastering sitting atop a camel without falling off and making it move forward is the next hurdle. Advice for comfortable travel atop a camel includes wearing long pants, as the swaying motion of the camel is likely to make clothing ride up. Socks need to be worn to stop itchiness from coming into contact with the camel’s coat. Wearing sunscreen is a must as travelers will be totally exposed to the sun. Due to the swaying motion of the camel’s gait, rides longer than 25 minutes are liable to give body aches therefore suitable analgesics need to be packed. Getting a leg across the camel to achieve a sitting position may need some practice. It is important to sit and hold the reins confidently to show the camel who is the boss. Get on and off a camel when it is in a sitting position. Two people can sit atop a camel. Camel Safaris usually comprise of a convoy of several camels.

At the Bedouin campsite the accommodation is basic, a selection of tents and wooden huts scattered on the sand. All accommodation is decorated with Bedouin carpets, a Bedouin chest and the usual bedroom furniture. There is generally no air conditioning as electricity is available only for a limited time. A camel ride can be taken to the top of dunes nearby to see the sunset which is always spectacular. After dark guest retire to a Majlis tent to drink coffee or tea, eat dates and have dinner which is a .traditional Omani meal eaten at low tables sitting on cushions spread out on carpets. After dinner going out to look at the star filled sky is an incredible experience. The best times for camel safaris has been identified as between November and March as it can be unbearably hot at other times.

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Rustaq Dunes – Ultimate Dessert Bliss

Oman is the new big thing in the Middle East. Boasting a rich heritage, kilometres of golden dunes, modern entertainment and unmatched scenery, the nation is being thronged by tourists all the more each year. Among the endless attractions that Oman is famous for the Rustaq Dunes almost always stands out.

Sand dunes are a symbol of Arabia so much so that a visit to the Middle East is not complete without them. The stretches of golden velvet that create soft hills before you make the most picturesque scenery in the Middle East. The rolling dune in an instant transports you to an Arabian tale. It still has that un-spoilt look; in fact nothing can ever spoil the beauty that sand dunes emulate.

The Rustaq Dunes go one step further in enticing its many visitors. In addition to the raw beauty it possesses, the dunes have significant historic value. The Al Hazm Castle stands tall in the dunes and displays striking wooden gates from an era gone by. The castle offers so much to explore with its eerie ancient dungeons and its hallways displaying an array of old military weaponry like daggers and swords. There is something absolutely majestic about the Al Hazm Castle. So neatly preserved it gives you an intriguing peak into Oman’s architecture and royalty from the times gone by. The famous hot water springs of Oman, also happen to be located at the Rustaq Dunes. These hot springs are of naturally warm temperatures and have therapeutic powers. The healing power of the hot water wells attracts a large crowd each year.

Oman is still blossoming in a big way and since each of its attractions is gaining immense popularity, the crowds visiting the nation are steadily increasing. The tourism industry has given rise to hotels and resorts, all of impeccable standards. While visiting the city, one Muscat hotel that you must try out is the Millennium Resort Mussanah. This Oman Muscat hotel is known for its luxury. With state of the art facilities, impeccable services and cuisines that will leave you craving for more, you will simply fall in love with this place.

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