A Trip to Sea World Gold Coast – Summer Time Fun!

If you are travelling to the Gold Coast for the summer with your little ones in tow, then make a quick detour to visit Sea World for a fun and educational experience.

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Save Time

Save up on time by making sure to buy tickets online well in advance to avoid long queues. With so many things to see and do, you will need to be strategic with time. However, try to arrive at entertainment shows early on to get prime seats at the stand.

Beat the Heat

The afternoon heat can get quite intense, so be smart and beat the heat by taking the kids to water-related entertainment options such as ”Battle Boats” where they can water cannon everyone in sight.

Find Accommodation Nearby

Given the fact, that a whole day would be spent at the theme park it would be prudent to find accommodation nearby as your little ones will be knackered after all the excitement. You can easily find a Brisbane city hotel including the likes of Oaks Charlotte Towers with minimal hassle.

Educate the Kids

The park is guaranteed to influence the minds of the young and no matter what animal you observe during your visit, the subtle message of conservation is imparted in a fun and caring way. Opt for the penguin encounter to learn about shrinking polar caps and more.


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Night Kayaking at Moreton Island – And Adventures Galore on Moreton Island

Moreton Bay is one of the most beautiful places on the eastern coast of Australia. It is an extremely significant coastal resource, and attracts countless visitors on a recreational basis.

Moreton Island Adventures| Img via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0

Transparent Kayaking

This is one of the most easily-accessible adventurous activities you can experience in Moreton Bay, and it is likely to take your breath away. These transparent kayaks allow visitors to glimpse right down to the bottom of the bay. This experience can also be enjoyed at night!


This is one of the hallmarks of Moreton Island, in an area which is referred to as ‘The Desert’. Brave sandboarders can place themselves on a board just 5mm in thickness and slide down sandy dunes at speeds of around 70km/h.


This is one of the best ways to experience the marine splendour of Moreton Bay. If you’re staying at Brisbane hotel accommodation, with many places such as Oaks Charlotte Towers situated close to the bay, you can easily procure yourself a snorkelling trip.

Sunset Safaris

There are many places where you can get yourself an unforgettable safari adventure to Moreton Island on a purpose-built 4X4 bus. This is a great and fun way to experience the splendour the island.



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