Nizwa – One of the Oldest Cities in Oman – Vacation in Nizwa

Known for its forts, majestic mountains, and ancient ruins, Nizwa offers travellers something intangibly different to take in. Read on to find out about the 4 must-visit destinations while here.

Image by Andries Oudshoorn via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Jebel Akhdar
Considered to be the main attraction in Nizwa, the Jebel Akhdar Mountain offers some truly spectacular views from the top. Booking a full day tour is recommended as it will enable you to visit quaint villages in the Hajar Mountains and take in picturesque mountain valleys lush with fruit groves.

Nizwa Fort
One of the main landmarks in the ancient city, visitors can take in the many courtyards, secret passages, and towers that are found in this 17th-century fort. The views from the top of the ramparts too will prove particularly wonderful!

Nizwa Grand Mall
After exploring and enjoying adventurous activities, a spot of shopping would definitely round things off. The Nizwa Grand Mall houses a variety of retail outlets along with a plethora of entertainment options. All within easy reach of surrounding Nizwa hotels including the likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

Oman Trekking
If you happen to be the adventurous type, choosing a trekking tour in Nizwa would be ideal. Many activities such as rock climbing, canyoning and swimming can be enjoyed under the careful guidance of professionals. However, booking your tour in advance is well recommended.




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