Indulge in adventure at Milford Sound – discover the real magic

Rudyard Kipling would not have thought twice when he named Milford Sound as the world’s eighth wonder.

Nestled on the west coast of the South Island, New Zealand, Milford Sound is a sight for sore eyes with its stunning natural features. It is a fiord located within Fiordland national park marine reserve. A recent international survey recognised Milford Sound as one of the top travel destinations in the world, in addition to being reputed as the most famous tourist destination in New Zealand.

The best way to experience Milford Sound is take a boat cruise. The cruises are available either during the daytime or night. If you need more kick of adventure, opt for sea kayaking or diving. As you dive deep down, you will come across a marine life unique to Milford Sound. Black coral, anemones and 11-legged sea stars are a few to name. A few metres away, you will see the underwater observatory at Harrison Cove.

If you are into trekking or hiking, try the Milford track. Starting from the northern end of Lake Te Anau, this track is spread across the picturesque wilderness of Milford Sound. You will reach the end of your journey with a boat trip from Sandfly Point to the wharf in Milford Sound.

Although this is an established tourist hotspot, Milford Sound is a small area. If you plan to spend a few days, best option is to book a hotel such as Oaks Shores or any other accommodation in advance. There is a limited number of Queenstown ski hotels, which you can check online for availability. As you travel around the village you will come across a number of cafeterias so that you can indulge in local cuisine.

Most tourists visit Milford Sound on a day trip. Just walking around the village will be an enthralling experience.

Kayaking is also equally enjoyable, as you will get to explore the hidden depths of Milford Sound. As you paddle along, you will likely spot creatures such as dolphins and seals in addition Fiordland crested penguin. Overnight kayaking adventures are also available for those who really love an adrenaline-filled adventure.

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Tandem Skydive Queenstown Skydiving – Adrenalin Rush at Fifteen Thousand Feet

Queenstown is a small town in New Zealand with the heart and soul of a bustling miniature city. It sits on the banks of Lake Wakatipu and is caressed by tall peaks on all sides. The natural beauty of the setting instantly captivates visitors. This much-loved destination is now gaining a reputation for its cosmopolitan restaurants and more than one luxury hotel. Queenstown is also building a vibrant arts scene, has top notch vineyards and five golf courses meeting international-standards. You will find the biggest crowds during the summer and winter months but there are things to see and do all year round.

Queenstown is known fondly as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’. This is where you go if your idea of a vacation includes jumping out of a plane, off a bridge or both! To get the most out of your travels become a member of the Anantara Vacation Club; reviews describe it as a timeshare concept upgraded to include all the bells and whistles.

Sky diving is on the bucket list of every adrenalin junkie. You will be decked out in a jump suit and given a safety briefing after which a small plane will take you up and away. Tandem sky diving requires you to be strapped to a qualified instructor, who will carry a parachute to make the jump. After a short, exhilarating free fall the instructor will deploy the parachute and you will both shoot up several feet into the sky. Finally, you will float back down to earth while enjoying the scenery. New Zealand is one of the most picturesque countries in the world so what better way to enjoy the view, than from the skies above? A video and photos of your thrilling experience can be purchased for an additional fee.

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Milford Sound in Queenstown – a marvel of nature

The beautiful nation of New Zealand is undoubtedly a magnet for holidaymakers from around the world. An excellent option for travellers would be to take advantage of a vacation club New Zealand offers such as Anantara Vacation Club. An Anantara Vacation Club Review will enable you to obtain valuable information about this leisure specialist.

If you are visiting the Queenstown area make it a point to tour the renowned Milford Sound which is considered to be one of the most picturesque locations on the globe. It has the distinction of having been recognized as New Zealand’s most reputed tourist attraction, and also as one of the world’s most acclaimed visitor attractions. This marvel of nature is in fact a fiord, which has been created by glaciers over the course of millennia.

At Milford Sound you will find breathtaking natural formations that are equalled in few places in the world. You will notice lofty peaks and cliffs including the unmistakable Mitre Peak which seems to project dramatically out of the glistening seas. Shimmering waterfalls surge on to the fiord, whilst luxuriant vegetation may be seen clinging to the steep cliff faces. Everywhere you look you will see nature at its grandest and most magnificent at this amazing location.

The journey to Milford Sound can be considered to be a sightseeing experience in itself, as you will pass through many wondrous landscapes. Visitors will encounter stunning mountains, verdant rainforest and picturesque glaciers on the drive to this spectacular creation of nature.

Once you are at Milford Sound an excellent way to experience its awesome beauty would be to join a cruise which will take you to its foremost attractions. Another appealing option would be to embark on a sea kayaking excursion organized by a well-reputed tour operator. The magical loveliness of Milford Sound is sure to draw the admiration of any visitor irrespective of age, nationality or preferences.

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Adrenaline Pumping Adventures in New Zealand – Playful & joyful, in the land of Kiwis

If you are in search of a holiday destination full of opportunities to put your energy to use, sweat in style and try some real adventure sports, the beautiful island across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand will indubitably fulfill your widest dream. Whether it may be in the jungles, the mountains, the seas or the skies, this place will amuse you with tantalizing opportunities to zest your heart’s desires.

While kicking the pulse rate up and exploring the amazing range of adventure experiences, you may as well select one of the country’s finest hotels to get pampered in complete luxury. Being an Award winning organization as a leading luxury vacation ownership company in Asia, Anantara Vacation Club has conveniently placed its holiday destination “Oaks Shores – New Zealand” in the well known ski resort town, only a 15 minutes’ drive from the Queenstown airport. As fascinating as it may sound, The Anantara Vacation Club at Oaks Shores reviews from travelers around the world will confirm the beautiful picture of the undeniable hospitality of the resort and the easy access it provides to many of the outdoor activities.

Bungy, sky diving, zip lining are adventures for those who would like to take the heart stopping challenge to have the view of a lifetime from miles above. If you enjoy an adventure in the water, you may like rafting, surfing, jet boating and scuba diving. Also, be sure to add activities such as caving, skiing and off-road driving to your itinerary.
For your safety, professional instructors are readily available and well equipped to ensure support even if you are a first time visitor. Your age does not matter as you may choose from a wide range of options to match your capabilities. You can always try your hand at less dangerous activities such as bird watching, fishing safari and kayaking in this exquisite island.

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Discover the Adventure Capital of Southern Hemisphere

While Queenstown in New Zealand may be famous for its enchanting landscapes and laidback atmosphere, do not let this seemingly placid setting fool you; for it is here that you will also find a thrilling array of adventure activities that have led it becoming the adventure capital of the Southern Hemisphere. If you are looking for an ideal luxury hotel in New Zealand in the region from which to set off on your excursions, consider Anantara Vacation Club at Oaks Shores located by Lake Wakatipu. It is not only within easy reach of the Queenstown town centre, but areas such as The Remarkables, Arrowtown and Coronet Peak too.

The options for activities are seemingly endless in Queenstown; Lake Wakatipu is a great spot for a speedboat tour, kayaking excursions and fishing, while nature lovers can also take part in horse riding, biking and hiking, exploring magical landscapes, forests and mountains that have even been used as backdrops for films such as Lord of the Rings. For more adrenaline pumping action you can also feel the pure rush of experiencing the force of gravity firsthand as you plummet at exhilarating speeds when bungy jumping. Take to the skies on a paragliding excursion as you enjoy bird’s eye views of Mother Nature decked in all her finery, though for unforgettable aerial vistas, you can always try skydiving! Not to be forgotten are the many ski outings on offer in and around Queenstown with The Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Cardrona providing plenty of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding between June and October.

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Go Dragon Cave Rafting across Taniwha Blackwater in Adventure Sports Capital Greymouth

Regarded as one of the most thrilling adventure sports activities available in Greymouth, Dragon Cave Rafting is no run-of-the-mill rafting adventure for the masses. As the capital of New Zealand’s West Coast Greymouth sits on the lips of Grey River and is renowned across the country for its diverse landscapes littered with caves and black waters. Also known as cave tubing a rafting tour in Greymouth is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raft across breathtaking rainforests while discovering the area’s most intriguing natural caves and the glow worms that call it home.
Ideal for those who wish to spend time uncovering Greymouth’s unchartered terrain Blackwater or Dragon Cave rafting adventures are perfect half-day excursions that are not just reserved for adrenaline junkies. Athletic holidaymakers however can experience the tour in a novel way as they have the option of reaching the river’s tubing section with a cliff jump and abseiling to the summit of the river’s rafting quarter. Other can also take a zip line ride across the rainforest’s verdant canyons for a scenic aerial route to the rafting site. This all encompassing tour allows adventure sports fans to engage in the popular activities of climbing, abseiling, ziplining and rafting in some of the most panoramic settings in all of New Zealand. Inexperienced rafters can walk to the tubing area through the rainforest. Thermal wear such as socks, rubber clothing, river boots, life jackets and helmets are all provided by the tour operators in addition to abseiling and ziplining gear prior to setting off for the starting point of the excursion.
Dubbed “Dragon Caves” due to Maori legends and folktales that are still told by local Taniwha communities the rafting tour across the blackwater lets participants to come face to face with the staggering beauty of rainforest river terrains. The vast complex of caves that are linked to countless Maori myths is also part of the itinerary while curious creatures known as Glow Worms occupy these ominous caves in their thousands and provide sparks of illumination on an otherwise dark interior landscape of the caves. Perfect for groups of travellers and families the tour operators in Greymouth also offer special children’s rafting packages for those who wish to take the young ones along on a rafting adventure.
Travellers in search of luxurious New Zealand hotels should look to none other than Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ for the best deals this holiday season. Offering guests a plethora of stylish establishments in the West Coast its signature rest in Greymouth is ranked among the best Greymouth hotels in the region.

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Pleasing the Senses – Gondola Rides

The Skyline Rotorua on Mt Ngongotaha is a premier entertainment venue easily accessed from the city. The first part of the adventure begins with a ten minute gondola ride up to the 487 meter summit of the mountain. Swinging high in the gondola, that is an eight seater cabin of a cable car, riders can see the city spread out below them in the most spectacular fashion with Lake Rotorua and famous geothermal areas clearly visible. The 900 meter cableway transports adventure seekers and sightseers up the mountain.

Passengers are picked up from Fairy Springs Road. As the facility is in operation throughout the day visitors can take a gondola to view the city below at a time of their choosing. If the weather permits dusk is one of the most romantic times to take a gondola ride in the summer. There is nothing to eclipse the view of the sunset spreading over the city below and the lights coming on. Departure times and frequency vary according to the seasons.

Once at the top visitors have several options, they can soak in the gorgeous view, trek among exotic and native plants, experience the Sky Swing billed as a ‘thrilling ride at 120, 50 meters above ground’, experience the 4D ride of the planet at Skyvue, visit the jelly bean shop and enjoy dining with Rotorua spread our below. Going down can be an exciting affair again either via the cable car or the luge, a cross between a go cart and a toboggan. Three exciting luge tracks are available for various skill levels. Going downhill at a really fast clip through the twists and turns of a redwood forest has to be one of the most exciting experiences. Once at the bottom, adventure seekers can get right back onto the gondola for a trip to the top of the mountain. Apparently one luge ride is never enough.

A Gondola Annual Pass provides free access to Skyline Rotorua all year round. It allows unlimited gondola rides, everyday for 12 months and exclusive discounts for Skyline activities and venues for the card holder and everyone accompanying the card holder as well.

The most appreciated aspect of the Millennium Hotel Rotorua is its location by Lake Rotorua and easy access to the city’s many attractions. As a prominent city hotel in Rotorua guests are offered a selection of spacious well appointed rooms, on site leisure facilities inclusive of a heated swimming pool, gym and spa with indulgent treatments and dining venues well known for their use of fresh local ingredients and their range of traditional, seasonal and international culinary delights. This Rotorua hotel also offers facilities for business and other functions starting with assistance for planning events through to catering.

Cardrona Adventure Park – where adventure knows no limit

Queenstown is New Zealand’s outdoor sporting capital with a range of daring and fun-filled activities to choose from. Cardrona Adventure Park which is nestled between Wanaka and Queenstown provides families an action-packed experience of bumpy rides and monster trucks. Those searching for Queenstown hotel accommodation should think of staying at Copthorne Hotel & Apartments Queenstown Lakeview. This New Zealand Queenstown hotel is located close to the park and provides guests with convenient access to one of the city’s most visited landmarks.

Hop onto a quad bike but make sure to buckle up as you are destined to be jolted out of your seat. The rides which are suited to those of all ages will provide you with access to the best of scenery which features prominently in this locale. The Dual Seat ATV Buggy is one of the highlights that the park offers its ardent followers. Ever wanted to drive a monster truck over the roughest terrain? Then Cardrona is the place to be. Schoolbully is the world’s biggest school bus monster truck which will take you on an obstacle course which will feature riding over a series of cars, just to add to the excitement! You can also select your type of Monster Truck based on your experience and level of skill. All in all, you are in for the time of your life at Cardrona Adventure Park; one of Queenstown’s finest.


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White Water Rafting in Rotorua – an absorbing encounter

Located on the southern shores of the Rotorua Lake is the city of Rotorua. The name originates from the Maori word roto meaning lake and rua meaning two. So the name translates to second lake as it was the second lake discovered by the Maori chief Ilhenga. The region as a whole has 17 lakes which together are known as the Lakes of Rotura. All of these water bodies make this city ideal for white water rafting.
The waterfalls are graded up to 5 and the different gradings stand for the different experiences you will get on each of the falls. Kaituna is graded 5 which means your adrenaline pumping raft ride on this 7 metre waterfall is going to be nothing short of awesome. Wairoa is also graded a 5 so that your wild adventure can continue without missing any momentum. Rangitaiki is graded 3 or 4 so you ride might be slower but that gives you the right pace to observe the wonderful scenery. There is also Rangitaiki that is a grade 2 which is ideally suited for family fun times.
If you want something that gets your screaming out loud because of that mixed emotion of fear and excitement then try the Kaituna River ride offered by Kaitiaki Adventures. You will soar across 3 waterfalls covering a total of 14 rapids. This also includes Tutea Falls that is 7 metres high and is the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall.
There are plenty of other activities to do in Rotorua and the fact that it is just a 45 minutes drive away from Auckland makes it all the more appealing. The hot mud pools might be a first time experience for many. With plenty of swimming, fishing, water-skiing, trekking and other adventure to embark on the town might sound like gruelling fun. However Rotorua is also known as a spa town because of the number of pampering spas the city offers.
To experience all of these just make a booking at any of the Rotorua hotels today. The renowned Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ also has a hotel in this town. It features amongst the most visited and appealing New Zealand hotels.

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Climbing & Abseiling in Auckland – Ascend and descend into adventure!

Your inner mountain climber will flourish in Auckland, as it is home to some of the most scenic localities in the world, situated in the midst of the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. Your Auckland hotel should be able to help you with transport to some of the excellent sites situated outside the city, and the Copthorne Hotel Auckland Harbour City is one example of luxury Auckland hotel accommodation that is perfect to base your adventure stays in. The most popular locale in the nation has to be the Southern Alps in the Southern Island, which boasts of the highest mountains in the Australasia region at a height of 3,754 metres, which is the tallest peak from the range of 30 available, each measuring well over 3,000 metres. Popular peaks include Westland, Mount Aspiring, Arthur’s Pass, Mount Cook, and the Fjordland National Parks, which are all situated in the Southern Alps region. These are intensive and challenging sites for climbing, which means climbers need to be reasonably fit and who know their way around crampons and axes to negotiate the challenging terrain. An interesting fast is that prior to conquering Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary practiced on these very peaks. You will be able to find a range of local companies that will be happy to set you up with guides and safety equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all. For all abseiling fans, which is a carefully monitored free-fall into panoramic canyons and through water chutes and waterfalls to swim in. Waitomo is a particularly popular spot for this activity, especially the Haggis Honking Holes, which are beautiful canyons sure to astound and amaze.

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