Mountain Biking in Abu Dhabi – An Arabian Adventure

Mountain Biking in Sir Bani Yas Island

Mountain Biking in Sir Bani Yas Island – Abu Dhabi

Sir Bani Yas Island, located on the Arabian Gulf is one of the largest natural islands of the United Arab Emirates. The Island, located off the shores of Abu Dhabi is home to around 36 archaeological sites, including a 4000-year-old circular tomb, a watch tower, a mosque amongst others. Sir Bani Yas Island forms one of eight other islands which form the Desert Islands. Owing to be an ideal retreat, the island provides adventurous activities catered to by Sir Bani Yas Island hotels, where visitors can choose from archery, land sailing and mountain biking. Most hotels, like Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort, would provide a designated riding route which will be categorized into a non- strenuous path or a path that is more suitable for advanced riders.

Mountain biking through the rugged Arabian wilderness has become a popular past time of visitors to the island, as they are treated to spectacular sceneries of towering mountains and wild animals. Sir Bani Yas Island has been developed as part of Sheikh Zayed’s ‘Greening of the Desert’ programme, which was designed to provide a safe habitat for the country’s endangered wildlife species, where thousands of trees were planted and animal species like Gazelles, Oryx, Llamas and Ostriches were introduced to the island’s wildlife preserve. Therefore, bike riders are sure to see some of these wonderful beasts in their habitat.

Mountain biking is, therefore, the best way to explore the island as riders can cycle through wadis or access some of the lesser travelled paths, while simultaneously working out. Most bikes are complete with a carriage which allows for children under five to partake in this activity as well, ensuring that the entire family has a great time.

Be sure to always wear the helmet provided, and carry sunscreen as the Arabian sun can be harsh and is no friend to unprotected skin.

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Mountain Biking in Hua Hin – Thrilling Outdoor Adventures

If you love to cycle and are looking to have an exciting outdoor excursion at the same time, then mountain biking in Hua Hin is just the thing for you. Before beginning your pedal powered adventures, look to stay at Hua Hin hotels that will help organise mountain biking outings. One such option is Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort which is one of the leading beach hotels Hua Hin Thailand has to offer.

When it comes to mountain biking in Hua Hin, one can plan tours to many areas in and around this charming locale. The Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park is one area that is well suited for mountain biking and one will come across a range of backdrops ranging from limestone mountains to freshwater marshes. You can also observe the many wildlife that can be found here. Another area where one can enjoy cycling is the vineyards around Hua Hin. Set amidst verdant greenery, these locales provide a quaint countryside setting where one can enjoy a fun day out in nature.

Mountain Biking in Bandarawela – A Getaway in The Hills

Tucked away amidst misty mountains and emerald covered slopes, the town of Bandarawela is perfect for a biking excursion in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for well placed hotels Sri Lanka is known for in this picturesque region then consider Bandarawela Hotel. Set against stunning natural backdrops, this charming hotel Sri Lanka has to offer also hires out bikes giving you the chance to set off on thrilling pedal-powered trips.

Being a mountainous area, Bandarawela offers some challenging climbs and fun descents for those engaged in mountain biking. It is customary to see tea plantations when on your tours and these provide an enchanting setting in which to cycle to your heart’s content. Due to the high elevation, the weather is much cooler here making mountain biking that much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, some energy bars, a GPS (or a suitable GPS app on your phone) and even a couple of spare tubes in case you get a flat. Best of all such excursions let you truly immerse yourself in the rich natural beauty of Bandarawela and helps one get a sense of just what it means to head to a sanctuary in the hills.

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Mountain Biking in Rotorua – Ride the trails of adventure

The New Zealand town of Rotorua is set in the midst of a rugged landscape with pristine forests and majestic mountains, which makes it an ideal location for all kinds of fun outdoor sports, such as hiking, off-roading, and the perennial favourite: mountain biking. Adventure bikers would be well taken care of at a quality Rotorua hotel such as the superb Millennium Hotel Rotorua. Featuring stylish interiors and luxury amenities, this quality hotel in Rotorua is the perfect place to relax after an exciting day of peddling the mountain bike trails. Mere minutes away from the city proper is the rugged and lush Whakarewarewa Forest, which is home to a 70km network of riveting trails to be discovered, explored and conquered on your trusty steed, the mountain bike. The trails offer numerous possibilities of outdoor explorations to bikers of all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, spanning family groups and expert riders. Ride your way through beautiful species of native ferns flourishing beneath the impressive canopies of the tall Doug Fir, Redwood, Radiata, Eucalyptus and Larch trees that cover the landscape with their imposing presences. In the midst of the trail, you’re offered tantalising glimpses of the scenic lakes and the sombre figure of Mount Tarawera rising in the distance. Whether you’re a fan of cros-country biking or downhill biking, the amazing landscape will offer hours or days of fun in this mountain biking heaven. Because of its stellar natural offerings, Rotorua has hosted mountain biking competitions such as the Worlds Mountain Bike and Travel Championship in 2006 and the Single Speed Nationals in 2008. So grab your bike and gear and come ride the trails of Rotorua into a world of excitement and adventure!


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