Windsurfing in Maldives – Water adventures

Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destinations for beach holidays and water sports. Windsurfing is one of the more popular water sports in Maldives which combines sailing together with surfing.

eNil from Portsmouth, UK, 462670058 79bd8c4442, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikipedia Commons

eNil from Portsmouth, UK, 462670058 79bd8c4442, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikipedia Commons


Maldives is the ultimate destination for water sports. The lovely strong winds, the turquoise waves and the year-round sunny weather present the perfect conditions for the sport.

Perfect place to windsurf

Maldives is an island nation that comprises of 26 atolls made of over a thousand coral islands. Choose to stay at a Maldives luxury resort the likes of COMO Maalifushi, The Maldives which offers this activity and a great option to consider since it has a windsurfing course for novices or those looking to get reacquainted with this thrilling recreational activity.

Figure out your equipment

The equipment needed for this activity is not complicated at all and once you have got the balance mastered and learn how to navigate, you can be skimming the surface in no time.

When to go

Beginners can go anytime. As the sun is always shining, suitable wind conditions can be found somewhere around the collection of atolls. If you are a skilled surfer and are looking for something suitable for your skill level, though, things get more selective. The best time for you to visit would be from May to October.

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Windsurfing in Maldives -It’s just you, the board, the sail, and the wind

The Maldivian isles are by far one of the finest of holiday destinations to retire to either with family or your best mates. A range of leisure activities ranging from surfing, wakeboarding to even deep sea fishing can be enjoyed throughout one’s time here.

Blessed with warm, temperate waters and constant gusts of winds from all the right directions one could hardly conceive of a more appropriate environment to engage in windsurfing than the Maldives. The period between May and October is considered windsurfing season in the country as wind conditions pick up after the rains. With windsurfing, you catch the wind as you sail and glide across the lagoon. You have boards and sails on offer in Maldives, but you need to know your basics. Once you land in Maldives you will find a plethora of water sports centers that offer various services. Even the hotels will have very good facilities that will enable you to enjoy a memorable and safe time in the lapis lazuli waters. Check with the Maldives luxury resort you are staying in; some of these resorts such as the COMO Maalifushi, The Maldives have experts to will train you to master windsurfing. Windsurfing professioanls have different strategies and tips to stay balanced while in the activity. One-legged sailing is one strategy, which will shape up your fitness.

More experience thrill seekers engaged in windsurfing in Maldives may want to consider visiting this island between the months of October and May while beginners will find almost any time of the year ideal for this sport. May to October is considered the monsoon season so you can expect to find consistently strong winds that will propel you at great speeds.


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Banana Reef – One of the Oldest Dive Sites in Maldives

Maldives is well known for its remarkable natural dive sites. Banana Reef is one of the oldest dive sites that can be found in Maldives that is renowned internationally. The reef is shaped like a banana which provides excellent protection to the marine area. It is also a protected marine spot due to its exceptional shape, a large number of fish varieties that dwell beneath the shimmering waters and rare caves and canyons that are found scattered across the depths of the sea. Due to its popularity among divers, it is frequented by tourists as well as locals who enjoy diving in spectacular natural locations. If you are a diving fan and staying in a Maldives luxury resort the likes of COMO Cocoa Island, The Maldives, you can take a boat trip to this must visit location to fulfil your diving fantasies. Beginners, as well as professional divers, are sure to enjoy this panoramic reef that boasts beautiful soft coral growths, overhangs and small canyons.

The multicoloured coral reefs and large schools of small to big fish that can be seen here make your dive worthwhile. Some of the predators that can be seen here include barracudas, sharks and groupers. It is also home to an array of small and attractive fish species that can be widely seen while diving.

Banana Reef is situated north of Male within the atoll when you pass the airport. Diving takes a new meaning at Banana Reef when the current is relatively mild. It is the best time for all types of divers to take a plunge and explore the breathtakingly beautiful soft corals quite safely. However, diving near the middle of this reef area can be quite risky for amateurs due to the strong incoming currents across the channel that can create an effect of a spinning washing machine!

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Maldives Watersports – Thrills & Spills on The Water

If you love having fun in the sun along with plenty of exciting thrills and spills on the water, then the Maldives with its array of water sports is definitely the place for you. The best way to experience this is to stay at a Maldives island resort which offers these water based activities. Known for its elegant accommodation and contemporary comforts, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo is one such Maldives luxury resort which features water sports such as snorkelling and scuba diving.

Water sport enthusiasts are in fact spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing from the many activities on offer. If you are looking for some action packed fun, then look to try some waterskiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, windsurfing and jet-skiing. Surfers can also head to the various surfing points around the country’s atolls and enjoy riding the waves amidst breathtaking coastal backdrops. For a truly unique perspective of the islands, try some parasailing which will have you soaring in the sky like a bird! Of course snorkelling and diving are amongst the two most popular water sports in the Maldives providing excellent opportunities to view the fantastic marine world that lies beneath the waves.


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Night Diving in Maldives – plunge into another world

Discover the vibrant shades of the underwater world come alive at night, when you indulge in a spot of night diving in Maldives. Any Maldives island resort will be happy to organize this mesmerizing experience for you, and a Maldives luxury resort of prominent standing and courteous hospitality is the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. Keep your eyes peeled and your underwater camera at the ready, as the underwater world assumes a different guise when the sun dips over the horizon. You will witness an enthralling array of marine life that emerges only after dusk, in search of food and entertainment. The surrounding darkness adds a touch of intriguing mystery and spooky delight, as you do not know what may be lurking behind the next bend. If you are a professional diver, a night diving experience must form part of your trade, as you are treated to a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Without the light of the sun downing out the vibrant colours of the deep, the underwater world is revealed in all its resplendent glory, so indulge in some fascinating night diving the next time you are in the Maldives.


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