Kalutara Thudugala Ella Falls – Mesmerising nature

It is not just the astounding sandy beaches that are appealing about Kalutara, other natural attractions such as the Thudugalle Ella Falls too charm tourists visiting the district. Here are a few things to know:


The course to the waterfall commences from Katukurunda junction off Mathugama road to Thudugala junction. The Thudugalle Estate is the place this flourishing waterfall calls home. The attraction is roughly 20km away from many Kalutara hotels such as the well-known Mermaid Hotel & Club.

The longstanding edifice

The estate was previously owned by the British who subjugated Sri Lanka many years ago. A bungalow from that age can still be seen on the trail towards the waterfall. Most of the building lay there crumpled on the ground. Yet, the sight is still enthralling.

For the nature enthusiasts

On the way to the waterfall, the nature lover will be able to discover many plants such as Ketala plants and giant pus creepers. There are numerous types of lovely birds that sing sweet songs as if to welcome you to their home, the Yellow Magta and Dicaeum Erythornynchos are 2 common species seen here.

The waterfall

What is most quaint about this waterfall is that there is an underpass that runs beneath the falls, this tunnel ends at the top of the falls. It is a common bathing spot as well.

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Windsurfing – Thrilling Adventures on the Waves

Set amidst azure ocean waters, soft sandy beaches and refreshing ocean breezes, the island of Sri Lanka is a perfect place to enjoy a thrilling array of water sports including windsurfing. Look to stay at hotels Sri Lanka has to offer along the South Coast since this part of the country is well known for its idyllic shorelines that can be found in areas such as Kalutara. Amongst the leading Kalutara hotels, The Sands is well worth considering when in search of South Coast accommodation that lets you enjoy water sports as well.

Kalutara is one place in Sri Lanka that you can try your hand at windsurfing. This exciting water sport depends on wind power rather than motorised vessels. However, the lack of a speedboat is made up for by the power of the wind that propels the windsurfing board along the waves. While windsurfing can be enjoyed almost the whole year through in the South, November to April are generally considered the best months. One can hire out windsurfing boards and get lessons in this activity and be out on the waves in no time.

Surfing in Kalutara – Fun in the sun and surf

Kalutara offers pristine golden beaches and sparkling sapphire waters that are a welcome treat to plunge into to cool off from the tropical heat. The area is also home to a fine array of luxury beach hotels Sri Lanka such as The Sands which is one of the finest Kalutara hotels in the region. Adventure junkies will be more than pleased at the exciting array of water sports available in Kalutara, where you can try everything from windsurfing and parasailing to jet-skiing and body surfing. No matter what hotel you make your stay at, it is sure to feature ample water sports offerings designed to thrill. In addition, the area is home to an idyllic stretch of beach that is perfect to relax on, when the waves get a little much. Catch up on that novel you’ve been meaning to finish since forever, and sip a refreshing cocktail while you’re at it. The kids will enjoy building sand castles whilst you soak up a fantastic tan indicative of a truly unforgettable vacation.  Kalutara is also a fascinating cultural enclave to explore, with the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, Richmond Castle, the Sinharaja Rain Forest, and the famous Kalutara Vihara being within easy reach.