Willpattu National Park – Safaris into the Exotic Wild

Be it the elusive leopard or the iconic elephant, the Willpattu National Park in Sri Lanka is home to a wide range of exotic wildlife that can be seen when on a safari. If you are in search of a coastal base from which to head to this site consider Kalpitiya hotels such as Palagama Beach Kalpitiya, which organises safaris to this national park as well.

Located around 180 kms from the commercial capital, Colombo, the Willpattu National Park is the largest of its kind in the island. Encompassing the jungle and the northwest coast, the park is characterised by its many freshwater lakes that attract a wide range of wildlife. A perfect activity for the entire family, a safari at the park give you a chance to head off on a thrilling drive into the wild and spot leopards, elephants, water buffalos, spotted deer and more, all in their natural habitats. The lakes of Willpattu also attract a wide variety of birds making it an ideal spot for bird watching. As you embark on your adventures keep your eyes open to spot bird species such as cormorants, Sri Lanka junglefowl, eagles, gray herons and painted storks, all of which have been seen here.

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Whale and Dolphin Watching in Kalpitiya – enjoy the joys of Kalpitiya

There are few places close to the Colombo city which have been recognised as tourist destinations, but Kalpitiya in the Puttalam District is drawing a lot of attention since of late because of the whale and dolphin watching expeditions that are available there. The area is popular as a fishing district and has stayed away from the tourism spotlight up until a few years ago. A large number of locals spotted dolphins and whales off the coast of Kalpitiya and this drew attention to the beautiful town of Kalpitiya. There are several travels and tour companies that offer whale and dolphin watching expeditions all you will need to do is get yourself to Kalpitiya and just ask around.

Kalpitiya is around 170 km from the city of Colombo; it is located in the North Western province. It is a remarkable area because from one side it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and from the other side it is enclosed by a lagoon. For nature enthusiasts this is a perfect setting, you can go on boat rides in the lagoon and explore the natural vegetation and also observe whales and dolphins out in the sea. For whale and dolphin watching the best place to set off from is the Alankaduwa beach.

Other activities that you can indulge in when you visit Kalpitiya is to go diving or snorkelling along the reef. Since the sea around this region was least damaged by the tsunami of 2004 there is a rich variety of marine life dwelling here. After a diving or snorkelling outing check out the fishing community residing in the coastal areas, you can observe fisherman at work going out in the morning or bringing in their catch by night. The fish markets are also an interesting place to visit, you can choose from a delectable array of sea food at this market and you can be assured to strike a good deal for your purchase. The town was once colonised by the Dutch and remains of the Dutch Fort is a sight to see.

The best way to travel to Kalpitiya is by hiring your own vehicle and preparing for a road trip. Check out Sri Lanka car rental companies for some great offers on 4WDs and cars. Even an airport taxi in Colombo Sri Lanka can offer a package deal on a trip to Puttalam. Try out Malkey Rent A Car where you can choose from a fleet of vehicles as it has some good deals for rental.


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Cycling in Kalpitiya – A coastal tour by bike

Cycling is the easiest way to get about discovering the numerous wonders that adorn the coastal regions of scenic Sri Lanka. The fishing village of Kalpitiya nestled on the western coastal belt north of Colombo is best viewed by bike. Move past rough terrain and into the many twists and turns that will offer you an adrenaline rush and add to the excitement. Amongst Sri Lanka resorts that one may find, Palagama Beach Resort is a beach resort in Sri Lanka that affords fantastic accommodation and is ideal for a cycling tour of the surrounding landscape.

Buckle up and cruise along the coast where you are sure to be accompanied by the singing birds of this exotic isle. Tour the ancient ruins of a Dutch Fort and learn of the country’s colonial influence. You can also visit the friendly fisher folk and learn of their daily routines.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry. Google+