Ancol Dreamland – Waterfront Paradise

Indonesia’s beaches are famous world over and Bali and it’s beaches always take the forefront when it comes to tourism in Indonesia, however the capital of Jakarta has many places to explore. Travel to Jakarta can be a mind blowing experience to anyone visiting Indonesia. Being the capital of the country there are plenty of places for accommodation,Starwood Indonesia is one of great prominence among them as it ensures maximum luxury indulgence for all its guests.

Ancol dreamland or better known as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol by locals is one of the prominent places located on the waterfront of the Ancol Bay , a busy touristy resort destination. Opening its doors in 1966 the area is the largest integrated tourism area in South East Asia. The features of Ancol Dreamland include many features such as the golf courses , theme parks hotels and other recreational facilities.

The area features amusement parks in the Dunia Fantasi is one of Jakarta’s famous theme parks that is divided into eight sections and features over thirty rides and is perfect for the entire family to enjoy a day of pure thrill. Atlantis Water adventure park is another unmissable stop. Designed based on the mythological underworld of Atlantis. The park features many interesting features such as the wave pool, the waterfall pool and many slides of excitement awaits visitors.

Seaworld was the largest oceanarium in South East Asia when it began operations in1996. The main features here are the shark pool , alligator pool , sea friends pool and Antasena tunnel. The Golf course in Ancol recently got a revamp and is Indonesia’s first beachfront international Golf Course of 18 holes spreading over an extensive area. Getting to the park is possible by many links of transportation such as trains , taxis , buses and the latest addition is the Gondola , which is a cable car system.


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Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve

If in search of luxury serviced accommodation Jakarta has to offer, an option is Ascott Jakarta, an exceptional Jakarta serviced apartment. A miniature conservation area of mangrove forests located on Jakarta’s north coast, the Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve is an oasis of calm, where the chirping of birds greets you as you enter. The dense growths of pedada trees and mangroves make for a refuge of lush greenery a world away from the bustling city atmosphere. Take a walk amidst the scenic atmosphere of the reserve, spotting colourful, singing birds and at times monkeys with long tails.

Water Sports in Jakarta – an experience you would always want

Leave behind the searing temperatures and head out across pristine coastlines and into the inviting waters of Jakarta. Water sports play a significant role in the local tourism sector and those wanting to spend quality time with friends or family could first begin by a Jakarta hotel to stay at. Alila Jakarta which is a Jakarta city hotel will offer you a good holiday from where you could unwind and explore a thriving coastline.

Found across the Java Sea, Thousand Islands as its name suggests will lure you to choosing from an assortment of water sports activities that will leave you wanting more of this exotic paradise. Try snorkelling down below to beautiful coral reefs where you will be lucky to swim with a series of marine species that frequent these waters. Swimming and diving can also be enjoyed in this part of the world. However for the serious windsurfer, the area plays host to ideal surroundings for this type of activity while the more action-packed sport of jet skiing can be taken advantage of in such enchanting environs. Make memories that will last a lifetime in Jakarta with those who matter to you the most as you revel in conditions that are absorbing as they are exciting.


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Kidzania Park Jakarta – Edutainment for Children

Those tourists who come to Jakarta with families and little children have much to do with the young ones. Especially if they are on a holiday parents would be keen to give their small ones a real good time while also giving them an opportunity to learn a new talent or life skill. If this is what any parent has in mind, one of the best places to go to is the Kidzania Park, which is sure to be loved by any kid irrespective of their age as there are lots of fun activities for them to enjoy here.
It is ideal for edutainment as there are countless activities that revolve around play as well as education in an entertaining atmosphere where young ones are sure to enjoy while also learning various new things about diverse professions and life skills.
It is a great place to give small children some direction about their future and let them try out as many as 70 different professions which they may be interested in. Kidzania in Jakarta has been in operation since 2007 and as with other Kidzania parks elsewhere in the world here also there are several activities such as flight simulators and diverse fun and exciting attractions. It is a great game for participants as they learn the value of currency and how it can be used and it is also somewhat similar to a live monopoly game where they have to earn money referred to as Kidzos and then spend them.
Not only children but even adults can take part in the games here and there are extended hours on Mondays and the charges to enter vary depending on age. However during the school holiday season the charges to enter are almost double the fare.
For families staying at the various serviced apartments Jakarta during the school holiday season or at one of the many great luxury apartment hotels Jakarta such as the Citadines Rasuna Jakarta, this is definitely a must visit during the school vacation time to ensure that the children have a memorable holiday in this eastern capital of Indonesia.

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Ancol Dreamland

A holiday to Jakarta will not be completed without a visit to Ancol Dreamland located in the Ancol Bay City. Also known as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, the place is a perfect day out for the families. Whether you are on business or holiday, find your service apartment in Jakarta closer to this Ancol Dreamland as it would be an ideal place of entertainment for you and your loved ones. Somerset Berlian Jakarta is one such luxury serviced apartment in Jakarta that would offer easy access to the city’s many top attractions. Popularly known as the largest tourism area in South East Asia, Ancol Dreamland offers a range of thriller rides, pools, fantasy worlds with many daily shows and many other adventure parks. Apart from the exciting features, Ancol Dreamland is also home to an international standard golf course, hotels, theme parks and many other recreational facilities.

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Jakarta Nightlife – Party, chill and feast the night away!

In the bustling and lively capital of one of Southeast Asia’s most provocative cultural locales, Jakarta serves up an intriguing array of nightlife for the curious tourist and the party-hardy crowds. But first you’ll want to land a suitable Jakarta hotel as a base before you venture out to scour the local nightlife. Try a hotel in Jakarta such as the unique Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta which offers stylish interiors and a central location, which puts you in the midst of some great nightlife options! Jakarta is to bars what Seattle is to Starbucks; you’ll find one on every corner. Out of the range of options available, there are a few intriguing locales that guarantees a fun night out. For good food and a great atmosphere, check out the Social House that’ll give you a great view on Plaza Indonesia’s junction. The place fills up with celebrities and models during the weekends, so you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the country’s elite set! Blowfish Bar & Nightclub is one of the most popular nightclubs among the higher echelons of the city, featuring great music and a stylish Italian restaurant, Puro, in case you fancy a bite. The Hard Rock Café is next door to the Plaza Indonesia at the X Centre and it’s a great place to catch some stellar live music over a few drinks. Check out the Kempang district’s 365, which prides itself on having the best booze in the neighbourhood. With courteous staff, fabulous music and a chic young crowd, you’re sure to have a good time. Kempang also offers a stylish bar nearby at the Monaco, featuring superb local bands live on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, following by a DJ blasting up some thumping beats. And when you’re tired out from the partying, pay a visit to the Dim Sum Fesitval, a neat little enclave of restaurants open 24/7 and is a great and laid-back place to relax after a late night or even during the day.

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Ancol Dreamland – Fun day out!

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is an eclectic destination and has no lack of tourist attractions. Jakarta accommodation caters to various budgets and Somerset Berlian Jakarta is a reputed service apartment in Jakarta. For a complete holiday experience, some recreational fun is a must. Head over to Jakarta Bay, where Ancol Dreamland is located. Complete with an aquarium, water park, amusement park, a ropes course and even beaches, this vibrant family attraction is open 24 hours a day. Come revel in the recreational fun Ancol Dreamland has to offer. A family outing spent here is bound to be one full of thrill and excitement.

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – Experiencing Indonesia in One Day!

Home to diverse cultures, diverse ethnicities and diverse religious beliefs, Indonesia has a rich heritage that is very much a part of the country’s identity. An ideal way to experience this culture in one location is by paying a visit to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which showcases the range of customs and traditions followed by various communities. Located around 18kms from the city centre, this site can be found in East Jakarta and those in search of well placed Jakarta serviced apartments that can be used as a base can consider Ascott Jakarta. This modern serviced residence in Jakarta can be found in the lively shopping and business district and lets you enjoy the very best the city has to offer.

A miniature park with offers hours of fun exploration, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah showcases the way of life of people from the country’s 26 different provinces and features traditional architecture, dances, clothing and more. A miniature archipelago can be found in the middle of the site’s lake, while there are a number of sites of interest that can be seen here; the Pangeran Diponegoro Mosque, Arya Dwipa Arama Buddhist temple, Penataran Agung Kertabhumi Balinese Hindu temple, the Indonesia Museum and the Soldier Museum to name a few. The site’s Jasmine Garden and Bird Park are great places to unwind and the mini train that runs around the park, Imax theatre and the paddle boats on the lake also make this site an ideal place to visit with the entire family.

Sea World Jakarta – Welcome to the amazing underwater world in Indonesia

Jakarta is a city with a great historical heritage. Travellers looking for Jakarta accommodation could easily find luxury apartments in Jakarta which caters to all their modern requirements. Somerset Berlian Jakarta is one of the top choices anyone could consider when holidaying in the city. This centrally located hotel would give easy access to the city’s top attractions such as Jakarta Sea World and you can spend an unforgettable time at this hi-tech aquarium. Jakarta Sea World displays diverse tropical marine life of Indonesia and the place is divided into different sections such as Freshwater World, Micro World and Touch pool and each gives a different experience of the sea. There is a theatre which screens movies about the underwater world. Highlight of this amazing water world is its acrylic tube in the antasena Tunnel which offers a firsthand experience to the visitors of marine life.


Rock Climbing in Jakarta, rare but interesting

Located conveniently in the center of the shopping and business locations in Jakarta, Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta is a modern and elegant Jakarta Hotel that offers a large number of Jakarta hotel deals to its clients. Among the uncountable number of activities that can be found in this city, indoor rock climbing is one that captures many tourists, especially who are into physical fitness.

This activity is not much popular among the locals compared to the foreigners. Even though there are not much of facilities for this sport, finding an indoor rock climbing facility won’t be hard for them while visiting Jakarta. The Pasar Festival in Kuningan, Jakarta is said to be offering artificial rock wall climbing club for its visitors.

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