Discover the Marvels beneath the Surface – Scuba Diving in Pondicherry

Visiting India is always full of adventure as the large country is extremely diverse and packed with excitement. One of the features for which India is best known is its colorful culture and rich traditions, which vary across the nation. While the experiences to be enjoyed among all the various ethnicities in India are great, Pondicherry stands out from the rest. This is because the beautiful territory on the south east coast of India was once a colony of the French and even today this French legacy lives on, beautifully amalgamated with the Indian culture.

One of the most phenomenal experiences to be had in Pondicherry is exploring the beautiful world under the ocean by Scuba Diving. This magical world is populated by creatures as colorful and diverse as India itself, providing an astoundingly beautiful experience to those who witness this wonder. The reefs around Pondicherry have remained untouched and fairly less explored for years making the experience even more interesting for those who partake in this adventure. Schools of colorful fish making their way through reefs of interesting coral, and the sight of other creatures such as crustaceans, turtles and sometimes even dolphins will be thrilling to anyone who witnesses them.

There are several areas ideal for Scuba Diving in the waters surrounding Pondicherry and some of the best know sites include reefs such as Aravind’s Wall, The Hole and Ravines. The water here is clear, allowing visitors a clear view of the kaleidoscope of color and wonder. Pondicherry is popularly known as one of the best sites in India to head down to for Scuba Diving and for those who don’t know how there are many instructors available who will teach anyone how to be experts in the activity. The conditions for Scuba Diving are best between January and May as well as between September and November. This under sea experience is one that will never be forgotten.

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Adventure Sports in New Delhi – Get the Adrenaline Pumping!

For all you adrenaline lovers out there, New Delhi is your place to kick start your holiday. It is fun, exciting and has an array of loaded activities that will leave you thirsty for more. New Delhi is the capital of India and is a combination of historic wonders and a cosmopolitan edge. It caters to all tastes in entertainment and sightseeing. In this light, adventure in New Delhi is a whole world in itself. It ranges from high thrill to simple yet exciting activities and this big city has places all over to indulge in something you desire.

Throughout the year there are things to do in New Delhi specifically catering to the season. Sporting activities are a common activity that keeps the adrenaline rushing, you get the rough land sports such as dirt biking ect and an array of water sports such as water scooter rides, Pedal Boating and Motorboat rides. There is an array of Lakes throughout the city that caters to such activities. Some of them include Naini Lake, Tihar Lake, Old Fort Lake, Prasad Nagar Lake ect. Activities like swimming of course are more readily available in all major hotels and in other places like the Talkatora Indoor Pool and the NDMC Pool. Then there is camping; a favorite for all those who love the outdoors. What better way to explore nature at its finest than by a setting a tent and basking in the untouched natural surroundings. Several hotels and centers offer complete packages to enjoy camping in any part of the city. Then there is the famed rock climbing, readily available year round. This too is experienced at its best in the Garden of Five Senses. Delhi tourism also has specially designed packages that cater to a number of age groups. These combine a range of favorite activities that is most loved by that particular age group.

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Ballooning in Delhi; view the city from above

Eaton Smart, New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel provides its entire guest a comfortable relaxation zone so that their journey would be more relaxed and comfortable. This is one of the Hotels in New Delhi Airport that attracts a large number of guests. The stylish and elegant New Delhi Airport Hotel makes a perfect destination for all guests to refresh.

If you wish to float high up to the sky and enjoy the amazing view the best method is to join a balloon ride. Delhi is the main city in India which provides ballooning. Balloon Club of India organizes the ballooning activities in Delhi. If you are visiting the city during November don’t forget to witness the Balloon Mela or the balloon fair where numbers of competitions are held. The balloons floating in bright colours are definitely a site to see.

Thirparappu falls – Natures Majestic Art work

The Thirparappu falls is a lustrous beauty that is adorned by a scenic backdrop. It is a place for tranquility and a place away from the world. The rush of the roaring water combined with the sound of chirping birds gives one an almost immaculate taste of nature. Take a day out and bask in this ambience; a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

The Thirparappu falls is a highlighted attraction in the Kanyakumari District. In addition to its breathtaking scenic appeal it is a mighty work of God. Expanding over 300 feet the falls is without doubt nothing short of majestic. The entire bed above the 50 feet fall is a large rocky mass that stretches to a quarter of a kilometre. Further up you can also find the famous weir that has been built to enable water supply to the paddy fields nearby. The Thirparappu water fall with its beautiful cascading veil is only one of the many attractions in the area. On the left side of the waterfall you can find a sacred temple dedicated to the mightiest of all Hindu deities; Lord Siva, surrounding the temple is a strong fortification that makes an attraction in itself. The temple is known as the Mahadevar kovil and is one of the 12 sivalayas. It is historical and was built in the 9th century AD. The rich legends surrounding the temple and the intricate Kerala architecture makes this a popular temple in the whole district. Thirparappus popularity has lead to recent developments of the surrounding area. The District administration has constructed a large swimming pool which is actually a God send when you travel with children.

Kerala has often been recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of India. It has plenty of heavenly sceneries that are sure to take your breath away. When visiting Kerala try staying at the beautiful Poovar Island Resort. This gorgeous Beach Hotel Kerala has combines the scenic beauty of the sea side city with an impeccable luxury. The cuisines, comfort and the efficient services are all the reasons that make this place the finest Kerala resort.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


Hot Air Ballooning in Delhi – Flying Free as a Bird!

If you want to have a truly unforgettable holiday experience when in New Delhi, then hot air ballooning is just the thing for you! Those heading to the city and wanting to base themselves close to the airport can stay at a New Delhi airport hotel such as Eaton Smart, New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel. One of the leading hotels in New Delhi airport, it provides contemporary accommodation for international and domestic passengers. Before taking to the skies in a plane, guests can take a more relaxing flight above by enjoying hot air balloon rides organized by the Balloon Club of India which is based at Delhi’s Safdarjung Airport. Providing a truly unique perspective on the city with its many forts and parks, these rides can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Those visiting in November can also witness the Balloon Fair that is organized by the Balloon Club of India which gives you a chance to see such events as the ‘spot-landing’ race and the ‘hare and hound’ race.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.