Venture into the dark corners of the ocean floor in Hikkaduwa – Explore under sea marvels

Venture into the dark corners of the ocean floor in Hikkaduwa to explore under sea marvels of ship wrecks, rock formations, caves and the beautiful coral reefs. The sea surrounding Hikkaduwa has hidden underwater mysteries and magical marine life for people to explore.

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Water sports

There are many things to do in Hikkaduwa while staying at luxury hotels such as Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon. Hikkaduwa is ideal for many kinds of water sports, deep sea diving, snorkelling and viewing of coral reefs under water via taking a ride on a glass bottom boat. There are variety of colourful tropical fish and other gorgeous marine life to be viewed as well.

Deep diving

There are so many under water sites for divers to explore; ship wrecks, reef and rock formations, underground caves and multi-coloured coral and tropical fish inhabiting the reefs are all part of an exciting diving experience in Hikkaduwa.

Historic shipwrecks

The shipwreck is a main attraction for divers here. Many divers visit this site to enjoy the adventure of diving to explore these underwater shipwrecks. An oil tanker known as Steam Ship SS Conch transporting oil to Madras hit the rocks and sank on 3rd June 1903. The parts of this broken ship are scattered over a large area on the sea beds of Hikkaduwa and part of the hull had turned upside down forming a large cave which became a safe haven for marine life and a variety of fish inhabiting it now. Divers can have a great experience swimming through this cave.



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Diving Adventure in Hikkaduwa- Explore Corals and Marine Life

South of Sri Lanka is famous for its astonishing beaches and rocky islets. Hikkaduwa is renowned as one of the best spots for diving. Since 1998 Hikkaduwa rocky islets were declared as sanctuaries, and later it was declared as a national park. “Coral Gardens” can be mentioned as one of the main attractions in Hikkaduwa. Mostly for turtles, bird sanctuaries and water sports. There are also a considerable amount of diving points available that can be enjoyed during specific seasons. If you want to explore Hikkaduwa and its surroundings and have a tremendous diving adventure, it would be best to book your stay at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon. It can be mentioned as a highly recommended hotel among other Hikkaduwa hotels with easy reach to many diving points.

Diving | Blue Deep Diving

Diving | Blue Deep Diving

Because of the effect of Tsunami in 2004, many coastal areas around the country were affected. Thousands of people lost their lives along with severe property damage. The Community Tsunami Museum gives an accurate account of what happened during the disaster. It will be an enormous respect to pay a visit to the museum during your stay in Hikkaduwa. Diving adventures can be mentioned as the best option to discover the beauty of underwater sceneries and fish species in Hikkaduwa. Diving lets you enjoy great freedom of exploring the ocean without destroying it.
There are heavenly incredible diving sites where you can explore beautiful corals and many more. Divers can also head to wrecks if they prefer. Such wrecks include The Conch and the Earl of Shaftesbury which is in an area filled with beautiful corals, 15m in depth and 15 minutes of travel. Sinigamagala Rock, Kirala Gala, Black Coral Point, Yak Muthugala, Kadwaragala and The Rock of Hikkaduwa are some of the out of this world diving points featuring magnificent corals and colourful fish. The best diving periods are from November to April. Diving in Hikkaduwa will make your stay unforgettable. Apart from that Hikkaduwa is famous for its nightlife with tremendous beach parties. It’s ideal to explore nightlife with some fine food after a great diving adventure.

Explore Coral Reef Hikkaduwa – The town’s best natural attraction.

Take a trip to Sri Lanka’s much loved South Coast. The main roads run along the coast offering spectacular views of palm fringed beaches and the Indian Ocean. You will pass quaint, up and coming beach towns along the way. Make a stop at the country’s most popular party beach, Hikkaduwa. Hotels line the beachfront along with quirky bars and eateries. It is also known for water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, and for the less adventurous, glass bottom boat rides. To experience the Ocean right at your doorstep, stay at Citrus Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa Beach is a long sandy stretch and its biggest attraction is its main shallow fringing reef that runs from close to the fishing harbour four kilometers to the south. The sea is calm and shallow; the reef is easily accessible and close to the shore. It is the main reason for Hikkaduwa’s popularity as a diving and snorkelling destination. The best time to explore the coral reefs around Hikkaduwa is between the months of November and April. During these months the sea is at its calmest and the clear waters help with good visibility.
The stunning reef is home to a host of marine creatures of all colours and shapes. Less obvious to observers but just as important is the role the reef plays in protecting the coast from sea erosion. There are plenty of coral species that make up the reefs of Hikkaduwa. You will find as many as sixty species of hard coral. Boulder type coral and encrusting corals are present along with large stands of Montipora corals and small stands of branching Acropora corals. The rising sea water temperatures that were recorded in 1998 damaged a significant amount of the coral along Hikkaduwa’s reefs but today, scientists have found evidence that new corals are forming.

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Coral Sanctuary in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is a popular tourist destination in the South of Sri Lanka. Located under 100 km away from the capital it is now accessible in less than an hour thanks to the Southern express way. Given credit for its beautiful beaches the small town is a host to many hotels. Hikkaduwa streets are filled with street vendors selling colourful beach wear and their are plenty of eateries and cafes to make one’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Among the many places available to stay in while in Hikkaduwa one that gains significant prominence is Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa. The property is designed in order to preserve the surrounding natural habitat and tries to be environment friendly at all times. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation and is located in close proximity to the beach.

One of the key attractions in Hikkaduwa is the natural coral reefs it is blessed with. It is one of the popular places to observe corals in the country. Not too far from the shore or not too deep under the water one can find many varieties of multi colored corals. The identified varieties of corals are approximately 70. The waters are around three to four meters deep and this environment is ideal to go snorkeling in. There are many facilities in the area that rent out fins and masks as well as allow visitors to hire equipment at reasonable rates. These corals are home to a wide variety of fish and make up a vital part of the marine eco system due to their richness in bio diversity. Hence it is the responsibility of the visitors to leave this nature’s blessing unharmed.

One of the popular options to explore the corals is the glass bottom boat rides which is an up close and personal experience for those who do not want to dive in.


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