Mt. Tengu – Breath- Taking Views!

The Mt. Tengu sits at a breathtaking the height of 532.4 meters above sea level and happens to a be quite a famous place known for offering spectacular views of Otaru city and the Ishikiri Bay.

Mt. Tengu | Image Credit - As6022014 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Mt. Tengu | Image Credit – As6022014 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

How to Get There

The mountain can be reached through a ropeway which will take around 4 minutes from the base of the mountain to the observatory point on top. For those who wish to take an alternative mode of transport, driving and hiking too are possible.

Things to See

Apart from providing some stunning views of the picturesque town of Otaru and the beautiful bay beyond, the summit has a seasonal chipmunk park, a shrine and a ski museum to see. There is also an interesting display hall with a Tengu Goblin mask which people touch to have a wish come true.

Things to Do

For those with a sense of adventure, there is hiking course to make use of and a restaurant/ shop to get a bite to eat and maybe a couple of souvenirs while enjoying the beautiful views.

Mt. Tengu in Winter

During winter Mt. Tengue transforms into a ski slope, where many snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts flock for some fun in the snow. With 6 ski courses and 3 ski lifts being installed annually, the place is quite a popular spot for tourists. The winter wonderland can easily be accessed by many an Otaru hotel near Jr. Station including the likes of Grand Park Otaru.

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