Explore Coral Reef Hikkaduwa – The town’s best natural attraction.

Take a trip to Sri Lanka’s much loved South Coast. The main roads run along the coast offering spectacular views of palm fringed beaches and the Indian Ocean. You will pass quaint, up and coming beach towns along the way. Make a stop at the country’s most popular party beach, Hikkaduwa. Hotels line the beachfront along with quirky bars and eateries. It is also known for water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, and for the less adventurous, glass bottom boat rides. To experience the Ocean right at your doorstep, stay at Citrus Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa Beach is a long sandy stretch and its biggest attraction is its main shallow fringing reef that runs from close to the fishing harbour four kilometers to the south. The sea is calm and shallow; the reef is easily accessible and close to the shore. It is the main reason for Hikkaduwa’s popularity as a diving and snorkelling destination. The best time to explore the coral reefs around Hikkaduwa is between the months of November and April. During these months the sea is at its calmest and the clear waters help with good visibility.
The stunning reef is home to a host of marine creatures of all colours and shapes. Less obvious to observers but just as important is the role the reef plays in protecting the coast from sea erosion. There are plenty of coral species that make up the reefs of Hikkaduwa. You will find as many as sixty species of hard coral. Boulder type coral and encrusting corals are present along with large stands of Montipora corals and small stands of branching Acropora corals. The rising sea water temperatures that were recorded in 1998 damaged a significant amount of the coral along Hikkaduwa’s reefs but today, scientists have found evidence that new corals are forming.

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