Elephant Trekking in Thailand – Adventures in the Wilderness

Home to some spectacular natural landscapes, Thailand provides plenty of adventure for those who love the outdoors. To make these excursions even more special one can choose an elephant trekking tour that provides a unique opportunity to get up close with these gentle creatures. Chiang Rai is one of the best areas in Thailand for such excursions and those in search of Chiang Rai hotels that also offer elephant treks can consider Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand. This luxurious hotel Chiang Rai has to offer also features a range of other activities that will help you experience the very best of the country.

Before setting off on elephant treks make sure you choose a reputable service that treats these gentle giants with care. These treks will take you off the beaten track and past some breathtaking vistas that one may otherwise not get a chance to see. As you traverse through bamboo jungles, along riversides and across lush fields of paddy, one has the opportunity to get a sense of the country’s old world charm and rich natural heritage. Some tours also include other activities such as river rafting and visiting traditional villages which add to the fun.

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