Diving in Negombo – Underwater Adventures Galore!

While Negombo offers an idyllic escape along the west coast of Sri Lanka, this laidback haven by the sea is also a great spot from which to embark on an exciting diving expedition. Before setting off on such excursions, make sure to find suitable accommodation at one of the Negombo Sri Lanka hotels in the region. A perfect base for your travels, Hotel J is one such hotel in Negombo which is an ideal starting point to your diving adventures.

December through April is generally considered the best period for diving off the island’s West Coast. When in Negombo there are several sites worth considering when it comes to diving such as Hanova where one can find a range of marine species including sweetlips, cuttlefish, snappers and groupers. Lionfish, star fish and sting rays can be seen at Barracuda Point, while not to be missed is a chance to explore the shipwreck that can also be reached from Negombo’s coast. Those in search of more underwater adventure can head to the area known as the “Third Reef”; located further out to sea, it is a great spot to catch sight of a variety of rays including the marble ray.

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