Top rock-climbing spots in Oman – A rock climbers paradise! – Explore the vast rocky outdoors of Oman

Known as the Riviera of Middle East Oman attracts a substantial number of rock-climbing enthusiasts due to its mountainous topography. While in Oman luxury resorts the likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort provide speciality packages for guests to experience rock climbing with the aid of a guide, you always have the option find adventure on your own in the rocky terrains. Here are four locations for you to explore if you are planning to go rock climbing.


5 ‘o’ clock Rock

A slab of limestone which is just a five-minute walk from the Al Amerat Road towards Wadi Adai. This rock is easily accessible even by your 4×4.


For those searching for a deep-water Soloing experience, Qantab is the ideal climb. With mountains ridges, the likes of sea cliffs in Eastern Spain or Thailand Qantab is for those searching for that extra thrill. There are nine spots overall for you to climb and take the plunge.



Khutbah Canyon

Experience miles and miles of boundless rock. Ten hours away from the nearest rescue base this sparsely populated canyon is the epitome of rock climbing in Oman. Khurabh or the secret canyon as it is known has something to offer for all types of skill and taste. The climb, even the lower reaches can be a struggle but is always worth it when considering the scenic views and the amazing weather.

La Georgette

This crag considered one of the steepest climbs in Oman and is surrounded by beautiful camping spots.

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