The Sir Bani Yas Challenge – A challenge like no other! – An outdoor challenge for all

The first of its kind, the Sir Bani Yas Island challenge is an outdoor triathlon organised by Husak Adventures. The challenge consists of a run-bike-kayak race across the island and is meant to be an enjoyable experience for all.

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Challenge Summary:

A Fun outdoor triathlon open to anyone over the age of twelve with various fitness abilities.

Event route

Using three different disciplines the event route covers the entire island a complete distance of 50 km. The breakdown of the route consists of 10 kilometres of trail running, 37 kilometres of mountain biking and finally three kilometres of kayaking. Campsites will be alongside the beach usually at one of the two Anantara Abu Dhabi beach resorts. The participants will switch between two legs of trail runs and mountain biking to conclude with a couple hundred meters run after the final a Kayaking leg.

Your checklist

Your checklist should include a sleeping bag, headlight, change of clothes and swimwear since the camp is located at Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort which is beside the ocean. For the challenge, it is recommended that the participants wear sportswear and/or synthetic shirts.

Provisions by the organiser

The challenge organisers will provide you with a kayak and a mountain bike, water, a map of the course and the stations closing time, a challenge t-shits and finally the challenge medal.

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Saving the Arabian Oryx from extinction! – A story of coming back home

The Arabian Oryx a species of antelope indigenous to the middle east has been under threat of extinction since the early 1900s. By the 1960s it was believed that the last existing two separate populations of oryxes found in the middle east were diminishing and would go extinct within the next couple of years.


Operation Oryx

A captive breeding programme name Operation Oryx was initiated within the next couple of years with funding from the WWF and the technical support of the Phoenix Zoo and the Flora and Fauna International. A “World herd” of oryxes donated by the different middle eastern and north African nations were taken to the Phoenix Zoo. A reintroduction programme was later initiated to bring in the oryx back to the MENA region.

United Arab Emirates

Just beyond Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort which is one of Anantara’s two Abu Dhabi beach resorts, is the Sir Bani Yas island reserves where a heard of over 400 oryxes now roam free. The island is a sanctuary to most species found in the emirate.


By 1980 the number of Arabian oryxes bred in captivity was reintroduced to Oman. A population which was once 450 individual species have now, unfortunately, dropped to a staggering number of 65 oryxes due to oil drilling activity and illegal poaching.

Saudi Arabia

After several failed attempts of reintroduction, Saudi Arabia has now been successful in hosting a free-ranging heard within the Mahazat as-Sayd Protected Area a fenced reserve of 866 square miles.

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Mangrove Kayaking – Enjoy Sir Bani Yas Island activities.

Mangrove Kayaking,Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island








A mention of the Middle East brings to mind images of rolling sand dunes and endless desert. The cities are built up with gleaming steel and glass but only a short distance away from Abu Dhabi’s city center is Sir Bani Yas Island. A stark contrast to what you would expect, the island is occupied by the tranquil Arabian Wildlife Park. It is also home to several historical sites, world class purpose-built stables and Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort.

Among the many Sir Bani Yas Island activities are spa retreats, nature watching safaris and adventure activities that are available on the island. It has been named a ‘World’s Leading Tourism Destination’. A favourite activity on the island is mangrove kayaking. You will be guided through the impressive mangroves of Abu Dhabi by an expert who will also teach you about the role these unique plants play in the coastal system. The low tides are better for spotting birds, crabs and fish that call the area home but the high tide allows deeper exploration of the mangroves.

Kayaking through the mangroves is not a dangerous activity, it is easy to learn and one that is available all year round in Abu Dhabi. The experienced guides are on hand to help and instruct; they are also trained in emergency response and equipped with first aid kits. You will be provided with a sturdily build kayak of a reputed brand and a life jacket. Guests can expect to get wet, therefore clothes suitable for watersports are recommended along with sensible footwear. In sunny weather it is best to bring a hat and plenty of waterproof sunscreen.  A towel and change of clothes may come in handy after your excursion. There are several great photo opportunities to be had on the water for those who have access to water resistant equipment.

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