Adam’s Peak – The Holy Mountain of Sri Lanka

The much venerated Adam’s Peak is regarded as Sri Lanka’s holy mountain, attracting a steady stream of devotees – in addition to many sightseers – who gladly make the demanding trek to the summit of the mountain. The focus of the reverence is the enigmatic feature that is found at the mountain’s peak, which Buddhists regard as the footprint of Buddha. Other religions provide their own interpretations of the sacred footprint. As you plan your visit to Adam’s Peak, an attractive choice of accommodation would be Nuwara Eliya holiday bungalows such as the appealing The Cottage by Jetwing. This attractive accommodation makes an ideal base from which to head out on your adventures.

Many Sri Lankans of all ages undertake the challenging climb to the summit of Adam’s Peak. For most the objective is to reach the summit in time for the sunrise which is a remarkable natural phenomenon that is shrouded in mystery. Most pilgrims also visit the shrine that may be found at the summit of the mountain.

Adam's Peak

Adam’s Peak. Image Credit: Green Holiday Travel

You will find that the climb to the peak may be commenced from either Dalhousie or Ratnapura, with the former being the shorter and more popular option. You will have no problem locating the path to the top as you will find a host of souvenir stalls and teashops lining the route. As you commence the hike you will see a line of alluring lights stretching all the way to the top of the mountain.

The ascent to the top of the mountain takes some time, but you will find many tea shops and snack stalls on the way if you desire to replenish your energies. The objective is to reach the summit in time for the sunrise, when the sun projects the mountain’s shadow onto the billowing clouds and countryside below. Climbing Adam’s Peak is always a remarkable and rewarding experience that is sure to capture the imagination of the adventurous visitor.

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Adam’s Peak – the legendary mountain

A journey that commences at the village of Nallathanniya and leads to the magical surroundings of one of Sri Lanka’s tallest mountains which holds a special place in the hearts of many devotees. Adam’s Peak or ‘Sri Pada’ is located in close proximity to the ‘City of Gems’ and is one such escapade you must experience. Take the trip as part of your holiday in Sri Lanka. Indulge in holiday travel Sri Lanka has to offer by selecting Sri Lanka Holiday Travel as your guide.

Steeped in historical value, the mountain is 2,243 metres tall and showcases a footprint considered by Buddhists to be that of Lord Buddha. Muslims and Christians believe that it is the footprint of Adam while Hindus state that it resembles the print of Siva. Many endemic species can be seen when climbing the mountain but it is the sunset that one should look out for.

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