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Sule Pagoda – The golden place of worship
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Myanmar is a land quite unlike any other, waiting to surprise you. The landscape is scattered with golden wonders, simple pleasures and plenty of tradition. The Sule Pagoda carries with a strong religious significance, here’s a little more information!

Myanmar Pagoda | Img by: LuisValiente via pixabay

The Golden Pagoda

The pagoda, or tower, is 44 metres high and is a glowing gold in colour. The unusual design of the pagoda is an octagon. The pagoda enshrines a hair relic of the Buddha, which is why it’s highly cherished by the Burmese people, as they bring offerings continuously.

Named after the Sule Nat

Named after Sularata, the spirit who lived at the spot of the pagoda. Nat spirits have long been worshipped in Burma, even before the introduction of Buddhism.

Other structures

There are several shrines around the pagoda, housing images of the Buddha. The circular structure around the pagoda has small shops where services such as palm reading, and astrology are offered. There are four entrances to this pagoda. Depictions of mythological birds sit in several places inside of the Sule grounds.

How to get there

Easy to reach from any hotel in Yangon, this landmark is located roughly 30 minutes from Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon. Halfway between the central railway station and the Yangon river is where you’ll find the Sule Pagoda, in the centre of Yangon. Open daily from 6 AM until 10 PM, you can hire a guide for more information and a deeper understanding of the religious site.

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