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Early morning fishing excursions in Maldives – Experience of a life time
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There are many things to do in Male Maldives while staying in a hotel like Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon – one of them is to go fishing. An early morning fishing excursion in Maldives will be an experience of a life time as the Maldivian waters are filled with many varieties of fish and underwater marine life.

Fishing in Maldives


Fishing in Maldives| Img by: Shine2705 via Pixabay

Many of the anglers aspire to go fishing in clear warm waters around hundreds of islands with varieties fish inhabiting the channels in between islands to feed on nutrients brought from the Indian Ocean. Watch as they bring in their daily catch or even take part in these fishing excursions if you are interested in such activities.
Types of fishing excursions available

Shore fishing

These methods use live bait in shallow waters that involve the use of braided lines, wading into shallow waters. There are hundred varieties of fish found here like, reef fish, small Grouper, Bone fish, Jack, Snapper fish and even small Barracuda.

Big Game Fishing Jigging/Popping

This type is used mainly for large fish like Tuna, big Barracuda Red Bass and giant Trevally that generally put up a big fight. These are early morning off shore day excursions, which can land in big fish such as Marin, Dorado, Sailfish and Wahoo. Heavy duty fishing gear is essential for this kind of fishing and the best way to enjoy game fishing is to cast the line from a boat at a fishing spot.



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