Abu Dhabi Leisure Activities – Fun For All!

The capital of UAE and a rapidly developing city has a range of leisure activities for visitors to partake in. Whether you’re staying in the city or exploring the beauty of Sir Bani Yas Islands, Abu Dhabi offers fun for all!

Desert Safari


Enjoy a scenic and adventurous desert safari ride on4X4 vehicles – a must do activity when you’re in the emirate. Some of the major hotel chains in Abu Dhabi offer this excursion for their guests. Sit back and get ready for the ride of your life on the golden sands of the Arabian Desert.


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Archery; an ancient method of hunting, is offered by many shooting ranges across the country. However, those staying at any of the Minor Hotels in Abu Dhabi will be able to enjoy this activity, whether you’re a beginner or professional.



Explore the refreshing waters surrounding the magnificent Sir Bani Yas Island during a snorkelling expedition, as you discover a whole new world that flourishes beneath the surface.

Nature and Wildlife Drives

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Another popular excursion to partake in when you’re in Sir Bani Yas Island is a nature and wildlife drive. During this expedition, you’ll be able to a variety of wildlife from giraffes to Arabian Oryx in their natural habitat.

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Railay Beach – The Seaside Paradise

Railay Beach | Image Credit: By Mark Fischer [<a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0">CC BY-SA 2.0</a>], <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ARailay_Beach_at_Sunrise.jpg">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Railay Beach | Image Credit: By Mark Fischer [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you set foot on a heavenly stretch of white sand running along the beautiful blue sea in the Krabi Province of Thailand, you can be sure that you are standing on Railay Beach.

How to get there
Once in Thailand, you can catch a flight or bus from Bangkok to Krabi or Phuket, from where you can get on board a small boat or ferry. You can rest in a Phuket luxury resort for some time. Many options like COMO Point Yamu, Phuket are available for this purpose. Another option is getting a boat from Ao Nang, which is a mere 10 minutes distance from the Railay Beach.

Getting familiar
Railay is a widespread beach with three separate areas, namely the Phra Nang Beach, West Railay Beach, and the East Railay Beach.

What to see
The Diamond Cave or the Phra Nang Cave is a famous attraction on the Railay Beach. With its naturally illuminated walking paths, this is quite a beautiful sight. The Phra Nang Beach had been named after a princess, whose remembering temple, the Phra Nang Shrine can be seen on the beach. There is also a nice lagoon and a high viewpoint, which you might enjoy seeing.

What to do
Railay is a famous spot for rock climbing, with a steady range of steep mountains that make the adventure somewhat challenging. Diving, Snorkeling, and Kayaking can also be added to your activity list.

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Windsurfing in Maldives -It’s just you, the board, the sail, and the wind

The Maldivian isles are by far one of the finest of holiday destinations to retire to either with family or your best mates. A range of leisure activities ranging from surfing, wakeboarding to even deep sea fishing can be enjoyed throughout one’s time here.

Blessed with warm, temperate waters and constant gusts of winds from all the right directions one could hardly conceive of a more appropriate environment to engage in windsurfing than the Maldives. The period between May and October is considered windsurfing season in the country as wind conditions pick up after the rains. With windsurfing, you catch the wind as you sail and glide across the lagoon. You have boards and sails on offer in Maldives, but you need to know your basics. Once you land in Maldives you will find a plethora of water sports centers that offer various services. Even the hotels will have very good facilities that will enable you to enjoy a memorable and safe time in the lapis lazuli waters. Check with the Maldives luxury resort you are staying in; some of these resorts such as the COMO Maalifushi, The Maldives have experts to will train you to master windsurfing. Windsurfing professioanls have different strategies and tips to stay balanced while in the activity. One-legged sailing is one strategy, which will shape up your fitness.

More experience thrill seekers engaged in windsurfing in Maldives may want to consider visiting this island between the months of October and May while beginners will find almost any time of the year ideal for this sport. May to October is considered the monsoon season so you can expect to find consistently strong winds that will propel you at great speeds.


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The Magnificent Geopark in Langkawi – The Breath-Taking Langkawi Geopark

Langkawi sky bridge

By Flickr user “The Dilly Lama”  [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Langkawi is an archipelago that features more than a hundred different islands. The main island, also named Langkawi, was given the status of ‘World Geopark’ by UNESCO. The status of geopark is misinterpreted by many, but the title is only given to a place of scientific importance in regards to archaeological, scientific, ecological and cultural reasons as well. These islands have become a renowned tourism destination and there is an incredible amount of eco-friendly things to do in Langkawi as well as a range of hotels and resorts to choose from such as the Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

One of the best points that garnered Langkawi’s reputation as a geopark are the various rock formations that are to be seen. These formations are in turn surrounded by dense jungle, which hasn’t changed much in more than a million years. An immense load of the flora found in the geopark is exclusive to Langkawi. The Mangrove Rivers that snake through the Langkawi landscape contain an abundance of exotic life, ranging from aquatic creatures to various species of birds.

The MachinChang Mountains are one of the most notable aspects about the geopark. These rock formations are ancient, and were formed more than five-hundred-million years ago. This mountain range was the very first section of what is now South East Asia, to rise from under the oceans. The oldest section of this formation is Teluk Datai.

The Dayang Bunting Geopark is the second largest island of the entire chain. The island is famous for a massive lake that is situated in the heart of the dense forest. The lake was the result of a colossal limestone cave that collapsed. The lake is regarded as a spiritual place due the legend associated with it, where a divine maiden buried her dead child here and blessed the lake with fertility.

If you’re looking for a breath-taking voyage into nature, then Langkawi is a definitely a place worth thinking about.

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Top Diving Spots in the world – Discovering the beauty that lies beneath the waves

There’s no better way to explore the beauty that makes up the underwater world of fascinating marine creatures, colourful coral reefs, ancient shipwrecks and so much more, than with scuba diving. Whether you are just beginning or have been diving for years, there are a host of different diving sites around the world, with each offering its own uniquely wonderful diving experience.

The turquoise waters and vast coral formations are just some of the reasons that attract divers to the stunning Maldives Islands. Resorts themselves boast great diving opportunities within their house reefs, like the Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, for example, which is located near other note-worthy diving sites. Maldives offers several deep reefs and shipwreck dives along with the mesmerising experience of leisurely swimming alongside groups of manta rays and sharks.
Travel further east, and discover the many exciting diving locations that Indonesia has to offer. From the coral gardens off Bali’s coast, to the staggering amount of life diversity at Raja Ampat, the options are endless, but it’s the Lembeh Strait that wins out as best Indonesian diving location. Under the calm waters that divides Lembeh Island from the mainland, lies an extraordinary world, full of exotic looking flora and fauna. An underwater photographer’s dream, the dark ocean’s bed is home to an amazing display of rare sea creatures – mandarin fish, mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frog fish and dragonets to name a few.
However, if you’re more interested in wrecks than reefs, the Red Sea is the place to be. The tumultuous waters and strong winds and numerous reefs make this area hazardous to navigate. The ancient Egyptians and Romans travelled along Red Sea regularly and often ran aground. Even today, it’s not unusual to hear of vessels sinking near the reefs; plus, there are several sunken war ships in the area. These are of course, just a few places that offer great diving sites. From beautiful coral reefs to wreck diving, there’s so many diving destinations in the world to discover.

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Wildlife Holiday at Muthurajawela Wetland – Discovering a Rich Natural Heritage

In the stillness, water splashes against the boat as you drift gently along. A peculiar bird call carries across the breeze, sometimes answered in return by another bird, a unique form of communication that humans are not privy to. Suddenly in your line of sight, you catch a flash of brown; you scan the skies and then you spot it; a majestic Brahminy kite soaring through the air, wings fully expanded, surveying the territory below. The Muthurajawela Wetland offers such outdoor adventures, perfect for bird watching enthusiasts.

A saltwater coastal peat bog which is the largest of its kind in Sri Lanka, the Muthurajawela Wetland is a protected sanctuary and is rich in biodiversity. This wetland is within easy reach of the coastal city of Negombo known for offering both luxury and budget hotels in Sri Lanka. Amongst the budget options, Hotel J Negombo is amongst the choices one can consider and is a little over half an hour drive from the Muthurajawela Visitor Centre.

Located in between the Kelani River and the Negombo Lagoon, Muthurajawela is one of the island’s most important wetlands and is part of a habitat that encompasses more than 6,000 hectares of mangroves and marshland. Within this thriving ecosystem, one can find around 190 plant species and more than 200 animal species, of which bird species number more than a hundred.

One of the best ways to explore and experience the natural heritage of the Muthurajawela Wetland is to take a boat ride along the waters. If you are into bird watching make sure you have a field guide book or a knowledgeable friend or guide who can identify the different birds you may come across. Keep your eyes peeled for varieties such as cormorants, purple swamp hens, common moorhens, common redshanks, lesser whistling-ducks and white-bellied sea eagles. Birds aside, you may also spot toque monkeys, water monitors and saltwater crocodiles, among the other animal residents that call Muthurajawela home.

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Nature Excursions in Wombarra -Explore & Fall in Love with Nature

Tucked away on the northern shores of Wollongong, New South Wales in Australia is a quaint little beach town that has much to offer for the nature lover. Meet cute-as-a-pie Koala bears, hike up to the beautiful Maddens Falls and relax away at the charming Wombarra Beach.

If you’re visiting Wombarra with the family, one place that you should definitely visit is the Symbio Wildlife Park. It’s just a 14-minute drive away from the town. Here you will find a wonderful assortment of some of the most curious and cutest of creatures from koalas to kangaroos, meerkats, emu birds and much more! Some of the celebrities of the Symbio Wildlife Park include Imogen the “sweetest, most adorable Koala in the world”; Cinta the Bengal tiger, Kesari the red panda and Boo and Lion, cheetahs brother who were the latest arrivals at the park. The park has numerous features and programs to enjoy and one of the most popular is the experience with the meerkats, who are said to “climb, nibble and snuggle their way into your hearts”. Then there’s the Keeper for the Day program where you can assist the zookeepers and get up, close and personal with the animals!

For ardent hikers, Maddens Falls is the destination to head over to when in Wombarra. The falls are situated within the Dharawal National Park, which is about 24 minutes away from the city. The stunning falls are the goal and the hike towards this is fairly easy that you can even go with your kids. The park is home to a curious collection of creatures such as the red wattlebirds, honeyeaters, golden whistlers, brown froglets and banjo frogs to name a few. A visit to Maddens Falls is always recommended during the spring time when the flowers are in full bloom or in April when the Madden falls are at their fullest.

Last, but never the least, is the beach! The Wombarra Beach is the ideal spot get away from all the stress and concentrate on relaxing. If you’re thinking of more than a day’s stay in Wombarra, accommodation is in plenty here. They can vary from hostels to hotels and the most exclusive of all, villas the likes of The Wombarra Beach Residence Holiday House by Emerald + Aqua Holiday Homes.

Have a picnic on the beach with your friends or family or go for a romantic stroll at sunset with your loved one- there’s plenty to do! One of the highlights of Wombarra Beach is the beautiful little rock pool that placed in such a way that it offers views of the waves on one side and the cliffs on the other. If you’re worried about sea swimming, the rock pool is ideal for you.


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Safari in Minneriya National Park – A wild adventure in Sri Lanka

Minneriya National Park is located in the north central province of Sri Lanka and was marked as a national park in August 1997, after being designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938. The park is home to the ancient Minneriya water tank, which provides as the main source of life to its inhabitants. If you’re staying at a hotel in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, it’ll be easier to get to the Minneriya national park, due to its close proximity. Some hotels such as Fresco Water Villa will be able to organize safari trips to the national park.

The Minneriya National Park is famous and most ideal for spotting elephants. Elephants numbers in the park are known to reach up to 200 or more, and are usually seen grazing near the watering holes for long periods of time before returning back to the thick jungles during the night. The park measures to about 90 square kilometres and attracts visitors, mostly to watch The Gathering – where elephants cluster near the famous watering hole. The ideal season to watch these gentle beasts in their natural habitat would be between the months from May to September, as most animals, including the elephants would be seen grazing and munching on the new grass that has sprung up, following the dry weather. This season is also a great time to watch these friendly giants frolic, socialise and bathe in their natural habitat, and provides for great photo opportunities. Do keep in mind not to pollute or cause any loud disturbances – remember to respect the animals in the wild.
Visitors are advised to keep a keen out for other species that reside in the park such as wild buffalo, deer, birds, crocodiles, sloth bears, sambar and monkeys!

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Ocean Drive -The celebrity Art Deco thoroughfare

The Ocean Drive is located about ten minutes from COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach. It is an iconic drive that is an ideal place to appreciate the history and architecture of Miami, as well as the glorious beaches represented by South Beach. A Miami hotel located on this stretch of the beach would, therefore, have the architectural attractions on one side, while the golden beaches would beckon from the other.

The architecture of the Drive dates back to early 1900s, where pastel was a big hit. You have the Beacon by Henry O. Nelson built in 1926, Waldorf Towers by Alber Anis built in 1937, the Colony Hotel and the Cardozo by Henry Hohauser (former built in 1936 and the latter in 1939), the Breakwater by Anton Skislewicz built in 1939, and the Cavalier by Roy F. France built in 1936. All these buildings are examples of Art Deco style, which is what the Ocean Drive is famous for. This is also known as the heart of Art Deco district and has made cameos in many films and TV shows including Dexter. There is also a popular culture of cabaret dance and singing in the district, with several bars being dedicated to the LGBTQIA community.

The best way to explore the Ocean Drive is to take a drive through the street, or a slow cruise through the blue waters. This is best done during the day as well as the night, as the sights during each time period is completely different from each other. Cycling down the Ocean Drive early in the morning or in the afternoon will have you mesmerised by the calling of the sea from one side while the other side will have a gorgeous tapestry of sunlight playing artist with the Drive’s architecture. In the night, it has more of an 80s movie feel to it, with neon lights lighting the way and the ocean’s invisible presence felt only through its chant.

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Arignar Anna Zoological Park – Calling All Animal Lovers

Arignar Anna Zooligical Park or AAZP for short also goes by the name Vandalur Zoo. Located as the latter name suggests, in Vandalur, Chennai, which forms part of the state of Tamil Nadu in India, this zoological garden is considered to be the largest zoo in the country, in terms of sheer size; Arignar Anna Zoological Park covers over one thousand and three hundred acres of land. When it was still situated at its former location, this zoo was renowned as the first public zoo in all of India.

Vandalur Zoo holds an affiliation with the CZA or Central Zoo Authority of India and is the second most important wildlife sanctuary in the state, the foremost being Mudumalai National Park. It contains over two thousand and five hundred plant and animal species within its borders. The zoos denizens fall under a vast range of categories in the animal kingdom. There are several species of mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, fishes and birds in the park, and quite a few of them are endangered too. Arignar Anna Zoological Park also houses around one hundred and thirty eight species of plants. Examples of some of the plant life you can find here are eucalyptus plants and cashew trees.

For those thinking about visiting the park, if you reside in one of the Chennai airport hotels such as that by the Turyaa Hotels & Resorts chain, you can make a day trip here as it will be under an hour’s drive away.
Once you get to the park, you are likely to see a whole host of animals ranging from hippopotami, camels and llamas, to bears, tigers and vultures. The park also hosts over fifty butterfly varieties. If you’re travelling with children, this is sure to be a favourite exhibit as they will be able to spot dozens of different kinds of butterflies, all displaying a wonderful mix of colorations and wing shapes.

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