The Hill Country Tour to Sri Lanka – A refreshing retreat!

If you think that Sri Lanka is only a tropical beach destination and has nothing more to offer you are wrong! Located in the central part of the country there lies a misty and hilly region which will certainly leave you speechless.


The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is certainly mesmerising! The region mostly consists of magnificent mountain ranges that are blanketed by lush greenery. There are also a plethora of tea estates which are also well worth visiting.;

A paradise for nature lovers

The region offers a myriad of attractions most of them will be a treat for nature lovers. Horton Plains, Ella, The Royal Botanical Gardens, Udawalawa National Park, Pinnawala Elephant sanctuary are some of the places you could visit to witness the glorious aspects of Nature in the central highlands.

For a relaxing getaway

One could also enjoy a relaxing vacation experience just by planning your stay at any of the many exquisite accommodation options that are located in the midst of the most scenic places in the country. Destinations such as Nuwara Eliya offers cool and very appealing climate and could also find good accommodation options along with lucrative Holiday Packages in Sri Lanka.

Planning your tour

You could plan a tour to this amazing region witnessing all of the attractions the hill country has to offer by signing up with a tour organizer. You could even create your own itinerary. Tour organizers the likes of Holidays by Design offer carefully orchestrated tour packages during which you get to visit amazing places of interests and stay at exquisite accommodation options at the same time.

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Plan a Trip to Wilpattu National Park Sri Lanka – Get one with nature!

Embark on a journey to witness nature at its best and raw state, discover tranquillity as you wander through the wilderness at the Wilpattu National Park.

Image Credit- Rehman Abubakr, WilpattuNationalPark-April2014 (8)CC BY-SA 4.0


Located 26 Kilometers north of Puttalam and 30 Kilometers west Anuradhapura, Wilpattu Sri Lanka is placed at the lowland dry zone in the north western region of Sri Lanka. It has a number of lakes and tanks supporting a variety of wildlife. It is also regarded as one of the oldest and largest nature reserves in Sri Lanka.

A bit of History

The park was designated as a sanctuary in 1905 and was upgraded to a national park in the year of 1938. Today it has become as one of the most sought over nature travel destinations in Sri Lanka.


The region receives an annual rainfall of approximately 1000mm and the average temperature fluctuates between 25-30 Degrees. The inter monsoonal rains during March and the north east monsoonal period from December – February are the main sources of rain and what makes this land thrive with wildlife.

The Experience

The reserve is home to an extensive range of flora and fauna, some of the species of plants and animals are endemic to Sri Lanka. Witnessing them up-close and personal will certainly be a worthy experience and you can make that happen by planning your tour with Cinnamon Nature Trails.

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Surfing in Negombo – a holiday full of aquatic fun!

Negombo, a town situated in the North of the capital, Colombo is a tourist paradise as the south coast of the country. The breathtaking lagoon and the stunning Negombo beaches along with cultural sites make it a perfect destination to explore. The warm waters are ideal for surfers of all ages who are interested in exploring the waters.

Accommodation can be found at many budget hotels in Sri Lanka, however, even when travelling with a budget one ought to stay at places that provide convenient access to the beaches and offer comfortable lodging such as Hotel J Negombo. One of the great things about Negombo is that it is a surfing hub all year around. From amateur to most experienced surfers, the waves of Negombo can be a real treat. However, that being said, if you are planning to go windsurfing during January to March, the shore breaks can be a bit challenging and require some expertise. It’s always advisable to speak to the locals and check on the tides & undercurrents before you head out to explore the waters. Apart from windsurfing travellers can also go kite surfing during their visit to Negombo.

Surf schools and rental places can be found in Negombo for those interested in learning the ropes of surfing for the first time. These places will offer you the chance to rent out any type of surfing gear you need starting from wetsuits to boots and boards.

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Experience the Air balloon tours in Hunter Valley; floating above Hunter Valley

With over three decades of expertise in the hot air balloon business, Balloon Aloft has been recognized for the fact that it offered the very first “passenger balloon” tours in Australia. Over the years, it has been quite clear that the company has maintained its standards and remained as the leader in the market for the trade. The quality and the service offered by the organization have always been deemed highly.
Balloon Aloft has also been recognized with many awards since the year 1980. With the location conveniently placed a mere two hours away in the northern direction from the Sydney city, Hunter Valley is the best place for a picturesque balloon tour that will take you above sweeping scenery beneath. The fact that the tour starts early in the morning means that passengers are always made to feel fresh and enjoy a great start to their day of sightseeing, from a completely different angle.
The Hunter valley tours usually start at sunrise and will take the passengers over the beautiful areas of Pokolbin, Rothbury, Lovedale and Broke. The flights are usually timed for about one hour and are best followed up with a good and hearty breakfast. For most travelers who visit the city there are quite a few hotels and resorts in the area such as Cypress Lakes Resort and others that allow for a great dining at Oaks on Collins.
The daily hot air balloon tours that take place can be done for individuals or for corporate teams. The tours can also be done at a different level for VIP passengers and can be used for various celebrations as well. The scenery of the Hunter Valley locality and the refreshing experience can be the beautiful start of a vacation in Australia and can make for one of the best and most memorable stays of your life.

Air Ballon Tour,Hunter Valley - Australia,

Air Ballon Tour,Hunter Valley – Australia, Img. Credit:[Marysia Gunderson]

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What’s so good about Skydiving in Perth? For the Adrenaline Junkies

What is so good about sky-diving in Perth? Many travelers rave about sky-diving in this hot spot and the location garners hundreds of enthusiast from all over the world each year. Here’s why. Most of the veteran skydivers say that the best thing about the sport is that no matter when and where you do it, it alters your life drastically afterwards. It is supposed to give you an amazing amount of confidence in yourself that you could achieve the seemingly impossible. Sky-diving also embodies two of the great aspirations of the human race; flying and freedom. The culture around Perth is such that most of the people you meet during this experience will become your friends for life. There is also never a dearth of accommodation options with the many hotels and Perth hotel apartments around such as Citadines St Georges Terrace Perth and a number of others available in the city.
More interestingly, in Perth, you could choose to stay at the drop zone and people will just take you in. It does really happen in Perth and it inevitably paves the way for the best way of sightseeing and experiencing the local culture and lifestyle. Imagine looking at a new country or city from the sky, soaring through the wind, the experience changes the way you look at nature and compels you to enjoy your life so much more. Meeting the locals in Perth is also a great idea as it is said that they will tell you about what to do and what not to do while you are sky-diving. Most veteran sky-diving instructors have even said that the vast majority of their students that come in for a simple adventure end up with completely unexpected, career changes that see them happy for the many years to come.

Skydiving Perth

Skydiving in Perth, Img Src:[skydivingPerth]

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Boat Riding In Madu River – Come Mess About In The Mesmerizing Maduganga!

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
-The Water Rat, The Wind in the Willows

Want to “mess about in boats” like the water rat? Then Sri Lanka is the perfect country for you to holiday in. This little teardrop of a nation has a multitude of freshwater veins running from its lush mountains to its sunny beaches. From all these rivers there is one that is just ideal for pleasuring, exploring and simply ‘messing about’ and that is the bubbling, beautiful Madu River.
Located in the South West of Sri Lanka, the Madu or ‘Maduganga’ River falls into the sea at Balapitiya. Calling home to this majestic shallow water body are 303 species of plants belonging to 95 families and to 248 species of vertebrate animals. Unfortunately, this precious river might be one of the last remaining tracts of pristine mangrove forests in Sri Lanka. The Madu River offers plenty of excursions such as fishing, white water rafting, swimming (in areas that are marked safe- the river is home to crocodiles too :P) , and exploring the mangroves rich in bio-diversity. If you’re the adventurous type you can also go on riverside adventures and camping. But, if you’re not that keen on spending the nights on a river bank, don’t worry there are plenty of accommodation options around. Take the River House Balapitiya for example. This boutique hotel in Sri Lanka is situated just by the river banks and guess what, they also offer kayaking and boat rides, so that’s killing two birds with one stone!
So make sure to tick off ‘exploring Madu River’ from your list of things to do in Sri Lanka. Your respect for this majestic river will increase once you learn that the Buddhist Amarapura Nikaya sector decided to have its first higher ordination ceremony on a fleet of boats anchored upon the Madu River in 1803.


Boat Riding In Madu River, Image Credit:{srilankanexpeditions}

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Safaris in Yala – Discover Sri Lanka’s Wildlife Heritage

Often regarded as Sri Lanka’s most popular safari hotspot the Yala National Park is no ordinary wildlife sanctuary in the island nation. Offering visitors a glimpse of some of the tropical country’s most coveted wildlife inhabitants and its most breathtaking natural surroundings, a safari experience is a must for all visitors based in properties along the South Coast such as Cantaloupe Hotels. Organizing a safari in Yala Sri Lanka is as simple as finding a local tour operator and selecting a safari package while resorts and hotels in the area and the national park itself offer safari experiences to suit every type of traveller and budget.

As the second most expansive national park in the country, the Yala National Park is spread out over 97,880 hectares. Divided in to five blocks, two blocks are open to visitors and have been named the Kumana National Park and the Ruhuna National Park. Having been declared a wildlife sanctuary as early as 1900, the park is famed as the best venue to spot Sri Lankan Leopards and elephants in the wild.
Home to countless herds of elephants, the gentle giants will not be the only mammals safari-goers spot on an outbound excursion in Yala. Housing around 44 species of mammals, the park also boasts the highest density of leopards on the planet. Other frequently spotted animals on a safari encounter in Yala include wild water buffalos, Sri Lankan Sloth Bears and golden palm civets. The red slender loris, toque macaques and fishing cats are among the top wildlife inhabits occupying Yala.
The sanctuary is also home to a whopping 215 species of birds, most of which occupy the designated bird park in Yala known as the Kumana National Park. Some of Yala’s most prized birdlife varieties include the brown-capped babbler and Indian paradise flycatcher while the black-headed ibis and crimson-fronted barbets are also popular bird species occupying Yala. Creepy crawlies large and small are also the pride of the national park which provides a verdant home for 47 species of reptiles including an equal number of endemic species. Safari excursions in Yala can be booked in the form of morning tours or after dark safaris for spotting nocturnal inhabitants of the parkland.


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Zipline Canopy Adventures in Chiang Mai – ‘One of a kind’ adrenaline rush in all of Asia

Chiang Mai is possibly the largest and most culturally noteworthy city in Northern Thailand. It is the capital city of the region. It is located about 700km from Bangkok, and is packed with rainforests, hilltops and ancient monasteries, making it one of the popular destinations in the country.

When travelling to Northern Thailand, of the variety of hotels in Chiang Mai, consider staying at the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa, to be placed close to the city’s attractions.

Besides its cultural heritage, Chiang Mai is renowned for its zipline canopy adventures. Connecting the tall treetops of the mysterious Mae Takhrai Park is the multi award winning Chiang Mai zipline canopy adventure tour. Named the “Flight of the Gibbons”, on this adventure, you get to experience the adrenaline rush induced by covering over 7km of ziplines. Asia’s longest single ‘flight’ (800m) is a key highlight here, offering travellers amazing views of the Mae Taeng River. Of the 33 stations, some reach over 70m from ground level, giving you the ultimate thrill as you soar through observing gibbons and other wild creatures in their natural habitats.

Just outside the city centre is the Chiang Mai Eagle track zipline that is located between three hill tribe villages. With over 35 platforms and 16 ziplines, the Eagle Track is very popular among thrill-seekers.

Zipline tours usually cost between 1,500 to 4,000 Thailand Bhats, depending on the intensity of the adventure and when you book them. The best part is these adventures also include visits to tribal villages. To make the adventure a more rounded one, you can even include options such as white water rafting, cycling, kayaking and rock climbing.

These adventures are all conducted without hindrance to the forestry, thus making them eco-friendly and sustainable.

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Be adventurous with White Water Rafting in Chiang Mai, Thailand – a boon for water sports lovers

There are few cities in Thailand which are as culturally and historically significant as the ancient city of Chiang Mai. Formerly the seat of the Lan Na Kingdom in the 12th Century, Chiang Mai is home to some of Thailand’s most iconic temples, such as the Wat Chiang Man, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, and Wat Chet Yot. In addition to its rich culture and heritage, Chiang Mai also hosts numerous festivals and has many recreational attractions, making it a great tourist destination. A hotel that conveniently lets you engage in all the top things to do in Chiang Mai is the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa.

Chiang Mai is not just about nature and historic sites. The city is actually a hit with adventure lovers owing to its dense forests and hilly terrain. But the biggest adventure activity in Chiang Mai is white water rafting. Chiang Mai boasts streams known for the thrilling rapids and torrents making it one of Southeast Asia’s best white water rafting destinations. So if you are an adventure junkie and would like to ride the rapids of one of the most exotic locations in the world, head over to Chiang Mai!

The best river for white water rafting is the Mae Tang River, and during the months of July through March the river is brimming with water. Thus, during this period the river is ideal for engaging in some thrilling and exciting white water rafting. The Mae Tang River boasts a number of rapids ranging from Class II to Class IV, making these rapids the best thing a white water rafting enthusiast can ask for. As you ride and paddle through the river you will also be able to enjoy the timeless and breath taking beauty of the nature and scenery of Chiang Mai. The area is filled with many adventure sports centers that will give you international standard equipment, so don’t be afraid to ride the wild Mae Tang River.

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Bird Handling – Falconry in Liwa Desert

Falcons have been used as a hunting weapon by the Bedouins in Abu Dhabi’s Liwa desert region for centuries. Taking falcons out into the desert on hunting expeditions lasting several days was how rulers kept in touch with tribes at one time. Although they are not used for practical purposes anymore, falconry is now a popular sport in the Liwa desert although using them to hunt wildlife is restricted. Sporting birds are taken out into the desert each day as they have to be flown and trained daily. The main species of falcon being used for sport are the saker and the peregrine. One of popular luxury hotels Abu DhabiQasr al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara offers a selection of desert based leisure activities that include falconry.

The bird’s eyes are covered with a hood during the acclimatization process to keep it calm. Out in the desert when the hoods are removed the birds soar up into the air reveling in the wide open spaces. A GPS transmitter attached to their tail feathers keep track of movements. The falcons are capable of flying at 200 miles an hour and are efficient hunters in open terrain. Training comprises of the bird’s handler whirling a feathered, baited lure until the falcon dives for it. When the bird catches the lure it receives a reward. Later the falcon is trained to dive on a live prey. This time the handler lures it away before it can get its talons into the prey, getting the bird used to not killing the prey immediately. When the sun goes down over the desert, it is time for the falcons to go back to their roost. At the end of the sporting season some falconers release the birds into the wild after embedding a micro chip for identification. The capturing and training of falcons need patience, skill and even bravery as they are dangerous raptors. They have to be trained for months before they can be used for sport.


Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Caliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered.