My Travel Itinerary for Sri Lanka – The magnificence of a tropical island

Looking for a splendid beach vacation in Sri Lanka? The Eastern coast of Sri Lanka retains much of its pristine beauty with its unspoiled beaches and tranquil atmosphere. Do read on to know more facts!


Mirissa | Image Credit : Ji-Elle, Mirissa-Sports nautiques, CC BY-SA 3.0


If you want to make the best out of your holiday, you should spare some time to visit Mirissa for Whale and Dolphin watching. You will have the opportunity to view the most famous and the largest marine mammals, “Blue Whales”. Also, you will see several other whale species, exotic marine life, and dolphins.

Arugam Bay

If you want to receive the best out of Sri Lanka beach holidays, it’s worth visiting the stunning Arugam Bay to have a great experience while feasting your eyes on glorious sunset views. Undoubtedly, this place is a heaven for those of you who seek a laid-back ambience along with a welcoming and diverse community.

Yala National Park

As one of Sri Lanka’s premier safari hotspots, the Yala National Park is a thriving safari hub worthy of exploration. It will give you the opportunity to witness a broad variety of wildlife in Sri Lanka. If you are luckier, you’ll be able to witness magnificent a leopard. Those visiting this part of the country will have a plethora of accommodation like Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts which offers some of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka.


Sigiriya, also known as the Lion’s Rock, is a popular hotspot among many tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Visit this heavenly place on earth and get to know the rich history of the country. You’ll certainly be mesmerized seeing this giant rock palace against the backdrop of lush green surroundings and clear blue skies!

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Interesting Facts about Kuching, Malaysia – Fascinating things to know

Kuching is located in Borneo and the locals here often say that they are living in a third world city where cats roam the streets. Quaint isn’t it? In fact, Kuching sounds much like Kuching which means cat in the Malay language. Here are some more fun facts about the city.


Beach | Image Credit : Bernard DUPONT from FRANCE, Beach and Jungle (23847471645), CC BY-SA 2.0

The city

This is one of the cities in Malaysia where turning left when the exit is clear, this practice is gradually spreading to other parts of the country as well. The accommodation mostly consists of Bungalows and half-detached houses. If you are a visitor seeking a place to stay in Kuching, the city offers hotels like Citadines Uplands Kuching as well.

The people

The girls in Kuching city are known to be naturally beautiful. They are usually dressed in simple attire like shorts and a t-shirt paired with Japanese style slippers. Families in the city adhere to the policy – a car per person. Yes, once the youngsters have obtained their license they are given a car.

The roads

The roundabout in Kuching is one of the biggest in the country. It is nearly the size of one and a half football fields! Locations within the area are referred to by the word mile, for example, 3rd mile, 4th mile, 5th mile. Etc.

Things to do

Planning on visiting Kuching? Well, there are plenty of touristy things to do here. One can visit the beach and maybe try out kayaking here. Caving, trekking and mountain climbing are some of the best adventure activities here.

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The Best Water Sports to Try in the Maldives – Adventures in Paradise!

If you love having fun in the water or are looking for adrenaline-pumping thrills then definitely head to the Maldives and enjoy some of the best water sports on the planet! Here are a few worth trying.



A water sport that the whole family can enjoy and one that requires no prior experience, snorkelling is a perennial favourite here. Rich in marine biodiversity and surrounded by crystal clear waters, the Maldives offers an unparalleled view into a magical underwater world where colourful corals and fascinating fish species coexist.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another not to be missed water sport. Each diving hotspot offers something new to discover; from the largest gathering of manta rays in the world at Hanifaru Bay near The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort to shipwrecks the likes of the Maldives Victory, the ocean has many treasures in store.

Jet Skiing

Those who want a more speed-induced adrenaline rush should look to try jet skiing! Many resorts in Maldives do offer this water sport and be it riding with an experienced instructor or manoeuvring a jet ski by yourself, it should certainly satisfy your need for speed.


Another great water-based activity, kayaking is an ideal way to soak up the coastal charm and do some exploring too. Since the waters are clear you can also get a view of the vibrant marine life below. As an added bonus, this paddle-powered water sport provides a great cardio workout too!

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Best Classical Gardens in Suzhou – Stroll through time

Enter the world of classical China while you walk down paths surrounded by rich greens and the wonders of nature in Suzhou. Just a short distance away from the capital city, this small city holds many wonders of the past and the classical gardens are part of it.

Humble Administrator’s Garden

Unlike the name of this garden, it is the largest and most popular garden among the few here. While in the compound one will be able to see ponds that interlock with each other. Furthermore, the small delicate bridges add a sense of charm to the verdant backdrop.

Master of the Nets Garden

Although the smallest of the lot, this garden is quite unique and enchanting with a small pool in the middles surrounded by buildings. If you happen to be lodged close by in Suzhou apartments for rent, visit the garden for a refreshing stroll.

Great Wave Pavilion

Different from the previously mentioned gardens, this is one of the least crowded gardens to visit. The garden emits a peaceful vibe. Just 4.4km away from Somerset Emerald City Suzhou, this is a wonderful site to visit.

Lion Grove Garden

What makes this garden stand out from the rest is its collection of rocks in the shape of lions. Moreover, the garden also includes caves and tunnels. Certainly, the place for those adventurous travellers!

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Thrilling White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka – An Adrenaline-fuelled Ride!

If your idea of a perfect holiday involves lots of action-packed thrills, then white water rafting in Sri Lanka is for you! Here’s what you need to know about this activity in this tropical island paradise.

White Water Rafting| Img by: Timeworks via Pixabay

Rapids of Sri Lanka

The premier place for white water rafting is Kitulgala, a favourite stop on adventure tours in Sri Lanka. The Kelani River here offers grade two to three rapids ideal for younger participants too. Those with more experience can look to tackle the rapids at the Sitawaka (grade three to four), Mahaweli (grade two to five) or Kotmale (grade four to five) rivers.

The Kitulgala Rapids

Those enjoying white water rafting offered by adventure specialists the likes of Nature Odyssey can look forward to challenging several of the Kelani River’s distinctive rapids. The experience lasts for around 90 minutes and the rapids have uniquely named sections such as Killer Fall, Head Chopper and Butter Crunch!

The Ideal Period

The months from May to December are generally considered the best time for this activity in Kitulgala; this is mainly because the seasonal south-western monsoon makes the river swell which leads to faster rapids too.

Other Activities

The ideal complement to Kitulgala white water rafting is the many activities you can enjoy in and around the Kelani River. These include waterfall abseiling, rainforest trekking, canyoning and performing confidence jumps from varying heights to rock pools below!


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A Travel Guide to Suzhou – Places to visit in the ancient city

China is an ancient civilization that has managed to preserve much of its history even to date. One of these preserved age-old cities situated a short distance away from Shanghai is the skilfully landscaped Suzhou.

Gardens in Suzhou

Gardens in Suzhou | image Credit : SteFou! from Lübeck, Germany, Suzhou-classical-garden-corner-1, CC BY 2.0

Classic Gardens

The beautiful city of Suzhou has famed the world over with its amazing classic garden collection. There are approximately 60 gardens in the area of which 9 have been recognised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Water Towns

The brilliance of archaic China is still evident in the marvellous water towns in Suzhou. Water from various rivers and canals flow across the towns. One may come across short bridges, interconnected streets and so on bringing out a nostalgic feel to the surrounding.

Kun Opera

Being one of the oldest forms of opera in the world, the Kun Opera combines the perfect mix of rich literature, traditional dance and ancient tunes to bring together a masterpiece! For this, the opera was deemed Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. The best place to watch the Opera would be at Suzhou Opera Museum a short distance away from Ascott Midtown Suzhou.

Travel & lodging

If you are planning on visiting Suzhou, many a Suzhou serviced apartment have come up and are readily available for accommodation. As for travel, since the city is located close to the capital, there are trains running from Shanghai to Suzhou.

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The Legend of Lover’s Leap in Trincomalee – An Intriguing Tale

Have you heard of Lover’s Leap, located in the east coast city of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka? There’s quite a fascinating legend to go along with this well-known attraction!


Where it Can be Found

Lover’s Leap in Trincomalee (not to be mistaken for the one in Nuwara Eliya!) can be found tucked away by the edge of Swami Rock, within easy reach of centrally located resorts Trincomalee has to offer. The most prominent attraction here is the Koneswaram Hindu Temple, located around 20 minutes from Trinco Blu by Cinnamon.


The Name’s Origin

The most popular legend associated with Lover’s Leap dates back to the 17th century; it is said a woman named Francina van Reed had her heart broken when a Dutch officer broke off their engagement and returned to Holland. As she watched the ship carrying her bellowed sail away, Francina van Reed, overcome with sorrow, threw herself off the rock to the ocean below.


Taking It All In

While today a fence prevents lovers from flinging themselves off the cliff, it does make for an interesting sight especially when you know the story behind the name. You can find a pillar here which records the date of the tragedy of Francina van Reed. Depending on when you visit you may even spot blue whales in the ocean beyond.


Temple Visit

Make sure to explore the Koneswaram Temple when here; dedicated to Lord Shiva, this magnificent sacred site features golden statues and imagery of various Hindi deities worth seeing.

Leopard Spotting in Yala National Park – A Thrilling Safari Adventure

Did you know the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka has the highest density of leopards anywhere in the world? What this means is that you have a great chance of spotting these majestic creatures on a safari here!


Introducing Panthera Pardus Kotiya

The endemic Sri Lankan Leopard or “Panthera pardus kotiya” has a rusty yellow coloured coat with characteristic dark spots. Generally a solitary hunter, it is the island’s apex predator and has been listed as endangered.


Planning Your Excursion

Leopard spotting is best done early in the morning or later in the afternoon. It’s best to stay at a Yala hotel right near the park itself. Such hotels generally provide their own guided safaris which add to the convenience.


Nocturnal Sightings

For a truly unique experience look to undertake a safari at night! One such experience you can try is the Infrared Night Drive offered at Cinnamon Wild Yala that features night vision goggles to spot leopards and other creatures of the night without disturbing them.


Best Times to Visit

Leopards may be spotted at Yala all year round, though the park is generally closed in September. May to August is usually the rainy season and you have a better chance of seeing leopards early morning. December to March marks the dry season and an afternoon leopard safari is ideal. Of course, the king of Sri Lanka’s jungle doesn’t follow a particular schedule so you never know when you may spot it!


A Thrilling Safari at Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka – A Ride to the Wild Side!

From stealthy leopards and grinning crocodiles to majestic eagles and iconic elephants, the Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable safari into the wild.

Wilpattu National Park| Img by: Hasitha Tudugalle via FlickrCC BY 2.0


Getting There

Wilpattu is located around 188 km away from Colombo and the main Hunuwilgama Entrance can be easily accessed from Anuradhapura or Puttalam. The best times for a safari are generally from 6am to 10am and from 3pm to 6pm. Excursions organised by wildlife tour specialists like Nature Odyssey are an ideal option since they offer transport, accommodation and guided jeep safaris.


On your adventure tours in Sri Lanka at Wilpattu National Park, you have the chance to see leopards, sloth bears and elephants which are amongst the biggest draws at the park. Spotted deer, water buffalos and wild pigs may also be spotted here.


Wilpattu is made up of “villus” or natural lakes which attract a large variety of bird species. The whistling teal, white ibis and garganey are a few of the wetland bird species that can be spotted, while the Sri Lankan junglefowl, painted stork and eagles also call this park home.


The mugger crocodile is one of the most prominent reptile species in Wilpattu and makes for a great photo opportunity too! The common cobra, Indian python, soft-shelled turtle and monitor lizard are also found at the park.



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Arugam Bay – The Surfers Paradise

Located in the southeast coast of Sri Lanka’s dry zone, 320 km east of Colombo, Arugam Bay is a 7-hour ride from Colombo. The first international surfing competition was held in the summer of 2004. Golden beaches, amazing surf spots, tiny cafes along the beach and ample wildlife is what Arugam Bay has to offer to its visitors!

Arugam Bay | Image Credit - Indi Samarajiva, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Arugam Bay | Image Credit – Indi Samarajiva, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

The beaches

World famous for the waves during high season, Arugam Bay is an excellent spot to bring out the surfer in you. Even if you’re just a beginner, surfing in Sri Lanka isn’t difficult as there are surfing schools around the beach area to help you get started! The beaches in Arugam Bay are also home to different species of tropical fish, ideal for a colourful snorkelling experience.

Elephant rock

This rock is a small climb, after which you can treat your eyes to scenic 360 views of the spectacular landscape around you.

Kumana National Park

You can opt for a tour package, such as the likes of Walkers Tours, if you want to experience the wildlife ventures Arugam Bay has to offer to you. Catch the mesmerizing spectacle of elephants in their natural habitat. The most popular feature of the park is the 200-hectare bird reserve.

Panama Lagoon Eco Safari

Travel through the mangroves by boat whilst getting to experience the life underwater, on the marshes and up above. This wildlife watching journey is sure to leave you in admiration.

Muhudu Maha Viharaya

Located between Arugam Bay and Pottuvil, this temple can be spotted from the Arugam Bay beach. It’s thought that this temple is where Princess Vihara Maha Devi embarked.

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