A Guide to Hiking in Sri Lanka – A Trekker’s Paradise!

The temperature in the hill country barely goes over 21 degrees normally, and the best way to start your hikes would be during the early morning hours.

World’s End in Horton Plains

If you ask anyone the most famous hill country hike in Sri Lanka, they would tell you about World’s End in Horton Plains featuring a stunning precipice. The trail here is approximately 4km, with an additional 2km if you visit Baker’s Falls. Early morning between 6-9am is the best time to visit so that you can see right to the bottom of the sheer drop; or else you will just be seeing a cloud of white swirls. You can easily plan a day excursion here from properties like Bandarawela Hotel.

Central Sri Lanka

Bandarawela, Ella and Haputale are some of the most famous areas for hiking in Central Sri Lanka; they are lined with beautiful green tea estates where you can see colourful tea pluckers in the wee hours hard at work. Best is to stay at a Bandarawela hotel that can help organise your hiking excursion.

The Knuckles Range

If you explore Central Sri Lanka more, you will come across a broad mountain range called “Knuckles”. Like its name, the mountain is shaped like the knuckles on your hand. Located off Kandy, the Knuckles Mountain Range is approximately 18,512 hectares and is a hiker’s paradise, with rocky mountain tops and cascading waterfalls.

Lipton’s Seat

In Haputale, you can hike up to the point known as Lipton’s Seat where stunning views of the Dambetenne Tea Estate await. This enchanting spot was once used by Sir Thomas Lipton and this lofty vantage point can be reached via a 7km track.

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Bentota river safari in Sri Lanka – time to explore!

Discover a whole new experience that is exciting and tranquil all at the same time. Bentota river safaris are extremely popular amongst all who visit. Want to know more about it?

Image by Hafiz Issadeen from Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, Bentota River in Dharga, Sri Lanka, CC BY 2.0

1) Where

There are tons of places to check out when you’re looking for accommodation, from villas to even a simple resort. Bentota is beaming with many options such as the AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa for example.

2) When

It’s best to visit during the months between January and March as its mostly sunny during this season. The monsoon season here begins in April and must be avoided at all costs. The wettest months, however, are between June and September. Another interesting time to visit is during Diwali, which falls between October and November.

3) How

Whether it’s through your resort or privately, you’ll find numerous ways to book a boat tour in Bentota. Most usually take around 2.5 hours and cost about 2000 rupees per person.

4) Discover

On your boat safari, you will come across all sorts of amazing creatures such as water monitors. Native to southeast Asia, these massive lizards grow up to 2 metres in length. The largest one found in Sri Lanka was a gigantic 3.2 metres.


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Kaudulla National Park in Sri Lanka- A wildlife spectacle

This is one of the 26 national parks in the country and was opened in 2002. It can be visited all year-round and is, therefore, a good option for the wildlife lovers.

Image by Christophe Meneboeuf, SriLanka Elephants (pixinn.net), CC BY-SA 3.0

The landscape

Located in Polonnaruwa district, the park is a dry evergreen forest spanning more than 6500 hectares of land. It also connects to the other well-known national park named the Minneriya Wildlife Park.

Best time to visit

Despite being a year-round destination, it is best visited between July and December which marks the dry season. One of the most notable sights to witness during this period is the elephant gathering; the time hundreds of elephants congregate around the water reservoirs. The peak number of elephants recorded at one sighting can exceed 150!


To better explore the wildlife, sign up for programs like the Kaudalla National Park Safari which is known to be organized by Cinnamon Nature Trails. You will come across black bears, deer, leopards, peacocks and many monkeys. There are 160 species of birds in the park including the Asian Spoonbill, Painted Stork, Black-headed Ibis, Giant Eagle and the many hundreds of pelicans.


The average temperature varies from 20 C to 34.5 C, with the rains being a result of the north-eastern monsoon.

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Top water sports in Bentota – Splash around with your friends!

Holidaying in Bentota inevitably succumbs you to taking part in some of the best water sports in Sri Lanka. Some of the top ones that we would recommend are:

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Diving into the warm Indian ocean and swimming with the fish while taking a peak at all the sea creatures and corals is a fun activity to enjoy with the family. Stay at a resort in Bentota that is near areas that have this activity so that it is easier and faster to travel.

Wind Surfing

Weather its your own gear or something hired, wind surfing is quite a popular water sport on the beaches of Bentota. Hotels like AVANI Bentota Resorts and Spa help you sign up for such activities. Just speak to their front office concierge for more info.

Banana Boat Rides

One of the most fun and thrilling water activities you can do in Bentota is the banana boat ride! As per its name, the banana boat is shaped like a banana and accommodates a group of people while being pulled by a jet-ski. If you are tipped over, you are bound to fly off and end up in the lake so hold on tight!

Jet & Water skiing

From beginners to pros, everyone can take part in this super exciting water sport! Bentota has professional instructors who can assist you if you need help. Whizz around in the jet ski with your friends and make memories that will be cherished forever!

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Adventuring Chiang Mai from the Skies – Up, up and away!

Incredibly popular among almost everyone who visits, hot ballooning in Chiang Mai offers the greatest view of the entire area. Want to know how it happens?


Offered by almost any Chiang Mai Hotel, you must make sure to make an advanced booking, especially if you are booking it during the December winter season of Chiang Mai. Most flight bookings include a 2-way transfer from the launch site to the hotel.

The process

With most places offering two flights per day, it’s best to stick to the schedule. Each basket can generally hold up to six adults, however, they usually limit it to one pilot and four passengers. First, the balloon is laid out, the crew then proceed to inflate it with cold air utilizing a powerful fan as well as turning the burner flame on afterwards.

The views

You’ll witness a breathtaking sunrise if you fly in the morning, upon a backdrop of terraced paddy fields and mountains. The highlight of the trip.

Wrapping up

It is a common tradition to have a champagne toast at the end of the journey upon landing, before heading back to the hotel. If you’re staying at Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, the launch sites are pretty close by.

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Conquer the rocks in Oman – Up, up and away!

With Oman being a rather mountainous nation, it comes as no surprise that it’s an ideal location to go rock climbing. Want to know more about the perfect places in Oman to go climbing.

The Wall

Whether it’s before or after your climb, treat yourself to some comfort at a nice Nizwa hotel, you’ll find plenty around like the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort for instance. The Wall is a great place to start as it is Oman’s only indoor rock gym. Here you can inquire about the climbing scene and the local routes and get some gear. You can even hire a local guide to help you out.

5 O’Clock Rock

Located just 5 minutes up Al Amerat Road, you can drive up here. It’s a big slab of limestone and has 10mm expansion bolts equipped to make things easier for you.

Qantab (Bandar Al Jissah)

Invoking the feel of sea-cliffs off southern Thailand or eastern Spain, Qantab will most definitely leave you pumped and asking for more.

Khubrah Canyon (Secret Canyon)

Located around an hour from the busy capital of Muscat, Khubrah Canyon offers a thorough sense of solitude and independence. It features beautiful weather and a boundless rock that is ideal for any skill level.

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Top rock-climbing spots in Oman – A rock climbers paradise! – Explore the vast rocky outdoors of Oman

Known as the Riviera of Middle East Oman attracts a substantial number of rock-climbing enthusiasts due to its mountainous topography. While in Oman luxury resorts the likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort provide speciality packages for guests to experience rock climbing with the aid of a guide, you always have the option find adventure on your own in the rocky terrains. Here are four locations for you to explore if you are planning to go rock climbing.


5 ‘o’ clock Rock

A slab of limestone which is just a five-minute walk from the Al Amerat Road towards Wadi Adai. This rock is easily accessible even by your 4×4.


For those searching for a deep-water Soloing experience, Qantab is the ideal climb. With mountains ridges, the likes of sea cliffs in Eastern Spain or Thailand Qantab is for those searching for that extra thrill. There are nine spots overall for you to climb and take the plunge.



Khutbah Canyon

Experience miles and miles of boundless rock. Ten hours away from the nearest rescue base this sparsely populated canyon is the epitome of rock climbing in Oman. Khurabh or the secret canyon as it is known has something to offer for all types of skill and taste. The climb, even the lower reaches can be a struggle but is always worth it when considering the scenic views and the amazing weather.

La Georgette

This crag considered one of the steepest climbs in Oman and is surrounded by beautiful camping spots.

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Elephants in Sri Lanka – Unforgettable encounters with gentle giants

When we talk about the wildlife of Sri Lanka, it’s the elephants that come to our minds first. If on a holiday in Sri Lanka, you’ll come across many sanctuaries to view these majestic creatures.

Image by Rohit Varma, Elephas Maximus (19201959), CC BY-SA 3.0


Majestic elephants in Sri Lanka are known as the iconic constituent of the country’s wildlife. Elephants have been living for more than thousands of years and they’ve been revered from time immemorial. What’s more, Sri Lanka is home for the world’s largest herd of orphaned elephants. Elephas maximus maximus, the largest of the Asian elephant’ genus is found only in Sri Lanka!


Sri Lankan elephants are self-aware, highly intelligent, emotional as well as robust in nature. These gentle jumbos often show emotional appeal using their head, trunk, tail, and their large ears. Even though the elephants were used for carrying, hauling and lifting heavy objects in ancient Sri Lanka, now they are mostly used in religious and cultural festivals such as ‘Kandy Esala Perahara’.

Where to spot

Those who wish to experience an elephant safari in Sri Lanka can plan your journey with one of the leading local tour operators such as Cinnamon Nature Trails for an exhilarating experience. Pinnawala is the best spot to witness a large volume of elephants. If you love spending more time with the jumbos, have a nice time bathing an elephant! Udawalawa, Minneriya, and Wagamuwa are some other places where one can catch a glimpse of elephants in the wild.


At any given time, you’ll hardly find male elephants in a herd because mostly these herds include female and baby elephants. They are very active in the night and usually sleep under large trees in the daytime.


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Desert animal survival adaptations that will blow your mind! – Freaks of Nature!

Deserts are certainly one of the harshest environments on the planet but even in these environs, nature has amazed us giving a number of creatures abilities to tackle these unforgiving conditions. Read on to know about some of these unique survival adaptations of animals who live in deserts.

WikimediaImages, Camel Race Algeria Desert Animal Track Riding, CC0 1.0

Scaly Skin

Most of the creatures of deserts particularly reptiles have scaly and patterned skin, these are an adaption formed through thousands of years of evolution. Scaly skins of these creatures retain moisture and help them evenly dissipate heat. The sidewinder snakes, the thorny devil, Earless lizard, the Gila monster are some of the creatures who have developed this adaptation.

Sophisticated digestive system

Almost all the desert creatures have a highly adapted digestive system that can synthesise food to extract water. Since these environments do not hold water for these creatures to drink, most creatures like The desert tortoise, the Greater Roadrunner, Brewer’s Sparrow, camels are some of the examples of desert creatures with sophisticated digestive systems.

Nocturnal lifestyle

Most of the desert creatures avoid the scorching sun by this ingenious method. That is by becoming nocturnal. This particular behaviour can be seen among Mammals and other warm-blooded creatures such as badgers, coyotes and foxes.

Heightened Senses

Finding food in the desert is like finding a needle in a haystack and some of these creatures have developed adaptations such as an acute sense of hearing and smell to pinpoint the location of food. This works both ways i.e. predator such as fennec foxes and coyotes use them to hunt their prey and creatures like the desert hare use their sense of hearing to not become the hunted.

Animals of these special survival adaptations can be spotted in desert regions and you are more likely to spot one of these during your Abu Dhabi Desert Tour or a stroll on the deserts during your stay at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.


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Drifting down the Yarra River – Ride the Yarra Like a Local

Melbourne’s Yarra River provides a scenic backdrop to the busy city. although far from crystal clear, head up the river where the water is much cleaner and take a dip during the summer months.

Ride the river like an Aussie

Most locals opt to kayak or drift down the river on inflatable tires and rafts. This is a laid-back way of experiencing the river, but it can take you far from roads, so make sure you get to know the route well.

The best time to enjoy the river

The river is at its best between December to March, but if you’re staying at a hotel like Oaks On Lonsdale, for instance, a Melbourne hotel apartment, you can always check with them for the best times and locations along the river to visit. Locals usually avoid swimming after heavy rains, which tends to wash debris into the river.

Stay safe and covered

Protect yourself against the harsh sun with sunscreen and wear long sleeves if you plan on being in the water for more than an hour or two. Also, try to wear surf or river shoes since most of the river bed is made up of sharp stones.

Explore the riverside

There are several spots along the river you can experience, from shallow beds and streams to the deeper parts of the river. Depending on how much time you have, try and check them out.


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