Bali Safari and Marine Park -Wildlife and wild life

This theme park is the ultimate day of fun, be it with family or friends, and is the island’s most visited animal theme parks of all time.

Wild Animals | Image Courtesy: By Yogwi21 (Own work) [<a href="">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Wild Animals | Image Courtesy: By Yogwi21 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Bali Safari and Marine Park opened in 2007 and not a day has gone by since without it having a full house. Covering 40 hectares of natural habitats, this park is home to about 60 species of animal and birds, all of which are free to roam and enjoy the enclosure while in their natural habitat.


Bali Safari and Marine Park | Image Courtesy: By William Cho (Bali Safari & Marine Park) [<a href="">CC BY-SA 2.0</a>], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Bali Safari and Marine Park | Image Courtesy: By William Cho (Bali Safari & Marine Park) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The majority of species come from 3 regions, namely, Indonesia, Africa, and India, including Himalayan bears, spotted deer, nilgai, bucks, African hippos, elephants, camels, zebras, ostriches, lions, and baboon. The classic safari jeep takes you through the different habitats created by man, and let you see a collection of wildlife you would otherwise have to travel 3 different countries to see.

Going inside

Wild Animals | Image Courtesy: Walter Lim

Wild Animals | Image Courtesy: Walter Lim

It takes one full day to enjoy everything the park has to offer, and for some nature lovers, even that isn’t enough. It is a different world in there, a world of magical forests and mighty lions and this visit is not something you’d forget easily.


Accommodation in Bali | Image Courtesy: By Simon_sees from Australia (Hotel Intercontinental Bali) [<a href="">CC BY 2.0</a>], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Accommodation in Bali | Image Courtesy: By Simon_sees from Australia (Hotel Intercontinental Bali) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

After a tiring day at the park, all you’d want is a luxury wellness and spa visit. Don’t you worry, there are ample choices when it comes to spas in Bali, and one of them is at the COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali.

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Bird Watching Sites in Sri Lanka – Many and Varied

Bird Watching

Image Credit:  Malkey Rent a Car

Sri Lanka is a Birdwatcher’s Paradise and bird watching sites are dotted all around the island. The country has more than 400 bird species comprising of endemic, resident and migrant birds. There are approximately 23 endemic and 200 migratory birds recorded within the island. The climate and environment of Sri Lanka is very conducive to the well-being of bird life. One of the best things to do in Sri Lanka is bird watching and when travelling around the island, if you are in need of a superbly conditioned vehicle, rental companies such as Malkey Rent a Car would be a good choice.

Kumana National Park (Yala East) 361 km from Colombo on the southeastern coast is the island’s most popular bird sanctuary and famed for its large migratory waterfowl and wading birds. An important feature here is a 200ha water body known as the Kumana Villu which is powered by the Kumbukkan Oya. It is here that many birds nest in May and June. It has been recorded that more than 225 species of birds have been found here, including the rare species of Lesser adjutant, Black necked stork and Eurasian spoonbill. Other birds here include pelicans, spoon bills and painted storks. Bundala National Park is in the Hambantota district of southern Sri Lanka and is the island’s Ramsar wetland site. It is said that each and every water bird in Sri Lanka visits Bundala. It is an internationally recognized wintering site for migrant birds especially the Greater Flamingo who migrate here in large numbers. Kalametiya in the south is the island’s oldest bird sanctuary and the best time to visit is from November to March. Birds here include the Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, the Sri Lanka Black Capped Purple Kingfisher, and the Indian Reef Heron.

Other great bird watching sites are Kithulgala, the Peak Wilderness, Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Udawattekele Sanctuary in Kandy, Horton Plains National Park, Knuckles World Heritage Area, Kandalama Sanctuary, Wilpattu, Chilaw Sand Pits, Anavilundawa Sanctuary, Mannar and Vankalai Sanctuary. Closer to Colombo, the Talangama Tank and Marshes and the Bellanwila –Attidiya Sanctuary are good bird watching areas.

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Fun Activities to do in Kalutara – Discovering a World of Coastal Wonder

Image Credit: AVANI Kalutara Resort

While Sri Lanka’s south coast has many towns and cities along its shoreline that have become quite popular amongst locals and tourists alike, there is a quaint locale that one can tend to overlook while on your travels. The idyllic town of Kalutara with its iconic temple which towers above the townscape as you drive across the main bridge is a super spot for some fun in the sun, lazy days on the sand and frolic in the surf. There are plenty of fun things to do in Kalutara and since it is only around an hour and a half from Colombo, it makes a great place for a day trip as well.

As with most south coast locales, one of the highlights here is the golden, soft sandy stretch of beach. A perfect place for working on that holiday tan which will be the envy of all once you get back, the beach area here is ideal for everything from chilling out on the shore to building sandcastles with the kids. Ideally, look to find accommodation right along the beach itself and options such as AVANI Kalutara Resort are worth considering if you want to spend lots of time by the ocean.

If you are the active type, you can always try kayaking on the local river known as the “Kalu Ganga”. It’s a great way to get a feel of the area and get a workout at the same time! There are more water sports to be enjoyed in the lagoon area too. For more adventure look to head to the historic mansion called Richmond Castle. Constructed during the time of British colonial rule, this fascinating structure retains its old world charm even though it may have lost some of its grandeur over the many decades.

For a change of scenery, plan a visit to Thudugala Ella Falls. You will have to head a bit inland to the Thudugala Estate, located in the village of the same name, in order to get to this waterfall. In the heat that radiates throughout the country during certain months, Thudugala Ella Falls and its natural pool, in particular, is the ideal spot to cool off and enjoy time surrounded by nature.

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Submarine diving in Maldives – Explore the treasures of the sea

The latest buzz in Maldives is Submarine diving. This activity is fun and a great way to explore the colourful world of life under the sea in Maldives. Tourist attractions on the islands are somewhat limited, but the biggest attraction and most popular is definitely the colour reefs and diverse variety of marine life.

If you’re not a fan of swimming or not even strong at the activity, but desperately want to explore the treasure trove of the ocean, then submarine diving is the perfect activity! Submarines can usually hold a total of 50 people and descends to a depth of 150m, while stopping at depths of 25m and 40m.

Sites like The Maldives Travels have a list of places you can visit while on the islands and more information on the islands if you need to do more research before booking your trip.

The submarine diving tour is believed to be the first and largest deep diving tourist submarine in the world.

While on your tour, you’ll be able to see lion fish, anemone fish, butterfly fish, parrotfish, sea turtles, sting rays, manta rays, eels, giant groupers, grey reef sharks, white tip and black tip sharks and even whale sharks!

lion fist

Lion Fish By Alexander Vasenin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The further down you dive, the more exotic the species you’ll come across. On your dive, you will be able to see ship wrecks and coral reefs.

Submarine dives even happen at night for those who are interested in looking at sea in a different view. Some of the corals species that you’ll be able to see are the brain coral, staghorn coral, rose coral, star coral and many others.

Underwater Maldives Colors Corals Trip Color

Underwater Maldives Colors Corals , Photo via Maxpixel, CC0 Public Domain

Submarine diving is also great for those travelling with children, as it’s a great way to show the little ones what life under the sea looks like, without worrying about their safety and the ability to swim!

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The Ghost Tower – Infamous Haunted Skyscraper in Sathorn, Bangkok

Do you love ghost stories? Does hearing about a real life haunting make your hair stand on end, but leave you wanting to find out more? Then, by all means, do read on and hear the tale of the infamous Ghost Tower in Sathorn, Bangkok!

While traversing the streets of Sathorn you will come across a rather derelict looking building that has now become amongst the well known Bangkok tourist attractions in the city.

This structure which was originally known as Sathorn Unique was initially meant to offer luxury apartments, but when the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 hit, construction was suspended too.

Video by It’s better in thailand via Youtube

Neglect and disrepair took over and this unfinished tower soon attracted a whole different set of “crowd” than was originally intended.

Stories of it being haunted soon began to propagate with claims including that the building had been constructed on the grounds of what was once a graveyard, which angered the spirits here and who in turn plagued the project and those who worked on it.

Little wonder that for those who love ghost stories, this 49-storey tower has become such a popular attraction amongst the many others you can find out more on at travel blog sites like Travel Bangkok Now.

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The Ghost Tower is something to be seen from the outside and is generally off-limits to the public.

However, there have been instances where people have snuck inside and made their way up to the top floor.

This is by no means advised, though since it is an abandoned building that is unsafe, not taking into account encounters with any angry spirits that may still wander its hallways.

Adding a new twist to the tale, in 2014, a body of a Swedish national was found on the 43rd floor of the building, apparently having committed suicide by hanging himself.

And so the frightening tales of the Ghost Tower continue to grow and provide quite a unique sightseeing opportunity in Bangkok… from the outside of course!

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Banana Reef – One of the Oldest Dive Sites in Maldives

Maldives is well known for its remarkable natural dive sites. Banana Reef is one of the oldest dive sites that can be found in Maldives that is renowned internationally. The reef is shaped like a banana which provides excellent protection to the marine area. It is also a protected marine spot due to its exceptional shape, a large number of fish varieties that dwell beneath the shimmering waters and rare caves and canyons that are found scattered across the depths of the sea. Due to its popularity among divers, it is frequented by tourists as well as locals who enjoy diving in spectacular natural locations. If you are a diving fan and staying in a Maldives luxury resort the likes of COMO Cocoa Island, The Maldives, you can take a boat trip to this must visit location to fulfil your diving fantasies. Beginners, as well as professional divers, are sure to enjoy this panoramic reef that boasts beautiful soft coral growths, overhangs and small canyons.

The multicoloured coral reefs and large schools of small to big fish that can be seen here make your dive worthwhile. Some of the predators that can be seen here include barracudas, sharks and groupers. It is also home to an array of small and attractive fish species that can be widely seen while diving.

Banana Reef is situated north of Male within the atoll when you pass the airport. Diving takes a new meaning at Banana Reef when the current is relatively mild. It is the best time for all types of divers to take a plunge and explore the breathtakingly beautiful soft corals quite safely. However, diving near the middle of this reef area can be quite risky for amateurs due to the strong incoming currents across the channel that can create an effect of a spinning washing machine!

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Skydiving in Melbourne – view Melbourne from a whole new angle

Renowned as the cultural capital of Australia, the city of Melbourne is a dynamic mix of art museums, stately architecture, bohemian lifestyle and close-knit communities. Sports are an integral part of Melbourne culture, with cricket, rugby, tennis and horse racing being big events for the community; and skydiving is slowly becoming one of the much loved outdoor activities. All of this and more is one of the reasons visitors to Melbourne are heading out to the suburbs, like South Yarra, where you’ll find the closest skydiving centre in the city, Skydive Melbourne. Accommodation wise, there are plenty of hotels and serviced apartments in South Yarra, such as the Oaks South Yarra, which is located in close proximity to several well-known venues, including the centre. If you’re an Adrenaline junkie, this is the place to be. The sky diving centre lets you experience the thrill of jumping out of a plane at 14,000 ft, high above the beautiful shoreline of St Kilda beach. The centre provides a range of services, and tandem skydiving is their specialty. For all you first timers, tandem skydiving means you’ll be connected at all times to an instructor by a harness, so no experience is needed and you won’t need to worry about all the fiddly bits of the parachute. Once you sign up and pick an instructor, you’ll be put through some basic training, before boarding a plane and Port Phillip Bay for your first tandem skydive. Jumpers exit the plane at around 14,000 feet and then free-fall for an exhilarating 60 seconds, before the instructor pulls the parachute open. You can then take in the beauty of the city skyline and surrounding bay as you float for about 5 to 7 minutes. In addition to regular tandem jumps, the centre has several packages to choose from, for solo divers to group jumps which include skydiving video and GoPro photos.

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Dolphin & Whale Watching in Mirissa- Gentle Giants of the Ocean

Sri Lanka is a popular pick for tourists visiting South Asia as it is an island that is abundantly blessed by Mother Nature. The island is home to a wide range of flora and fauna and the oceans around are a great place to spot whales and dolphins. If you are visiting Sri Lanka then a quick travel to Mirissa will not disappoint you. Domestic flights such as those operated by Cinnamon Air could take you to the south of the country in no time.
The whale and dolphin watching adventure in Mirissa are one of the most thrilling water activities in Sri Lanka. The warm waters around Sri Lanka are ideal to spot blue whales, Bryde´s whales, sperm whales, fin whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and sometimes killer whales. Spinner dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, and striped dolphin can be seen too. The whale watching season starts in November and ends in April when the waters are warm and calm. Whale watching boats can ideally carry up to 40 passengers at a time with an observation deck.
Whale watching tours usually start around 7.00 am as boats leave the harbour around that time and last about 3.5- 4 hours. Tickets often include passenger insurance as well and provide light refreshments during the tour. It is advisable to make a pre-booking during the season as it can get pretty crowded around this time. The off season months are not great for whale and dolphin watching tours as the seas are rough; however, there have been instances of dolphin and whale watching if the conditions are not extreme. Hence it is better to check with your tour provider.
Mirissa is a great place for tourist as there are a countless number of hotels, restaurants, and bars. The beach is also regarded as one of the best in the south.

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Weligama Stilt Fishing, idyllic fishing village -Admiring an ancient craft

You might have seen fishing in various forms, but stilt fishing in Sri Lanka is a technique that would leave you gasping in awe. Stilt fishing an ancient tradition of fishing in the shallower waters, that is practised in several areas of the country, prominent among them being Weligama. According to State records, this has been in practice since the Second World War. Whenever it may have started, the skill of stilt fishing seems to be something that has been perfected by the villagers.
A long vertical rod is placed on the seabed, and a cross bar is attached to it at the height of about 2m from the surface of the water. This cross bar is called “petta”, and is where the fishermen perch. If you visit Weligama at sunrise, around noon, and towards late evening, you would see the men of the village perched on the crossbar, one hand holding the vertical rod while the other hand holds onto the fishing line. They stay in this posture for hours at an end until they get a catch. As per the tradition, no bait is used on the hook and is a simple battle of patience.
While walking to the coast of Weligama can give you a clear view of the stilt fishermen, the most amazing view is from air, from an air taxi. Sri Lanka is a small island, and as such do not have domestic flights for commercial purpose. However, certain companies like Cinnamon Air does flights for tourists that target on flying over more beautiful areas of the country. Thus, if you are able to take in the aerial view of the fishermen of Weligama, it is going to be one image you are unlikely to forget for the rest of your life.

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Attractions in Tanjung Benoa – A Balinese Adventure

An old fishing village turned a place of interest to discerning travellers all over the world, Tanjung Benoa is a truly Balinese adventure awaiting discovery. Over the years this picturesque spot on earth has turned into a sought after family holiday destination with the availability of ample family accommodation. Bali has always remained a beloved spot for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts and Tanjung Benoa is no different.

Adventurous spirits with a penchant towards an adrenaline rush flock to Tanjung Benoa to jet-ski or parasail while the beautiful white beaches and the relatively serene waves of its seas beckon the rest of the world to indulge in a little bit of sea world charm and laidback beach days. If you are looking for good family accommodation in Tanjung Benoa, you will find plenty of comfortable resorts such as Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa.

Tanjung Benoa offers plenty of pleasant excursions like fishing tours and banana boat rides as well as the latest addition to its list of charms, water jetpacks. If you are more inclined towards a laidback and an indulgent holiday, the calm waters surrounding Tanjung Benoa can accommodate your whims too. You could go for a quiet swim and be lulled into a trance amidst the calm and welcoming waves or take a stroll with your family on the sandy beaches, letting the soft shores provide a comfortable pathway for family time.

The beach is ideal for sunbathing with a delicious tropical beverage and a good book by your side. If you feel like exploring this old fishing village, visit the curious sea temples where sacred monuments made out of corals beckon explorers to look closely. The ancient Chinese temples in the area, on the other hand, amaze visitors with their architectural wonders and refined edges.

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