Scuba Diving in Passikudah – A paradise for scuba divers

Being under the mighty waves, in a place where the only thing that you can see and hear is nature, will definitely be an amazing experience. How about scuba diving in Passikudah?

Image Credit - 12019

Image Credit – 12019 Via Pixabay

A whole new world!

When talking about the beautiful eastern coast of Sri Lanka one cannot forget Passikudah which a splendid destination for all dive enthusiasts. Being a paradise for a long lazy splash and crystal-clear deep waters, it has become a diving hotspot among many tourists. The underwater world in Passikudah has no shortage of natural wonders to excite you!

When to go?

Even though Passikudah is an all year destination for scuba diving, the best time to visit here would be in the months of May and June when the visibility of the sea is excellent to spot many underwater marine creatures. However, it’s better to avoid planning your dive excursion in July and August because there will be a strong wind.


If you are on holiday, a good way to indulge in an exhilarating scuba diving experience would be to first make a booking at any of the beachfront hotels in Passikudah. One such option that you will come across would be Amethyst Resort, Passikudah which offers some of the most stunning dive sites in the island.

Wreck Diving

The priceless underwater world in Passikudah is an excellent base for wreck diving. The British Sergeant shipwreck is a popular highlight among those who do scuba diving in Passikudah. It was a British Armed Merchant Navy ship that served during the Second World War.

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Visit Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’ in Ubud – A mysterious archaeological site

For those enthused by the serenity of nature, the ‘Elephant Cave’ in Ubud will prove to be well worth the time and energy. Do visit this place and witness the marvel in this fascinating site.

Goa Gajah Elephant Cave | Image Credit: <a href="">DerGenaue Allrounder</a>, <a href="">Goa Gajah Front</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>

Goa Gajah Elephant Cave | Image Credit: DerGenaue Allrounder, Goa Gajah Front, CC BY-SA 3.0

‘Elephant Cave’?

Built as an ethereal place for meditation, the history of the ‘Elephant Cave’ dates back to the 11th Century. Locally known as Goa Gajah, the site has got its name due to its location in close proximity to the Elephant River. The mysterious cave, bathing pools set amidst lush paddy fields and ancient relics lure tourists from all around the world to immerse in the balmy atmosphere of this historical site.

What to see

As you reach the place, you’ll get an eerie feeling seeing the menacing entrance of a demonic mouth. According to Balinese mythology, it represents the child-eating witch Rangda. The cave itself is quite small, yet you’ll come across three stone idols wrapped individually in black, red and yellow cloth. Those with a keen eye will be able to spot many indentations where monks sat to meditate.


The cave is located just minutes away from Central Ubud. Before commencing your journey in this part of the world, do take note of available accommodation options. Consider staying at one of the top hotels in Ubud close to the attraction, such as Alila Villas Uluwatu, from where visiting the Elephant Cave is not that difficult.


Besides its archaeological importance, the eye-catching view of the surroundings is sure to capture your mind! Lush gardens, rice paddies, stone steps and cascading waterfalls await to immerse you in tranquil seclusion.

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Renting a car is cheaper than buying one – If it depreciates, lease it!

The choice between renting and buying a car is often a tough decision. On one hand, buying a car requires higher costs but you own something in the end. Read on and know why it’s cheaper to rent a car.

Image by wilkernet  via Pixabay

Value falling with time
When it comes to renting a car, it often has a lower monthly payment than the cost of buying a car with the same loan terms. This is primarily due to the fact that the biggest cost of owning a car will be depreciation. With the passage of time, the value of your car along with its financial cost will fall down.

Risk of repair bills
Once you rent a car for an agreed period of time which is known as ‘personal leasing’, you can drive a car for a fixed monthly cost. If you’re in Sri Lanka and have thought of spending some time in the country, you’ll come across plenty of car rental services. Many like Casons Rent a Car Sri Lanka are flexible, offering a variety of vehicles to choose from, even for a self-drive tour. Such services also offer some great travel advice. Sri Lanka adventures are thus not only made more cost-effective but are rewarding too.

A new car with the latest features
This is regarded as a good side of renting a car. If you are craving for the upgraded model of your favourite car, leasing might be a better choice since you can keep that car for a certain period and switch to a new one.

Less commitment
Renting a car will make great sense if you need a car for a defined period of time. It can help you bridge the time period until you buy the next car.


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Exciting experiences in Bangkok – An unusual twist of Bangkok adventure

We all know that Bangkok is one of the ultimate tourist destinations! Why? Of course, it’s an amazing city with all kinds of attractions and that includes the weird ones too! Here are some queer places to visit in this city that will ensure that you leave taking back fun memories of the awesome time you had;

Image by 12019 via Pixabay

A glimpse at death
Siriraj Medical Museum, otherwise known as the Museum of Death is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to visit in the city of Bangkok! It is not a typical tourist destination; however, there certainly is a gruesomely welcoming vibe about it. There are illustrations of dissected bodies with detailed explanations. What’s more, in the Forensics area is a mummified body of the first serial killer who terrified Thailand!

Furry hang out spots
If you are the traveller who is a pet lover, then you are in luck! In this city, you will find places like Caturday Cat Café and True Love Café that give you the pleasure of having a meal and a cuppa with friendly cats and dogs just waiting for a dose of petting from you! You could even bring along a pet, there are special treats for you and your furry friends too after all!

An airplane graveyard
Once soaring cross the skies with hundreds of passengers on board is now a collection of measly shells that lie in the airplane graveyard in Bangkok. The graffiti-stained rotting planes are now a shelter for 3 families. It certainly is adventurous to examine these remains of old airliners.

Blind dining
Experience what it is like to dine while your sight is taken away. This café was initiated to help others experience how the visually impaired people have their meals. You can be sure to have a flavourful experience even without sight as the rest of your senses will be heightened at this point. If you are on a cruise in Bangkok, perhaps with agents like Manohra Cruises, do stop by at Dine in the Dark.

Khlong Toei
Khlong Toei is a part of Bangkok that is filled with slums and has not adapted much compared to the metropolitan façade that the city puts up. Fresh groceries and meats can be found here for cheap prices too!


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A visit to the Zoo in Dehiwala Colombo – Visiting the ambassadors of the wild!

The national zoological gardens of Sri Lanka is one most visited tourist destinations in Sri Lanka as it is home to some of the most fascinating creatures of the wild. Read on to know more about this wondrous place and the animals you could see here.

National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka | Image Credit: <a href="">Hafiz Issadeen</a> from Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, <a href="">Jaguar full</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY 2.0</a>

National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka | Image Credit: Hafiz Issadeen from Dharga Town, Sri Lanka, Jaguar full, CC BY 2.0


Founded in 1936 The National zoo of Sri Lanka is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Aisa. The Zoo has a substantial collection of animals that live worldwide with over 3000 animals and 350 species. The zoo has well-landscaped gardens and a dense tree coverage which in turn provides shady and serene pathways.

Animal Diversity

The Zoo is home to a collection of native and non-native wildlife that includes mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. They are placed in different kinds of habitats which comprises of an aquarium, a walk through aviary, a reptile house and a butterfly garden. After constant complaints from the visitors today the zoo is undergoing a major restoration project in order to make it more animal-friendly.


The Zoo also hosts animal shows every day and will be an exciting experience especially for children if you take them with you. The shows include an elephant dance, Sea lion performance and a chimp show that features a chimpanzee named Sanju. The zoo management has planned to add more attractions to the zoo upon the completion of the restoration programme.

Getting there and accommodations

You can reach the zoo easily by a taxi and it will be even easier if you are stationed in a Colombo hotel nearby. Speaking of accommodations near the zoo the Berjaya Hotel Colombo is a good place to plan your stay after a tiring day of exploration.

Things to remember

After you enter the zoo there are certain things you should remember that is never trying feeding the animals which are strictly prohibited and you can be fined when caught and remember the zoo can be very crowded during weekends and on special holidays so the best time to visit the zoo is during weekdays. The walk around the zoo isn’t very exhausting; although it is best to avoid visiting the zoo during the afternoon if you do, bring a hat or an umbrella with you to protect yourself from the scorching tropical sun.

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Snorkelling in Timon Island – An Underwater Paradise

Timon is one of the best spots known for its abundant marine life in Malaysia, where tourists may enjoy snorkeling for reasonable prices.

Snorkelling| Img by: Free-Photos via Pixabay


Why Timon Island?

The island is located off the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, in the South China Sea. It is an extremely popular diving spot which attracts many snorkeling enthusiasts too. A year-round destination, it features many accommodation options be it a resort or hotel in Timon Island including the likes of Berjaya Tioman Resort, Malaysia, which offers snorkeling too.

Best Sites to Snorkel

Some of the best to sites to go snorkelling include Renggis Island known for its shallow warm waters and docile marine life, Coral Island & Malang Rocks, Salang Beach and the Marine Park with a noteworthy turtle population.


A higher concentration of coral reefs ensures that there is no danger of fast and high water currents. Most of the popular and mainstream snorkelling sites are sheltered from open water. So just don on a life jacket, a pair of flippers and a snorkel and let the gentle currents carry you about while taking in magical underwater sights.

Marine Life

Professing a thirty-metre visibility, the reefs and scattered hulls of wrecked fishing vessels are home to a diverse array of marine life. Turtles, rays, puffer fish and 6-year-old coral await your inspection here.



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Diving in Mahé, Seychelles – Experience a Fantastic Under Water Experience

The island of Mahé, in Seychelles, is famous for its stunning beaches. It also happens to be a top diving site known for its beautiful coral reefs and shipwrecks teeming with marine life.

Diving in Mahé, Seychelles| Img by: Alf Altendorf via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0

The Best Time to Dive

While it is possible to dive all year round, the quality and visibility levels at the sites may vary. The months of April /May/ October and March are considered to have the best conditions suitable to do so. Many a hotel in Mahé the likes of Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino organize reputable diving expeditions on request.

Marine Life

Seychelles boasts of a very rich marine life. Mostly due to extremely strict conservation rules. At almost all the dive sites a diverse variety of fish, colorful corals, turtles and reef sharks can be found. The islands are also famous for its underwater granite formations whose crevices are home to lesser-known sea creatures.

Marine Conservation

Seychelles take conservation quite seriously and has many strict regulations in place to preserve its marine life. There are a total of 6 national parks spread across Mahé in addition to several islands which are managed by conservation organizations.


The region is blessed with a lovely balmy tropical temperature, attracting tourist from all over the globe wanting to enjoy a blissful holiday, the water temperatures range from 26° from June to August while warming towards the latter months.



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Night Safari Experience at Singapore – A wild evening in store

Safaris are one of the most sought after activities during a holiday, by both locals and tourists alike, for the love of nature and its wonders.

Night Safari Experience at Singapore | Image Credit - Allie Caulfield, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Night Safari Experience at Singapore | Image Credit – Allie Caulfield, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikipedia Commons


The first nocturnal park in the world, Night Safari Singapore has over 1000 nocturnal animals in their natural after dark environment.

The Beginning

This is an exceptional experience that sits you right in the middle of a forest. Indulge in the fine meal together with afters and drinks amidst the tranquillity of a jungle. The site also provides scenic views of the great and impressive Seletar Reservoir.

Feeding the wild

Watching lions gorge on their prey is something that is always awe inspiring and you are bound to be treated to a similar sight here. You can watch them eat their meals provided by the keepers. Keep in mind that this occurs only on particular nights.

Things to remember

The jungle is a world of its own, and there are some do’s and don’ts for the ones who venture into that mysterious, captivating and dangerous world, both for their own safety and the animals. Follow the rules given by your tour guide for a fun night and get back to your best value hotels in Singapore safely, like the Destination Singapore Beach Rd for instance.

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Forest Flying in Mackay – An Exhilarating and Non-Invasive way to Experience Eungella National Park


The Eungella National Park of Queensland is absolutely gorgeous, and is famous throughout the world for being one of the longest stretches of sub-tropical rainforests on the continent.

The Eungella National Park| Img by: Stefan Heinrich via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0 DE

Meet the Flying Fox

In addition to being a type of mega-bat, a flying-fox is in this case a spiritual equivalent of a zip-line. Similar to a pulley of sorts, it allows people to glide along a cable propelled by gravity to overcome various obstacles such as canyons and rivers.

The Benefits of a Flying Fox

The flying foxes of Finch Hatton Gorge allow riders to whizz through the tree-tops, with complete control of their speed, allowing them to experience the gorgeous beauty of these forests the best way possible, from above. If you’re vacationing at one of many hotels in Mackay, such as the likes of Oaks Rivermarque, you should definitely try this.

Weight Requirements

The minimum weight requirement to embark on a flying fox is 18 kilograms, while the maximum limit is 120 kilograms. No additional fitness or experience is required.

Points to Note

Due to safety, riders must wear fully-covered shoes and have any long hair tied back. All possessions must be secured, and if one intends to take pictures, a camera with a strap is recommended over a mobile phone.



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Best things to do in Otaru – Make the most of your time!

This scenic town in Asia has many things you can do, to while away your time during a weekend getaway with your loved ones.

Snow Light Path Festival

If you are in town during the month of February, don’t miss out on the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival. The city is decorated with lights and tiny snow statues and the festival lasts for 10 whole days. You’d feel like you are inside an old Dickens novel, it’s a must-see.

Otaru Canal Promenade | Image Credit - Markus Leupold-Löwenthal, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Otaru Canal Promenade | Image Credit – Markus Leupold-Löwenthal, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Visit the Canal

Hotels in the Asia Pacific almost always is close to water bodies, and the Park Hotel Group is no different, with the hotel being within travelling distance to the Otaru Canal. This canal has a rich history and is a part of many monumental times in the past. Take a walk along the path during a quiet evening and sit in one of the restaurants overlooking the canal.

Nikka Whiskey Yoichi Distillery

Known for being one of the best whiskey makers in Japan, they have a distillery in Otaru, and also provide tours inside the building, taking you through the process of whiskey making.

Sakaimachi Street

The central merchant street in Otaru, you can get your shopping done here, and walk to this street for the daily essentials too.

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